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Gray Administration Launches New FOIA Website

With five months left in office, Vince Gray's office says they've made it easier to get records from them and future administrations with an updated Freedom of Information Act website.

Earlier open records requests played out mostly over email, but the new system prompts users to create an account and submit their requests through an online form. FOIA requests to the D.C. Council aren't handled through the site.

Setting up the FOIAXpress software cost the District $274,337, according to Gray spokeswoman Doxie McCoy.

Probably of most interest on the new site to LL's readers—and a matter of some concern to LL—is the FOIA Reading Room. According to McCoy, the site will publish every FOIA response that the executive branch produces.

Update, 4:20 p.m.: Or maybe not! McCoy tells LL that the website will only post "frequently requested public records," not every FOIA response. That would seem to be at odds with some of the documents already on the site (i.e. a summary of senior citizen injuries caused by falls) but maybe LL is underestimating the public's thirst for knowledge.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DC5

    LL, and reporters in general, usually underestimate the public's level of knowledge, period.

  • Joe

    Just tried to search on the website and its not working (palMain.aspx is the page) when you try to search. I work on IT projects so know what I'm doing, but clearly DC Gub'mnt does not!

  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    Can someone ask the FOIA, how many top officials served at Mayor Gray's pleasure, who still reside in Prince George's County.

    Both, Majett and Hoskins now employed in PG, still lives in PG.

  • citydude

    FOIA does not work properly. Someone needs to test run it before it is released to public. Administration does not look good with half ass website

  • mebesq

    Not one single document from OSSE? and only three from DCPS (and one of those is a repeat)? and what about the PCSB? Come on - that is a lot less then "the most requested documents" that is "a few documents we choose to share".

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    @mbesq, Of course it's the "few documents we chose to share" - One City is a laughingstock already - why release further proof?

    Shameful execution by the Gray Administration, but what else is new?