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Morning Links

Paul Zukerberg won the fight to put the attorney general's race on the ballot. Now he has to win the election. [Post]

David Catania heads to Congress to ask for meeting with pot-hating Maryland rep. [LLRoll Call, Post]

Planning office issues proposed rules for pop-up houses. [Post]

Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss brokers a meeting between park officials and organizers of canceled Fort Reno concert series. [Arts Desk]

Most of Jeff Thompson's document fight remains sealed, but here's what is public. [LL]

Get a bike, advises map about how to get around D.C. [Housing Complex]

Teacher's union questions expanded school days plan. [Post]

The State Board of Education race gets down to two candidates. [Blade]

Colby King thinks cop who admitted to child prostitution and child porn charges got too lenient a plea deal. [Post]

Lux Lounge nightclub ordered closed after shooting during All Hands on Deck weekend. [Times]

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments names a replacement for murdered Ron Kirby. [WBJ]

Fatal shooting in Southwest Friday. [Post]

AAA grouses over moveDC plan. [Post, WAMU]

Capital Bikeshare looks for a more diverse customer base. [Post]

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  • RCWB

    Will someone explain why Thompson, Cobb, Bazilio and Associates (TCBA) was allowed to oversee the DCPS Annual Enrollment Audit, unencumbered for over eleven years without the DC Government even viewing other bids for the contract. It was only after Jeff Thompson was arrested and under investigation by the FBI that another bid was even entertained. Millions of dollars were lost by DCPS due to TCBA's business practice of denying funds for students attending DCPS in order to have a reason to continue auditing DCPS. Millions went under the table to politians to keep the status quo. SOMEONE needs to take a look at this.