Loose Lips

Silverman Declares Early Signature Victory in At-Large Race

The innumerable D.C. Council at-large candidates don't need to turn in their petitions to get on the ballot for another three weeks, but hopeful Elissa Silverman says she's already got that covered. Silverman became the first at-large candidate to turn in petitions today, handing in 4,534 signatures that she says will guarantee she makes the ballot.

Silverman, one of LL's predecessors at Washington City Paper, needs 3,000 valid signatures to make the ballot. Silverman attributes her swift signature-gathering to a volunteer-built voter database and signatures gatherers experienced from her previous at-large run last year.

Next up for Silverman: actually running for Council. She claims that getting her petitions in early gives her a three week head-start on her opponents.

“We don’t think it’s a sleepy time in the summer," Silverman says.

Certainly not with petition challenging season right around the corner. The sizable field is likely to be winnowed down when candidates challenge one another's petitions next month, and one candidate—Christian Carter—already dropped out of an earlier race when his petitions were challenged. Silverman, who challenged other candidates' petitions in her race last year, didn't commit to challenging any candidates' petitions, but says her campaign will be reviewing what's turned in by the Aug. 6 deadline.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Ward One Resident

    Didn't she challenge the registrations of homeless folks last time around?

  • Orlando


    She's really arrogant. A three-week head start on opponents who actually bothered to win primaries almost four months ago. Or are the Democrats in independent clothing the only people who matter?


    Is this really a story? Is it newsworthy? Why?

    She is mean, snarky and self-righteous, NO THANK YOU!!

    Her petitions need to be CHALLENGED, she is a first-class JERK!!

  • Mike not Ike

    Does Elissa still write LL, or do her press releases get cut and pasted?

  • Lucas

    +1 to REALDC

    I hope the City Paper gets off of its lovefest for Silverman and does some real coverage on this race. She has a core of holier than thou supporters, but she doesn't appeal city wide and she is a hard ass. That is why she tweets pictures of her cat to soften her persona. Everyone sees through the BS.

    There are plenty of terrific candidates in this race without sucking up to this person.

  • Uptown’s Own

    I don't know what any of the above commenters are talking about. I mean seriously none of these comments actually say anything. What do you base your claim of arrogance on? Only one candidate won in the primary so I am not sure which "opponents" you are speaking of. What exactly constitutes being mean, snarky and self ritcheous. I got to be real with ya'll. You really sound like a bunch of bitter haters. The words you use to describe Silverman are same words I have heard weak and insecure people use to describe the strong and confident people for years. I guess my real question is why are you really mad? What policies does she support that you do not? What legislation does she propose that you oppose? I have found Elissa to be very down to earth and well informed. She also is not a democratic party puppet/puppet master which is a bonus. Also, she actually has a grasp on the issues unlike 90% of the other candidates. She will certainly get my vote. PS. Stop hatin'

  • Ward 6 Res

    She also sunk an endorsement of Nate B-F by the group Working Families when she told them that an arrest as a 21 year-old revealed "poor judgement." Not the first time she's gone out of her way to sabotage others behind closed doors.