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Morning Links

Marion Barry used D.C. Council staff to work on his autobiography. [LL]
Deleted chapter from Barry's book covers girlfriend contract scandal. [LL]
Police chief Cathy Lanier says ruling allowing gun possession in public could threaten District dignitaries. [Post]
NAACP sues Metro over allegedly discriminatory background check rules. [City Desk, WAMU, Post]
One-time tax cheat Pete Ross accused of owing IRS money again his shadow senate [...]

Marion Barry’s Autobiography: The Secret Chapter

Marion Barry's recent autobiography Mayor for Life earned mixed reviews, thanks in part to its failure to really face all of Barry's misdeeds. The Washington Post called it more of a "tell-enough" than a "tell-all." Meanwhile, LL griped that the book glossed over one of Barry's more dubious accomplishments—earning a record two censures from his D.C. Council colleagues.
Among [...]

Did D.C. Taxpayers Help Pay to Write Marion Barry’s Book?

Pack away your “bitch set me up” gags, folks. After countless performances of “Stormy Monday” and comparisons to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, the book tour for Marion Barry’s autobiography Mayor for Life is winding down.
Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, though, LL can now give the Ward 8 councilmember’s tight-lipped tome the Behind [...]

Pete Ross’ Well-Funded Shadow Senate Bid Dissolves In Tax Strife

Launching his umpteenth run for shadow senator last August, furniture magnate Pete Ross told LL that he’d left his criminal past behind him. Specifically, that’d be the 2007 tax evasion conviction that got him three months in a halfway house. Getting busted for not paying his employment taxes, though, didn’t hinder his ability to blow [...]

Morning Links

The FBI will definitely leave D.C. [City Desk, Post, WTOP, Times, WBJ]
Disgraced councilmembers Michael Brown and Harry Thomas Jr. will share a prison. [LL]
Muriel Bowser, who said she wouldn't debate until the mayoral ballot is set, now says she'll wait longer. [LL]
Judge issues a three-month stay on gun carry ruling. [Times, WAMU, Post]
Post ed board says it's time for gun carry legislation. [Post]
Vince [...]

Just Like Old Times: Ex-Councilmembers Brown, Thomas Will Share Prison

LL noted the possibility in May, and now it's really happening: two disgraced former D.C. councilmembers will share a prison. In a letter Sunday to his one-time backers, Michael Brown said he's turning himself in today to serve his 39-month prison sentence at a minimum-security facility in Montgomery, Ala. That's the same place where former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. passes his own 38-month sentence for stealing grant [...]

Lone Candidate Actually Likes New Gun Ruling

District pols can argue about this soccer stadium or that housing scandal, but there's one thing they all seem to agree on: opposition to the Saturday court ruling that, until a stay issued this afternoon, allowed anyone with a registered gun to pack heat in the District.
Democratic mayoral hopeful Muriel Bowser sent out a press release denouncing the ruling Sunday, while mayoral [...]

Muriel Bowser Chops More Time Off Debate Season

By now, anyone holding their breath for Muriel Bowser to debate her mayoral opponents before September should have passed out. Despite appearing at primary debates before the April ballot was set, Bowser is sticking to her refusal to debate before the November ballot is set by Sept. 8.
Now, though, the Bowser campaign has imposed an even later deadline on the race. Ward [...]

Morning Links

District asks for a stay on court decision that would allow carrying a gun in public. [Times, Post, WAMU]
Former Harry Thomas Jr. staffer says he's paying for the sins of his councilmember. [LL]
What the firearms decision means for would-be gunslingers. [Post]
Pro-gun congressman is thrilled by ruling. [City Desk]
Gun ruling dropped over the weekend thanks to computer error. [Times]
Would-be tattoo recipients will [...]

Harry Thomas Jr. Aide: I’m Not HTJ!

LL's heard of terrible bosses, but this is ridiculous. Former Harry Thomas Jr. staffer Neil Rodgers not only lost his D.C. Council job for his alleged involvement in the disgraced ex-councilmember's grant-steering schemes, but now he claims the feds are trying to prosecute him in place of his old boss.
Rodgers, the only person in the sprawling Thomas investigation who fought the charges, faces [...]