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Carol Schwartz Turns in Signatures, Asks to Be Treated As Credible Candidate

Mayoral hopeful Carol Schwartz handed in more than 6,500 signatures to get on the ballot this afternoon. Barring some catastrophic signature errors, that should put her on the ballot in November as an independent against Democratic nominee Muriel Bowser and, uh, what's-his-name.

"I have friends who have had Bowser lawn signs in their yard," Schwartz told journalists at the elections board's office. "The minute I announced, they took them out. And the same with the other, you know, the other opponent."

“Say his name, Carol," said one reporter.

“I can say his name," Schwartz replied, without actually saying it.

After more badgering, Schwartz finally gave in and said rival, and fellow ex-Republican, David Catania's name. Whether or not her campaign is a practical joke on friend-turned-foe Catania, though, Schwartz's hefty signature haul suggests that Schwartz is taking her fifth run at the mayor's office seriously.

Schwartz just wishes the media would do the same. After dropping off her signatures, Schwartz pleaded with reporters to consider her a credible candidate and not, as the Catania campaign has alleged, as a stalking horse for Bowser.

"I just want you to take me a little bit more seriously," Schwartz said.

The next test of Schwartz's credibility comes this Monday, when all of the mayoral campaigns will disclose their campaign finances. Schwartz concedes that she hasn't raised much money so far (she declined to reveal how much), but has loaned her campaign $30,000.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Ward6Resident

    My predication, showing Carol as the spoiler:

    Bowser 44%
    Catania: 35%
    Schwartz: 15%
    All Others: 6%

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Girlfriend need to go disappear back into the shadows sounding like Barry White. Carol should be enjoying her retirement in her 70's. We need some new blood in office, not these damn old ass seniior citizens. That's what's wrong with Congress, you have old ass politicians like Harry Reid, Charlie Rangal and others that's been in office to long and now they are in their 70's, 80's, and 90's.

  • Alum

    A three-candidate race, finally. I hope that now the fun starts!

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    too not to


    That's what's wrong with Congress, you have old ass politicians like Harry Reid, Charlie Rangal and others that's been in office too long and now they are in their 70's, 80's, and 90's.

  • joan

    I hope she brings back "I'm an oldie but a goodie." What a winning slogan that was

  • No, I’m not taking you seriously

    Should be about 2 years before the Bowser aide funding the campaign rolls over and cuts a plea deal.

  • http://www.foshagerformayor.com Ben Foshager

    OK, but does anyone know about the James Cavinesses and Nestor Djonkams of the world?

  • Me, either


    lololol.... scuttlebutt has it that Carol is the last of the cheapskates and you can bet that she has every intention of getting that $30,000 "loan" paid back in full.

  • Puhleeze

    Everybody needs to take this has-been LESS seriously. She has no chance of winning, so why is she in the race?

  • MayorFaith

    You can collect as many signatures as you want, I'm still never going to give you my trumpet.


  • oh, carol

    have a go at asking for a debate, and another debate, and a few more. if you want to be credible.

    otherwise, you'll either place or show.

  • DCShadyBoots

    I'm going to need for Carol Schwartz to take 10 seats!

  • lost cause

    carol needs to stop. she is doing this to get back at David because he supported Mara during their race and Mara beat Carol because of the business community....not David.

    If she spoils this race she should be ashamed.

  • I wonder what ticked Carol Off?

    On 10/17/12 Loose Lips of the City Paper wrote:


    "Catania sounds more annoyed than a freshly bathed cat when discussing the nexus, or lack thereof, of his two gigs. (He indicates he thinks it’s impossible for LL to write this article without implying that Catania is in some way corrupt.) ... Even so, Catania’s employment at M.C. Dean still looks iffy. Should D.C. really have a system where councilmembers vote on bills that affect how their employers, their employers’ partners, and their employers’ competitors do business here?"

    "Two years ago, after Dean rented his company’s trucks and crews to Jim Graham to put up campaign signs, he told the Washington Post: “In Washington, it’s important that businesses stay involved, and one of the ways that you’ve gotta stay involved is that you have to be active in contributing to people that you can occasionally count on for support.”

    "Dean has helped finance ads against former Councilmember Carol Schwartz (largely because she supported mandatory paid leave), leased office space to Councilmember Michael Brown’s 2008 campaign at a rock-bottom rate, and funded a nonprofit that has pushed back against union-friendly changes to city construction laws."

  • DaveCarson


    I'll buy you a beer if any two of those figures are spot on.

  • DCShadyBoots

    @Ward6 Me not so' sho'...Her majesty Sharon Ambrose is the president of the Catania Campaign no?

  • Carol is Beautiful
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