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Peaceoholics Co-Founder and “Community Hero” Ron Moten Crowdsources His Legal Fees

A week after fellow Peaceoholics co-founder Jauhar Abraham and their non-violence group were slapped with a $638,389 judgment in court, activist and Adrian Fenty loyalist Ron Moten is raising money for his own legal fight with a crowdfunding campaign that declares him a "community hero."

There was once a time when Moten wouldn't have to hit up people on crowdfunding website Crowdtilt for $10,000. During the friendly Fenty administration, Moten and Abraham's group prospered. Whether that's because they successfully quashed beefs or because they allegedly submitted bogus grant application depends on whether you believe Moten or D.C. Attorney General Irv Nathan. Nathan's office sued Moten, Abraham, and the Peaceoholics last year, claiming that they understated their salaries on forms to get grants.

While Abraham and the Peaceoholics organization earned a default judgment after not responding to the lawsuit, Moten took on former local ACLU director Johnny Barnes as his pro bono defense attorney. Moten tells LL that he needs the $10,000 so Barnes can pay for depositions and an assistant in the case.

Moten declined to reveal who he plans to depose. LL can make one guess, though, since Moten's ongoing fight to depose archnemesis Mayor Vince Gray is itself working its way through court.

“All I need is a trial, you know what I’m saying?” Moten says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Buzy Bee

    Now he wanna rob the youth b/c anybody would good sense wouldn't fund a dollar. C'mon man where your money at? You walk the streets w/Burberry, Gucci, and so on & on. Don't sound like you hurting to me. This man is such a clown in the public eye. Smells like somebody's guilty to me. He should've been in a cell w/Apollo (RHOA).

  • lost cause

    well muriel can pay for it since they both are backing her campaign. another way for them to swindle the city out of more money