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Legal Pot Will Be on D.C. Ballot in November

Marijuana organizer Adam Eidinger

The District got one step closer to legal marijuana today, thanks to a D.C. Board of Elections decision that will put a measure legalizing the drug on November's ballot.

After months of legal wrangling and often tumultuous signature gathering, the board ruled that the organizers behind the D.C. Cannabis Campaign successfully collected the required 23,780 signatures to make the ballot. The District decriminalized marijuana last month.

If the ballot measure passes, scoring pot could get a lot easier in D.C. The measure would allow people to possess as much as two ounces of pot, grow as many as six cannabis plants in their own own, and give as much as an ounce away. Because of limits on District ballot measures, the initiative won't legalize selling marijuana.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • yay

    It's going to pass but then congress will meddle and bla bla bla.....my question is: who does it help? Bowser or Catania?

  • Ryan

    I'll vote for it to be legal, but every time I see a picture of that guy I think I should probably oppose whatever it is he stands for.

  • Greg

    Could someone explain the limits of the District ballot measures that wouldn't legalize selling marijuana?

  • Jimbo

    See you at the burn brah!

  • lorena

    I have to agree with Ryan...the picture doesn't really help :)

  • CapHillPete

    Good job, Adam! It is time to legalize it and END the racist drug war.

  • GoldCoastKid

    this is why I love Washington DC.
    can't wait to see how it goes.

  • Tbonebullets

    But what's the answer to the most important question: Would it be legal to BUY it?

  • NE John

    Yay! I wish I was 35 years younger.

  • oh, carol

    jim graham's glasses?

  • http://dcmj.org Adam Eidinger

    The photos the City Paper uses for this issue really needed updated. I agree. No shots of people collecting signatures, no shots of bud, no shots from the DCBOEE hearing. Come on WCP!

    Visit @DCMJ2014 on twitter for images of the campaign and stop running my photo please. - ADAM E

  • Simon Hardinsky

    You guys in D.C. have really earned the right to have cannabis legalized. All of your hard work and long hours have proven to have won the spoils of marijuana legalization. I am so proud of what you have done. We, in Virginia, are hoping that one day the state of Virginia can have cannabis legalized for the people. We are just going to have to work like you did. Congratulations on all your efforts. Most of us know that the November ballot will be a slam dunk and you will be free at long last.