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Morning Links

Judge orders anti-violence group Peaceoholics and co-founder Jauhar Abraham to pay $639,000 in grant case; co-founder Ron Moten wants to take his case to trial. [Post]

Attorney general asks judge to dismiss lawsuit filed by dismissed housing agency boss. [LL]

Police chief Cathy Lanier talks about recent spate of murders, including female victims. [Post]

Minimum wage initiative organizers admit they won't make the November ballot. [Post]

D.C. Council mulls special education changes. [Post]

Pedestrian groups aims to improves safety. [WAMU]

Police say weekend murder was caused by fight over can of Natty Ice. [Times]

The dream of an underground parking garage under the Mall isn't dead yet. [DCist]

Prosecutors won't pursue charges against man who said he accidentally drove onto White House property. [Post]

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  • S.E.

    "Pedestrian groups aims to improves safety"

    A few suggestions:

    Obey the "DO NOT WALK" signs......they're there for a reason.

    Don't cross the street while texting.