Loose Lips

At Birthday Fundraiser, Bowser Jabs Opponents, Says She Isn’t Taking Mayor’s Race for Granted

Mayoral hopeful Muriel Bowser just turned 42, and for her present, she'd like a check. At a well-attended birthday party/fundraiser in Takoma Thursday night, Bowser accused opponents Carol Schwartz and David Catania of trying to masquerade as the Democratic nominee.

"I'm here to tell you don't be fooled, I'm the Democrat running for mayor," Bowser told the crowd.

The birthday candidate was feeling punchy.

"We didn't support George W. Bush," Bowser said, alluding to Catania's heavy fundraising for Bush's 2000 presidential campaign.

Bowser ran through a series of campaign promises, including improved middle schools and cutting down on crime at the Wilson Building.

She's so committed to reducing corruption and waste, in fact, that she invited several alleged miscreants to her party to keep an eye on them. Both Phinis Jones, who's involved in the Park Southern housing complex scandal that Bowser has asked the District's inspector general to investigate, and Debra G. Rowe, the focus of an investigation of HIV funds waste, made Bowser's host committee.

Bowser ran through a list of her defeated primary opponents, thanking Councilmembers Jack EvansTommy Wells, and Vincent Orange. To LL's delight, mayoral also-also-ran Reta Jo Lewis also made Bowser's shout-out list. Mayor Vince Gray, who's treated endorsing Bowser like the equivalent of endorsing U.S. Attorney Ron Machen, was nowhere to be found.

Introduced by former Councilmember-turned-birthday party emcee Bill Lightfoot as a "rising star," Ward 5 Kenyan McDuffie took the stage at one point to endorse Bowser. McDuffie, who curiously waffled in a May radio appearance about whether he was behind his colleague, hit the Democratic gong once again for the candidate.

"She's got those strong Democratic values we know and love," McDuffie said.

Bowser's birthday gave the usual campaign ra-ra a new flair. Bowser acknowledged that some might say she was over the hill, but claimed that only meant she was picking up speed. Ward 3 Democrats boss Shelly Tomkin focused on Bowser's zodiac sign.

"You know about Leos—king of the jungle," Tomkin declared. "Queen of the jungle!"

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Crestwood Ward 4

    This Ward 4 Democrat will not be voting for Muriel Bowser and I know many other Ward 4 Democrats will not be voting for her. I think many will sit out this election, however, Catania's win is going to bring this hag down from the clouds because she thinks she's Mayor already. Its alleged, Bowser is getting MPD protection around her Northeast home 24/7. Shame on Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier for playing politics hoping to keep her job as police chief with Bowser.

  • Catania for mayor

    I'm a dem and I hated Dubya but I'll forgive Catania for that mistake. Since his Dubya-loving days, he's done some good things for the city and he's gained my trust. Meanwhile Bowser has done nothing to impress me.

  • SayWhat

    Go Muriel, Go Muriel, you will clean their clocks and they know it. I see but boy Mike DeBonis couldn't wait to write an article to try and save Councilmember David Catania. He was at the Birthday party and witness the movement, but couldn't give you your props, but no worries, they will all wake up losers after election day. Go to your destiny!

  • Who Cares

    Who cares whose mayor. None of these candidates want to bring Go-Go back to DC so the hell with them!

  • dcgovcorruption

    We didn't support racist donald trump either you grinning fools and you know who you are.

  • Msspel

    I won't try to comment on her politics, but the party took place next door to my house and I can tell you it sounded like fun.

  • Contrary Mary

    42 and no family or significant other, what could that be about? Must be she devoted her life to hard work and public service, oh not so much...never mind!

  • DC John

    Council Member Bowser may not be over the hill, but her campaign is rapidly going down hill. Her continuing inane reasoning for not debating indicates her mind is seriously challenged for reality. Her lack of anything substantive during her time on the Council should clearly indicate not only to Ward 4 but the entire city what she would do in the mayor's office...hang out with folks who have no business within 100 miles of the Wilson Building.

  • pachamama

    Great photo of the aptly-named Bowser. The ugly smirk on her face reveals her inner attack dog.

  • Big Daddy

    I voted for her, I mean against Gray in the primary but she won't have my vote in November. The shenanigans at Park Southern, without a committee hearing, and being sent to the do-nothing Inspector General means she's a sleaze.

  • White Guy

    Ms.Bowser is a black woman of a certain type indigenous to DC. She is pretentious, bougie, and self-titled, and has been indoctrinated to believe she "deserves" the job irregardless of any ability or real clue as to what to do when she gets it.

    When she loses the sorority and Leadership Washington types will find her another since on our dime.

  • mike

    White Guy,

    It's "regardless."

    All the best.

  • Wait A Minute

    @ContraryMary Catania is a gay white male who handled the Education Committee. No family value and how can he really know what's best for a school system that's predominately black... But you go ahead and vote for your guy!

    Ask Catania whose on his donor list and see if they haven't contributed to a run down development like Park Southern.

  • lost cause

    David Catania is the better candidate, he's smart has done the work of the city and deserves a shot. Can any of you really say Muriel Bowser deserves a shot?

  • lost cause

    Funny thing is many at the party are not voting for her and were just there to show face and be seen.

  • White Guy

    You are correct and the worst thing is, I know that.
    I guess that proves Wait A Minute's point. A good education is
    somehow different for white and black children. Of course, Muriel Bowser and her ilk, have done such a fine job educating black kids so far that Catania can only screw it up.

    Bowser and her cronies are so patronizing it reeks. Remember black women don't support Bowser because they prefer to vote for men.

  • justsayin

    @white guy

    How did you reach that conclusion? This black woman doesn't support Bowser because she prefers to vote for the best candidate, regardless of race and gender. Unfortunately, I'm not impressed with any of the options in November.



    Lightfoot, the independent, her campaign chair who, by the way could NOT vote for in the Democrat Primary. But he has his "poms-poms" out for the Democratic party?? I'm confused! The "Independent closet Dem" cheering the party that he does not have the "cojones" (Spanish) to official join. LOL!

    They are running a race on party, color and gender...A loser strategy on 2014. When they find out Bowser is trailing, then you will see her turn "NASTY".....From "Queenie" to "Witch" and the color "Green" will really fit.

    I have never seen this must "Democrat Spirit" in a local DC race.....ever! What a "loser strategy", it just proves the point that she is a "WEAK" candidate. She has nothing to run on....she smells "dead" when she walks into the room.... keep raising money, so you can pay for your workers because she has NO volunteers!!

    Mr. Independent Lightfoot says vote Democrat! Right? Bowser is LOST on all levels and has been for her entire time on the council. Her Ward 4 paid internship will continue until 2016.

    Catania will win Ward 4 and become Mayor! She is a JOKE and bad one!!

    For REAL!!

  • White Guy

    It was a joke justsayin. That idea was posited by a whack job columnist in the Post in the primary. I have been torn ever since as to whom that idea was most patronizing.

    People primarily don't trust Bowser because she is not authentic. She is hiding something fundamental about herself.
    Men, women, blacks, whites sense something is wrong. I think personally she is a lesbian and is hiding the fact.

  • Duhhh

    @WhiteGuy I think a good education is different for black and white children.

    If that wasn't the case, the news wouldn't hype the black student that's attending Georgetown University.

  • mike

    Duhhhh, There are numerous black students at Georgetown who are not celebrated in the press. The TWO stories you reference deal with class issues not race issues.

  • Lightweight

    Muriel Bowser = Intellectual Lightweight, immature, lacks work ethic and is surrounded by the same crooks from Fenty's Term who steered contracts and basically stole gov't money with impunity.

    She is not the right choice for Mayor.

    It's unfortunate that Jack Evans or Vince a Gray are not the Democratic candidates.

    Bowser intellectually can't hold their socks.

    But Lightfoot and the green team know what they're doing... A candidate who lacks brain power is much much easier to control... Que the cash register sound!

  • citydude

    i actually like Bowser. She listens a lot and is not mouthing like Catania. Ms David has nothing to say other than heckle Bowser. He needs to come up with his vision for DC. He has overseen 2 committees and he has definitely doubled and tripled their budgets and the agencies were found to be corrupt. So I don't know why he should get credit even if he is a bright bulb. He is a real Robin-hood...Take from hard working and doing well citizens and bestow them to buy votes....Not a great strategy in my books.

  • Tight Lips

    Which 2 committees?


    LOL@citydude. When did Muriel starting listening and responding to her Ward 4 constituents? Boswer has no personality and she can be a nasty uncaring human being. I don't like Miss Catania either because she's surly human being. Carol Schwartz should take her old ass back into hiding sounding like Barry White. We have no good mayoral candidates running in the District of Columbia.



    When did Muriel start listening and responding to her Ward 4 constituents, citydude?

  • Anonymous,Too

    "When did Muriel start listening and responding to her Ward 4 constituents, citydude?"

    Why, just yesterday, I bet!

  • justsayin

    ^^what anonymous said!!

    And for $51 we can have an ugly green watch that we can stare at and watch the time tick on as we wait for a response from her office on anything.

  • SayWhat

    Mayor elect, please forgive these few loosers, stay on your position. They already know that they have lost period. Don't get in the game with dogs or you are surely to come up with flees. Trust the citizens of the District of Columbia, they pulled you through once and they will do it again only by larger numbers.

  • DCShadyBoots

    Quite telling that nobody accused her of being smart.

  • TiredOfHerTwoFaces

    She says she cares about all of us BUT just go down the long list of professionall A**Kissers who acted as sponsors for her birthday party. The list is long on Fenty faithful who are ready to feed off the hind tit of DC yet again.

    And Trump, well that should be an embarrassment to everyone in DC that she ran down to kiss his ring. WTF? This is the same Birther who attacked Obama's legitimacy as president and she runs to be at his side?

    What kind of decision making ability does this professional politician really have? Whether you believe that Vince is a man of honor or not, with her, we will all start off facing a very ugly 8-ball!

  • Alum

    CP -- Please use other pictures of Bowser from now on. The one accompanying this article is overused to the point where it's now a caricature.