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Mayoral, At-Large Hopefuls Hustle at Palisades Parade


The District's officeseekers turned out for the July 4 Palisades Parade Friday, helped out by beautiful weather and the absence of a registration fee. Here are the highlights:

Best Parade Walker

Democratic mayoral nominee Muriel Bowser came prepared Friday, with her campaign announcing just a day before that former mayor Anthony Williams had endorsed her and would join her parade entourage. Bowser couldn't have picked a better parade partner—as Williams walked by, paradegoers stood up from their lawn chairs and applauded the two-term mayor.

At the D.C. Masons' hot dog party afterward, Bowser told LL that Williams' appeal isn't just limited to Palisades.

"They love him all over the city," Bowser said. "That's what happens when you get out of office."

Best Handout

Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans brought top-notch candy to give away, and Ward 3 Councilmember and George Washington University law professor Mary Cheh gave her constituents pocket copies of the Constitution. But LL has to give the edge here to mayoral candidate David Catania, whose campaign handed out Catania-themed lollipops and little foil packages that turned out to be not condoms but sunscreen. Handy!

Best Attorney General Candidate (by Default)

Attorney general hopeful Paul Zukerberg enjoyed a victory walk in Friday's parade after his unlikely legal victory to keep the race on the ballot. Zukerberg had another reason to be happy, too—his well-connected rival in the race, high profile defense attorney Mark H. Tuohey, was nowhere to be found.

Best At-Large Group

LL is loathe to get into counting how many people turned out for each at-large candidate, but how else are you going to distinguish the enormous field? By LL's eyeballing, hopefuls Robert WhiteElissa Silverman, and Khalid Pitts had the largest groups. At-large candidate Eric Jones, meanwhile, augmented his smaller crew with a brass band.

Best At-Large Candidate Thing

For reasons that escape LL, would-be at-large councilmember Kishan Putta periodically blew on a conch shell.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • dcgovcorruption

    I voted for tony Williams twice and wished that he would of come back as the democratic nominee. However, for the first time since registering as a democrat in 1978, I will not vote for the nominee.

    In November I will be voting for a candidate with a public record of accomplishments, councilmember catania.

  • Orlando

    I don't know what parade you were watching, Will. Pitts and White were both dwarfed by Puryear. I was surprised to see Khalid actually do something for his campaign, actually. Cutest kids by a mile, though.

    And I hope Elissa's mutant Roosevelt head costs her votes. That was terrible.

  • Alum

    Williams endorses Bowser. Yawn.

  • Anonymous,Too

    You need to get out more, LL. Or at least watch more Bollywood movies.


  • DC John

    Did Council Member Bowser get any mustard stains on her empty suit while she marched and said nothing?

  • SayWhat

    Muriel Bowser and Anthony Williams killed it at Palisades, people were screaming Muriel's name like crazy from the curbs. I didn't hear one shout out for David Catania or Carol Schwartz. Stop being so damn jealous and give credit where credit is due.

  • lost cause

    Anthony who did what??

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