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Councilmembers fret over Reeves Center swap in first D.C. United stadium hearing. [Housing Complex, WAMUWBJ]

Former campaign treasurer faces a potential 16 months in prison after allegedly stealing from Michael Brown's campaign. [LL]

Activists pushing pot legalization initiative say their signature collection is going well. [LL]

Carol Schwartz talks to WAMU. [WAMU]

A question from the mayor's rep: if Gray is such a lame duck, why won't staffers trash him on the record? [Washingtonian]

Councilmembers push back on revised boundaries proposal. [Post]

Post ed board says the fire department's closed hearings over Medric Mills' death are "insulting." [Post]

Alcohol board pursues booze delivery service. [Y&HPostWBJ]

Cab driver's alleged murderer plans insanity plea. [Post]

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton talks about the "Freedom Summer" with "archnemesis" Stephen Colbert. [Post]

3-year-old's death was a homicide. [Post]

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen tries to get through to the kids today. [Post]

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  • tony

    If ANYONE think that voters in this city are going to vote for Bowser merely because she is a democrat is WRONG!

    Moreover, Bowser would never have won the primary election had it not been for another black man trying to hold down another black man. The fact is that Bowser won the primary with less than 46 percent of the vote. She lost nearly every black ward in the city. Now she has based her entire campaign on “party affiliation”.

    She has not articulated any vision for this city. She has not articulated one single fucking policy that will strengthen the black middle class. She has not articulated one fucking policy that would help the black community at all.

    In fact, she has not even taken any position on the school boundary debate. The only thing she has said is that she opposes all three of the Mayor’s proposals. BTW, Gray’s proposals concerning school boundaries were designed to afford poor black kids stuck in poor and inadequate neighborhood schools an opportunity to gain access to some of the better schools across this city. However, the new white comers and Bowser rejects this idea.

    This black woman actually supports the idea of restricting black students to their poor and inadequate neighborhood schools oppose to giving them access to better schools across the city. How in the hell can the black community trust a black woman who essentially believes in school segregation? How can the black community support a black woman who would deny black students access to a quality education merely because of their zip code? These are the sort of racist and backward policies that bigots like George Wallace supported. These are the sort of policies that black folks died to eliminate.

    Again, Bowser has very little black support in this city and her white support is fragile and conditional. The white voters across the board will support her opponent in November and they know it. The best thing black folks can do in this city is to support a well-coordinated WRITE-IN GRAY campaign. PERIOD!

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