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Yvette Alexander Endorses Robert White in At-Large Race

One more councilmember wants to see Robert White on the D.C. Council dais in January. After landing Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie's endorsement in July, at-large Council hopeful White will be endorsed by Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, LL has learned.

The endorsement from Alexander, who toyed with her own bid for the seat, should help White stand out against the 12 other candidates competing against him for the at-large seat reserved for non-Democrats.

It should also help his fundraising. While White managed to have more cash reserves than most of his rivals at the August reporting deadline, he lags behind better-funded opponents like wine bar owner Khalid Pitts.

"I think it brings a recognition of my broad understanding of the city," White says of his endorsement from two ward councilmembers.

In a White campaign press release set to be published later this morning, Alexander calls White a "bridge builder" who impressed her with both his strenuous winter campaigning and his ideas for east of the river wards. White says his plans for Wards 7 and 8 include grants to persuade businesses like coffee shops and grocery stores to open up shop across the Anacostia River.

“A lot of folks running for office make promises to residents there, so I think that there’s some reservations for people getting excited about candidates," White says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • joan

    It looks like White is on his way to be the next councilmember owned and operated by David Wilmot.

  • DC Guy

    To receive support from Alexander and McDuffie is impressive. He seems to be a much better candidate then most of the others in the race.

  • Orlando

    LOL @DC Guy aka Christie White. Robert White is just another resume-padding, in-it-for-himself opportunist chump. His only policies are "do good for Robert White." I hope he gets annihilated.


    Seems like some bullshit to me!!

    Who is he and what has he done? Exactly.

    Another DC Bama that want to start on 3rd base. Has he been an ANC? Civic Association leader? School board? Tell me something he has done. Has he served the community in any capacity?

    And don't want to hear he was told by "God to run for DC council".....Smh

  • Roger

    Keep up the momentum Robert! I look forward to your common-sense, progressive, forward-thinking leadership on the DC Council.

  • Boundaries

    plus White went out of his way to say he would never redo school boundaries until quality was guaranteed across the city.

    The essence of leadership.

  • Chris

    It takes courage for someone to run for office! It is important for us to be positive and not bash a prospective candidate. Have we allowed politics to discourage us from praying for all candidates in hopes that they are all interested in providing each resident with the care and compassion they need from their elected officials. Let's uplift not tear down! I went to undergrad with Mr. White and I'm convinced that his heart is pure and intentions are positive.

    By no means am I stating that one should not consider other candidates but, learn him and his intentions before judging so harshly.

    If you desire to learn more about his issues, visit and/ or host a meet and greet, put him on the spot but be willing to listen too--

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  • Just Sayin’

    Hasn't DC learned that officials with "color" names are nothing but trouble? What have we got from Gray, Orange and not one, but TWO Browns? Stay away from colors, even a non-color like White.

  • Colored4Shame

    Color and Race Matters and ALL DC VOTERS you matter too.
    DC sky is a fallin and on election day watch the in shoo!

  • Tight Lips

    Adrian Fenty 2.0? Definitely not voting for this guy!

  • Shocked…not

    I would like to investigate his proposals more and will check out his website.
    I also read the other endorsement announcement and thought it was strange that one of the reasons cited for endorsing him was that he had been in the race the longest. Yvette mentions essentially the same reason with the long winter campaigning. That is a legitimate reason to endorse someone?

  • itsjustamess

    Just the mere fact that the incomparably incompetent and inept Yvette Alexander is endorsing him is a blatant red flag and indicator I should forego any thought of voting for Robert White. Thanks for the heads up, Yvette! Who else are you endorsing?

  • Ward 7 Sister

    This is simply a joke. First we get McDuffie the Crime Dog endorsing this dude and then we get Yvette Alexander and if you read closely their endorsements sound the same.

    I don't live in Ward 5 so I can't completely speak for their residents but I can tell you that Yvette doesn't know a damn thing about what Ward 7 needs. So how could she possibly know which candidate is best for our ward? This is simply a joke and shows that Robert White is nothing but a pawn of the same old political system that keeps us not moving at all. This so called progressive movement that gives us no progress needs to stop.

    First we have McDuffie who is a former Norton staffer and pawn of Vincent Gray and the old crew of Marion Barry. You then follow that up with Alexander who is nothing but a pawn of Gray. This group has decided to get behind Norton's former staffer who hasn't said anything but that he is a progressive.

    I would love for someone to show me his so called real solutions other than banning all political contributions and forcing residents to pay for campaigns. I mean coffee shops is not a plan for Ward 7. This dude doesn't have any record of doing anything or being able to do anything and all he can do is talk trash and wishes. This dude is nothing but a retread and that is a waste of time.

    We need real leadership and no more of this bullshit progressive stuff. We need to get rid of of the Robert White, Elissa Silverman, Khalid Pitts, etc who are nothing more than problems.

    It is time that this city looks hard at a Marc Morgan type or an Eric Jones. We shouldn't have turned our back a John Settles just because he ran against the other retread Anita Bonds. It is time for this city to change.

  • Nathan Harrrington

    There are three candidates worthy of my vote in this overcrowded field: Eugene Puryear, an energetic young Howard grad and Ward 8 resident representing the Statehood Greens, protest king Revered Graylan Hagler, and former DC Fiscal Policy Institute budget expert Elisa Silverman.

    I'm not sure where all these other cats came from or what they stand for.

  • tony

    Why in the hell is Robert White jumping on the progressive bandwagon? Well, there goes his chances.

    Now his opponents have a strong argument against him: He's another sellout coming in to do the white man's bidding.

    I just don't understand why black political upstarts would attach themselves to a political brand that clearly upset majority of the black voters in this city.

    I simply can't support a black progressive because I and most black folks in this city know what that means for us.

    Robert White might want to seriously reconsider how he politically identifies himself or his chances of receiving the black vote is done. And he can't get elected without the black vote.

    It almost seems like black candidates in this city are running away from the black voters. SMH!

  • Shocked..Not!

    Amen. Tony. That's the part that bothers me the most. You say you want new, fresh, and young to breathe in some life; so stop courting the establishment that their own constituents feel have done little to nothing for them. I live in Ward 5 and I heard TONS of complaints about McDuffie. I've also heard complaints about Alexander. But, you know it's not Alexander's or McDuffie's fault. We (The voters) keep voting them in. It's on us to demand better.

  • Jon

    I'm glad that Nathan beat me to it on this one: If you want a new voice; if you want someone from outside the mainstream; and if you want someone connected not to the developers and lobbyists, but to the people in the grassroots --

    Vote for Eugene Puryear.

  • peteperry

    Exactly! And listen closely to what Robert White says... Nothing specific, only vague slogans and platitudes. He doesn't want to alienate the mega-rich. Want someone who will actually represent the interests of ordinary working folks? Then vote for Eugene Puryear! http://www.eugenepuryear.com

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