Loose Lips

Catania Slams Trump “Grinfest,” Bowser

Don't expect to see David Catania on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice any time soon. "District Councilmember" already isn't prominent enough for a show that's featured Sinbad and Gilbert Gottfried, but now Catania has taken to talking trash about The Donald, too.

Unlike many of his D.C. Council colleagues, Catania skipped Wednesday's groundbreaking for Trump's Old Post Office hotel, but he tweeted along anyway.

Tweeted like a guy who knows that he won't be on the Council in January! Catania expanded on his absence today in an appearance on WAMU's The Politics Hour, citing Trump's fondness for Barack Obama birtherism as one reason he didn't show.

"I didn’t see any point in necessarily joining him for a grinfest on Pennsylvania Avenue," Catania said.

Catania also used his radio appearance to expand his attack on mayoral rival Muriel Bowser's involvement in the Park Southern housing scandal.

Bowser, who has said she didn't do anything wrong in connection with the complex, declined last week to investigate her own campaign supporters involved in Park Southern through a committee she chairs on the grounds that it'd amount to a political circus. Her office didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Maybe the circus is coming to town after all, though. With Bowser refusing to hold a hearing, Catania called for Council Chairman Phil Mendelson to investigate through the Council's Committee of the Whole. LL's waiting to hear back from Mendelson's office on whether that hearing will happen.

Update, 5:10 p.m.: Bowser campaign spokesman Joaquin McPeek says Catania's request for a hearing on Park Southern amounts to "political theater and grandstanding."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • W Jordan

    This speaks to my concern about a "Mayor Catania", a last of the maturity and leadership needed for the job. If this reporting is correct Catania's reasoning is petty...

  • NE John

    Got my vote with that!

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Miss Catania like to grandstand too. Look at Vincent Orange grinning like a Bull Frog. Jack Evans looks like Skeletor. I have nothing to say about Muriel at this time, however, I'm not voting for this cow.


    Good for Catania, who cares about a photo-op with Trump. That was done already with the announcement.

    Trump has been ridiculous when it comes to Obama!

    What about a photo-op with the residents of Park Southern? Phinis and Scott in their Bowser green shirts....smh!

    Catania is looking better and better everyday!!

  • drez

    Catania, lacking anything of his own to promote, has lately been doing his best to appear newsworthy.

  • 16th Street Heights Res

    Why do Colbert King think all DC Democrats will vote for Muriel Bowser? Many Ward 4 Democrats and other Democrats in the District will not be voting for Miss Bowser. Many Ward 4 residents hate or dislike Muriel. I can't stand surly Catania, however, I hope he whips her ass at the polls and win. Bowser is arrogant and she's been acting like she's the Mayor and its alleged, Bowser has police protection guarding her home.


  • Sunshine Heals All

    Chairman Mendelson and Councilmember Cheh will be conducting a Joint Hearing on Tuesday, August 26 at noon regarding the CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel Project.

    Thus, there is precedent for Chairman Mendelson to hold a Public Oversight Hearing this Summer on the Park Southern Housing Scandal; if he has the will to do so.

    I must also note, the photo of Aunty-Tom Muriel and Cousin Vinny with the Donald bears out the Donald's statement...

    "I have a great relationship with the blacks. I've always had a great relationship with the blacks," Trump said on Talk 1300 AM radio in Albany, N.Y. (USA Today 4/14/11)

  • justsayin

    Maybe that grinnin and grippin can be bartered for a discount at Trump International the next time Bowser opts for the more expensive lodging on the taxpayer's dime when the Wilson Building does its annual boondoggle to Vegas.

  • Censored

    Trump is German for fart.

  • DemforCatania

    Wow!! Just wow!!

    These Democrats have their noses stuck waaaaaay up Trump's homophobic, anti-choice, Birther, butter-colored comb-over and yet they still expect us to toe the party line and vote for Bowser. I wouldn't vote for her, even if she were the only Democrat on the ballot, and... Oh, wait...

    Never mind.

    (People, puh-leeze!)

  • Anonymous,Too
  • Tight Lips

    Does Catania chair the education committee?

    He'll never get my vote.

  • DontSleeponDude

    How Donald Trump went after Prez O, as a black man, was despicable and flat out offensive to most reasonable-minded persons of color. The venom behind questioning Obama's citizenship and qualifications to attend Ivy League schools was an all out effort to destroy that Black man at all cost--and demonstrate Trump's bona-fides to tea partiers. Looking at Orange and Bowser cheesing with that man completely turns my stomach. Thank goodness they weren't eating any watermelons when taking the picture.

  • lost cause

    if there is nothing to hide then why not hold a hearing? what would be the problem with putting people under oath and on record I mean where the hell is the money since it never made it to the residents or the apartments.

  • SayWhat

    David if you don't have anything better to do with your time how about you sit down and start counting some of that money from MC Dean and Healthcare Finance, just before you get indicted?

  • SaveWard7

    Good for Catania, he is not fooled by trumps BS! Those other suck ups are sickening!

  • cminus

    Going after Donald Trump is like shooting fish in a barrel -- but some fish need to be shot.

  • mona

    What decent city councilman who stand there with trump after all the things he said and accused the president of. The birther movement, birth certificate,how he attended an ivy league school where all blatant racism on his part. But that didn't stop Bowser one bit from getting up there for a photo op. Can't she stand for something,or is she hoping he will comp her some free room(in the back of hotel) one day. Gee...there is just no end to her for what she won't do for self promotion.

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