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Attorney General Unsympathetic to Former Housing Boss

LL will say this for former D.C. Housing Finance Agency boss Harry Sewell: He's got chutzpah. After getting canned last year following LL's stories about his extravagant corporate card use ($1,300 at a Miami Beach night club!), Sewell sued the District for breach of contract, claiming that using his agency credit card for personal expenses didn't break any rules.

Unluckily for Sewell, though, the District's Office of the Attorney General isn't having it. If anything, OAG's new motion to dismiss Sewell's lawsuit makes it look like the former housing director is lucky that the District isn't suing him.

Sewell's lawsuit comes with multiple claims against the District, including the idea that the agency harmed his reputation by allegedly rushing through his dismissal process after he was put on administrative leave for as much as $70,000 of unexplained credit card charges. (Sewell maintains that he reimbursed the agency for personal expenses.) But as OAG's motion points out by referencing LL's articles about Sewell, Sewell's reputation wasn't the only one at stake when he allegedly spent, say, more than $300 at luxury shoe store Allen Edmonds.

“Indeed, the reputation of the Agency was questioned as a result of [Sewell's] unaccounted-for spending activity,” the motion reads.

An OAG spokesman declined to talk about the lawsuit, while Sewell attorney's Billy Martin did not respond to a request for comment.

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  • DCCommish

    Mr. Sewell Give me a break. Your a thief and a liar and it's time you got what is coming to you! Using a credit card for a new pairs of shoes! I don't care wether you paid the money back or not! Don't you have your own credit card! Mr. Sewell do you actually think that DC residents beleive any of the crap coming out of your mouth? I can tell you for sure they don't! You deserve to lose your job and be cover in tar and feathers! GIVE ME A BREAK! LOSER!