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Bowser Won’t Hold A Hearing on Missing Park Southern Money

Even as rival David Catania plans to step up attacks on Muriel Bowser's ties to the Park Southern scandal this weekend, Bowser insisted today that her D.C. Council committee won't hold a hearing to investigate what happened to missing funds at the Ward 8 affordable housing complex.

"Are you interested in show, or are you interested in results?" Bowser said this afternoon in a heated appearance on WAMU's The Politics Hour, claiming that a hearing on the complex would become a political circus. Instead, Bowser wants the situation reviewed by the District's Office of Inspector General—an agency run by an interim head that isn't exactly known for its hard-hitting investigations.

Conditions at the deteriorating complex would be at the center of any investigation over the management of the building, which has included Bowser supporters Phinis Jones and Rowena Joyce Scott. In April, the District took over the building after the complex fell more than two years behind in its loan payments to the city. After the takeover, Bowser questioned the District's authority for seizing the complex—a move she says was meant to preserve affordable housing, but which Catania backers say amounts to political payback for Scott and Jones, who's trying to buy the complex himself.

On WAMU, Bowser declined to call on Jones, a longtime Ward 8 operator who is on the host committee for her July 31 birthday party/fundraiser, to return nearly $300,000 in rent he's allegedly refused to give up.

In May, Department of Housing and Community Development director Michael Kelly had asked Bowser, whose economic development committee oversees housing, to hold a hearing on Park Southern.

Catania campaign manager Ben Young contrasted Bowser's refusal to hold a hearing on Park Southern with Catania's frequent hearings on the troubled United Medical Center hospital while he ran the Council's health committee.

“This sort of hands-off approach to government should give everyone chills," Young says.

In her radio appearance, Bowser also defended her refusal to debate any of her opponents until the ballot is set in September.

“We know Washington in the summer," Bowser said. "People aren’t that focused on elections."

Catania's campaign is hoping for the opposite. This weekend, Catania's campaign plans to distribute flyers, embedded below, that include Park Southern on a list of knocks against Bowser's record as the chairman of the committee that handles housing. Not winning any points for subtlety, the flyers include a picture of an empty chair with Bowser's name on it.

  • 16th Street Heights Res

    Muriel isn't that intelligent. I am not a Catania supporter, however, David Catania is a very smart man and he just have a damn temper. I suspect most white voters, straight and gay will support Catania along with some black voters. Many DC voters will sit on their ass by not voting because they are disgusted with politics. There will some DC voters that will get off their asses and come out to vote against Muriel Bowser. I have been seeing a lot of Catania signs across the park in Ward 3 and Chevy Chase Ward 4. I predict David Catania will be the next Mayor of the District of Columbia. Bowser team will play the race card and attempt to get black DC voters to vote for Bowser. Many black DC voters dislike Muriel Bowser in Ward 4.

  • Smh

    After all the hearings David Catania held on United Medical Center, it's still a failing institution in Ward 8. And he has the nerve to call it an accomplishment, smh.

    Bowser is making the right move. No time for a circus, let's get to the bottom of the issue.

  • dcgovcorruption

    Time for a real criminal investigation by the US Attorney for the District of Columbia. DC politicians at the Wilson Building are not capable of conducting a criminal investigation.

  • brians ions

    Conditions at the deteriorating complex would be at the center of any investigation over the management of the building, which has included Bowser supporters Phinis Jones and Rowena Joyce Scott. In April, the District took over the building after the complex fell more than two years behind in its loan payments to the city. After the takeover, Bowser questioned the District's authority for seizing the complex...
    A new boss-- same as the old bosses, eh?

    So if we tolerated the corrupting cronyism of Fenty and Gray, we'll just have to get used to the Bowser cronies, too.

    This tells us a lot, given that Bowser has been an empty-suit on Council. It is the Bowser cronies who will really be running our city's government, if she's elected.

  • http://Citypaper Ward 4 voter

    Now you ask for her and now you see what you going too get. If she become mayor . I live in ward 4 and it a dump how about asking the residents before you vote for her in ward 4. Write in Vincent Gray Name for Mayor.

  • What’s she afraid of?

    No need for a hearing, let's have a debate. Schwartz too.

  • justsayin

    Let's say that we agree with her assumption that dc citizens aren't interested in politics during the summer. What has that got to with her committee chairmanship responsibility for due dilligence in matters that come before them? This is another example of the thoughtlessness she exhibited towards her representation while ANC (e.g., delivering late treasury reports, not responding to constituents, expressing that renters "SHOULD MOVE!"), and why she doesn't enjoy support in her own community. Contrary to what many believe about black voters in DC, there are plenty who are not impressed with Bowser in Ward 4 and will not be voting for her in November.

  • justsayin

    Correction: "...not focused on elections"

    All the same, she should be working to prove herself to be a better steward of the public trust if she expects to be taken seriously as a leader. How arrogant of her to believe that her work to persuade voters that she is better than her contenders (officially declared or otherwise) is done.

  • DC Guy

    Yes, Ms. Bowser, we want results and leadership. Two things you have punted on in your statements and actions on this issue.

  • NE John

    So, from the above comments we now know that gay people and white people will vote for Catania because ... he's gay and white. And black people will vote for Bowser because ... she's gay and black. Yeah, that makes sense.

  • justsayin

    WHICH comments are you reading that lead you to that conclusion?

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  • phenomdc

    ...Did I hear Bowser call Rev. Scott "Aunt Earlene?"

  • reverend scott


  • Boss Hogg

    Charlene Drew Jarvis was a horrible Ward 4 Councilmember and Muriel Bowser is worse than Jarvis. Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser represent a select few of Ward 4 residents. Yesterday I was shopping in the Walmart on Georgia Avenue, NW and my cell phone rang. I answered it and it was from a Muriel Bowser supporter. Before the lady could complete her first sentence mentioning Bowser's name, I said hell no I'm not voting for Muriel. NE John, you comment doesn't make sense. Being gay is not a race of people. Any race or ethnic group has gays and lesbians. David Catania is white, male, and gay and Muriel Bowser is black, female, and straight. However, many black DC voters will vote for David Catania because they despise Ward 4 Councilmember Bowser and they see Adrian in drag. Many gay white males will vote for Catania because he's a white gay male. Many white heterosexuals will vote for Catania because he's white and they are fed up with black corrupt DC local politicians like Kwame Brown, Michael Brown, Harry Thomas, Jr. Marion Barry, and Vincent Gray. Many white DC residents and whites on Capitol Hill prefer to see a white Mayor in power in the District of Columbia. Carol Schwartz should disappear her old Barry White sounding ass out of site. She might be a plant by Bowser's campaign to take votes away from Catania. Blacks need to wake up in the District, they are not the majority race anymore and most blacks and whites aren't coming out in large percentages to vote in the District and nationwide. The citizenry is fed up with self serving, lying, and corrupt politicians. DAVID CATANIA is going to shock the local DC Democratic party with his win as the next DC Mayor of the District of Columbia. I don't like Catania, however, I might hold my nose and vote for him to keep Bowser arrogant ass from winning. I hope Police Chief Cathy Lanier is replaced because it's time for her to step down and move on to Homeland Security or another police department.

  • DCShadyBoots

    It is majority of registered DC Democrats who chose to stay at home during the Democratic Primaries that left the party with the weakest mayoral candidate that it has ever had. There is nothing good to come out of party loyalty when the party doesn't vote. The only choice left is to vote for the strongest candidate of whatever party in the general.

  • Just as wrong as two left shoes

    Why should AA be mad or upset at Bowser, get real with the program? It's too early in the game to say who's going to win or to lose at this point. Voting or solictitation for a vote is so seasonal. You know as well as I know that as long as the summer in in full-effect that not nary person is thinking about voting. Hell, voting in this area is like allergies...either you have a spring or fall affliction to voting. There's not enough registered white voters in this city to make anyone a shoe-in but to say that blacks are pissed-off with Bowswer is so hatefully in error. Again, whites are throwing their rocks and hiding their hands but at your own perils that the rock bounces off the plexiglass and bust you upside the head.

  • lost cause

    is she reading from notes...prepared notes at that...so once again we receive a sign that she will not be mayor buy those surrounding her will be running the city. we need one independent person who is bold enough as well as smart enough to run our city..this is unacceptable.

  • Barry

    You are so wrong, Just as wrong as 2 left shoes. Blacks are no longer the majority population and many blacks are not registered to vote or don't vote. It's black senior citizens that tend to vote in large numbers. As others have stated, many black voters will sit this election out because they can't stand Bowser or Catania. However, there will be many Democratic voters that will vote for Catania to get back at Bowser for ignoring them. Bowser's team will try to play the race card to scare blacks that a white candidate don't have their best interest like Anita Bonds campaign did. The white population in DC is increasing rapidly in the District and Ray Charles can see this. Blacks have govern DC for years and the DC Government has been plagued with corruption. Marion Barry made national news smoking crack in a hotel and white America and some black Americans never forgave him. Then you have former DC Councilmembers Harry Thomas, Jr., Kwame Brown, and Michael Brown charged with corruption. Get it through your heads, DC is not a Chocolate city anymore. DC is now becoming a city for white educated individuals and home to a large white gay population. DC is the white San Francisco of the east coast.

  • Tell It Like It Is

    David Catania will be the next Mayor of the District of Columbia because he's much more intelligent than Muriel Bowser and the better candidate. Muriel Bowser is acting like she's the Mayor because she won the Democratic election. Recently many black Democrats in Alabama or Mississippi voted for a Republican candidate. The Democratic Party have kept blacks on a plantation for the last 40 years and the Democratic Party no longer see blacks as an important minority. Hispanics are now the majority minority in this country and the Democratic Party care more about this demographic than they do blacks. The Democratic Party in Congress is supporting illegal aliens crossing our porous southern border because they hope illegal alien Hispanics will vote Democrat once they become citizens. Illegal aliens from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and other Central American countries have saturated black poor and middle class neighborhoods and this has caused tensions between blacks and Central Americans. In many Spanish speaking countries blacks and Afro Latinos are looked down upon as being inferior by white or light skin Hispanics with straight hair and European features. WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA and exercise your right to vote whether it be for Muriel Bowser, David Catania, Carol Schwartz, Vincent Gray, or Donald Duck.


    This the Bowser ward 4 knows well. The arrogant, dummy shows her head..... Smh.

    Bowser is the WORST!!

  • DC Quilter

    I wonder why she won't debate. Is it because it will show how week she is on issues? What a disgrace that she won't take action on Park Southern - it's kind of like passing the buck. I do believe Carol Schwartz has been pushed by Bowser's people to enter the race. Anita Bonds action calling out the National Democratic Party is really another disgrace. I have lived here for over 35 years and though everyone says bad things about Fenty I don't believe he was that bad a mayor. Catania and Greater SE Hospital - I think he did the best he could with an extremely difficult situation. At least he tried, Bowser is just passing the buck. Take a look at who makes us her various host committees - it's everyone in the upper middle class who have helped but Harry Thomas, Kwame Brown and Michael Brown in office. I will vote for Catania because he is the better candidate and the City needs a change desperately. Let's get around the race and orientation issue - surely we are progressed beyond.

  • wickky wack

    Ummm Barry in Washington, DC blacks are still the majority. White people lie so much!!!

    Another lie Catania and his gay cronies are telling people are that blacks will vote for his man loving ass when that is so not true. Black women don't like gay men!

    Davey will lose big like the gaping hole he has.

  • cityzen

    Mu-Real is my mayor.

    Unlike the fake David Catania who pretends like he cares all of a sudden. We see right through your translucent white ass. All of a sudden he chairs education? His white gay ass was on the health committee when all his white gay friends was dying of AIDS. Now they got their medicine and blacks are dying from HIV he is no longer around!!! He is only serving his self interests.

  • DCShadyBoots

    If the best you got, in 2014 is to attack a candidates sexual orientation, then you lost the argument before you ever opened your mouth.

  • wickky wack

    He is the one who put his sexual orientation business on the street! So he made it it available for attack.

    He and his butt boys can't have it both ways. There are several Catania supporters on here trying to head the race play off at the pass when no one bought up race. Scared say you scared because of the black vote don't try to discount it. White people kill me with that bullshit!!!

    His gay white ass will lose big because blacks will come out to vote this November.

  • cminus

    @wickky wack, right now there's *no* majority in DC. There are more blacks than there are whites or Asians or Hispanics, but there are more whites and Asians and Hispanics put together than there are blacks.

  • DCShadyBoots

    wickky wack is right? A very appropriate self description.

    Nobody is super obsessed over sexual preference in the District BUT the wack.

  • Nathan Harrington

    "I don't like Catania, however, I might hold my nose and vote for him to keep Bowser arrogant ass from winning."

    I couldn't have said it better myself.

  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    Folks let's be clear, we know who has contributed more legislatively for our city. However, Catania's legislations have not secured EMPOWERMENT for any Black DC resident.

    Today, blacks still dominate by 58%, so stop the bull.

    A great leader does not have to be the MOST intelligent, as long as they surround themselves with Appointed and At-Will competent staff unlike Fenty or Gray, who live in the District of Columbia mproving our city's overall needs with integrity, fairness and opportunity for all.

    Ms. Catania has one of the worst personalities and demeanor's one can image. What's interesting he was too afraid to show it to Bush and the boys, when they rejected Gay marriage, which lead him to become an Independent. Let's not get fooled by his dramatical kindness.

  • Not thinking too hard, I see.

    Should Catania's goal really be empowerment solely for black DC residents, or ALL DC residents?
    A great leader has to at least have an idea and a plan, not just the desire to lead and a willingness to trade everything to get there. Refer to the last two mayors. Bowser is no better, maybe even worse.
    What you write is straight from the Old Guard handbook. Times have changed. Keep up or get left behind because like it or not, change is coming.

  • wickky wack

    Cminus you forgot the Redskins.

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit


    Some facts on DC's population (US Census Bureau via wikipedia):

    According to 2012 U.S. Census Bureau data, the population of Washington, D.C., was 50.1% Black or African American, 42.9% White (35.5% non-Hispanic White), 3.8% Asian, and 0.8% Native American Indian, Alaskan, Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander. Individuals from two or more races made up 2.5% of the population. Hispanics of any race made up 9.9% of the District's population.

    The black population reached a peak of 70% by 1970, but has since steadily declined due to many African Americans moving to the surrounding suburbs

    there was a 31.4% increase in the non-Hispanic white population and an 11.5% decrease in the black population between 2000 and 2010

    So, you might want to "stop the bull" with your unverifiable 58% comment - not that I am concerned either way, as a mayor should endeavor to empower ALL residents, regardless of race.

  • stop madness

    50% according to census is pretty good but I'm sure it doesn't account for those that don't give shirt about the census. I think blacks are closer to 55% population

  • vox populi

    It'll only be 55% if you count Ward 9. It's under 50% by now.

  • http://ward3dc.com Ward3er

    I want to directly respond to what I just read in Washington City Paper about Bowsers wanting to Let the DC Office of Inspector General get involved and not hold a hearing. Councilmember Bowser it is indeed your job to hold hearings about this and many other issues and to not do so is a dereliction of duty and raises questions about your ability to run more than a committee.

  • Calvin H. Gurley

    This is no defense…but many have forgotten about the past 4 years.


    Both Councilmembers, David Catania and Muriel Bowser, have refused to investigate the City government’s wrongdoings. This serious accountability problem was created by poor leadership from the Chairman; Mendelson who refuses to demand Councilmembers to perform their mandated “oversight” responsibilities. Mendelson has failed to ensure and provide full accountability, of our City Government, to the residents/taxpayers of the District of Columbia.

    D.C Council Chair of the Education Committee, Mr. Catania, refused to perform a Governor of Georgia type investigation of the D.C. School Standardized Test Erasure Scandal. The results of the Governor’s independent and thorough investigation merited the firing of the city of Atlanta Public School Superintendent and several high level educators.

    On Catania’s first day on the job as Chairman, he stated; “…an investigation into the DCPS Test Score Scandal…”is off the table”…”

    And, this attached news article asserts that Bowser refuses to investigate Southern Towers revealing, to us (residents) that two D.C. Councilmembers refuse to perform their oversight responsibilities. Our Chairman Mendelson has done and said nothing about their (Councilmembers) failure to perform.

    While Catania is pointing his finger at Bowser, and his thumb at himself, we (residents) should be focusing our concerns and discontent at Chairman Mendelson.

    The cheating can result in ``the worst thing that can happen to a teacher in America today: negative value was added." (Michael Winerip
    , NYTimes, March 4, 2012.

    In his article `Creative ... motivating' and fired, publishedin the Washington Post, March 6, 2012 (Bill Turque
    ) explains how this actually
    happened to Ms. Wysocki, 31, a 5th grade teacher in the DCPS. In her
    case, …she was fired. "Ms. Wysocki, 31, was let go", writes Mr. Turque,
    "because the reading and math scores of her students didn't grow
    as predicted.

    In this case, Ms. Wysocki offered a possible and intriguing explanation
    as to why the reading and math scores of her students did not improve as
    much as predicted: Cheating. In detail: "Many students arrived at
    her class in August 2010 after receiving inflated test scores in fourth
    grade. Fourteen of her 25 students had attended Barnard Elementary. The
    school is one of 41 in which publishers of the D.C. Comprehensive
    Assessment System tests found unusually high numbers of answer sheet
    erasures in spring 2010, with wrong answers changed to right.
    Read stories from D.C., Maryland and Virginia
    At Noyes Education Campus in Northeast Washington, the pass rate in reading dropped more than 25 percentage points, to 32 percent, and the pass rate in math dropped more than 20 points, to 28 percent. Noyes was one of three schools for which some 2010 scores were invalidated in May after an investigation found evidence or strong suspicion of cheating.
    A Washington Post review of data on 11 schools in which some classrooms were flagged for high erasure rates on 2010 tests found that scores declined this year in several. Staff writer Bill Turque contributed to this report.
    This serious lack of accountability problem from our City Council, to initiate investigations into City Government wrongdoings, is not solely a Catania or Bowser failure...but the total failure of the Chairman and all of our Council members.

    Trusting Citizens of the District of Columbia you deserve better from your City Council. A change must come...and only you can make this change.

    Calvin H. Gurley
    November 2014 Candidate for Council At-Large

  • Spirit Equality

    Anybody who thinks the actual demographics of the city and the voter rolls correspond with one another must not be aware that voting in DC elections from Maryland (and sending your kids to DCPS) is widespread in this town.