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Carol Schwartz Accuses PAC of Push Polling Against Her

Carol Schwartz has been in the mayoral race for just two weeks, but she says that shadowy forces are already at work against her. In the latest of the former councilmember's intriguing series of emails to District reporters, Schwartz accuses political action committee D.C. First of funding push polls to promote the idea that she's a front for rival Muriel Bowser's campaign.

“I’m not just going to sit here and take it," Schwartz tells LL.

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3E member Jonathan Bender received a call for the poll last night. According to Bender, after a series of other questions about the mayor's race, the person reading the poll to him launched into what he calls a "lengthy hypothetical" about the possibility that Schwartz's bid is being propped up by Bowser to take away votes from mayoral hopeful David Catania. At the end of the question, the pollster asked Bender how that would affect his view of Schwartz.

Then, the questioner launched into the preamble again, this time to ask Bender how such a scheme would affect his view of Bowser.

“I wish I had recorded it, because I can’t do justice to this," Bender says.

A call to D.C. First's phone number was answered by major District lobbyist David Julyan, who wouldn't tell LL what his role is in the PAC. The PAC has been conducting a poll, but Julyan said it'd be inaccurate to call it a push poll. Julyan also wouldn't say whether his PAC represents any particular interest group, but both its treasurer and chairman are executives at parking companies.

Catania campaign manager Ben Young declined to comment on the poll, saying only that the campaign had nothing to do with it. Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff didn't respond to a request for comment.

In her press release, Schwartz calls on her rivals to denounce "the false rumor" that she's working on Bowser's behalf. While LL doubts Bowser would have a problem doing that—so far, she's claimed that the idea is so ridiculous she won't respond to it—Catania's camp might prove more difficult to persuade. After all, they've been pushing the idea that Schwartz is a stalking horse for Bowser themselves.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • pfish

    Everyone with a brain can tell Carol Schwartz/Muriel Bowser is just an attempt to recreate Sulaimon Brown/Vincent Gray from four years ago.

    Schwartz is a dinosaur, a pathetic and uninteresting one at that. Nobody want to listen to her raspy voice, look at her sagging face, or listen to her decades-old slogans. She's already extinct, she should go away or just die off.

  • JAD

    No, I don't think Carol Schwartz's run has anything to do with Muriel Bowser. Like everything else Carol Schwartz does, her run is about the one and only thing she's interested in: Carol Schwartz.

  • Who’s David Julyan Working for This Time?

    Julyan is a hired gun.

    Head of JackPAC until it's name was changed the innocuous-sounding "DC Fund" and then ran that little slush fund, too...


    Head of DC Chamber PAC when it endorsed Mara over Schwartz...


    Ran BUD's PAC (for the late parking mogul Bud Doggett) and engaged in some questionable pro-Gray activities...


    You need to keep digging, LL... find out why Schwartz alienated Catania so badly that he got her off the Council.

  • DCShadyBoots

    I like Carol but her fruit is a bit too ripe.

  • don’t run!

    Carol is not going to come close to winning, and will likely take votes away from Catania. In a city where race will play a role at the polls, anything to weaken the only knowledgeable and effective candidate is a *grave* disservice to the city that Schwartz says she has a love affair with ... As she begins campaigning, she needs to hear from voters who want her to put DC and the public interest before her own gigantic ego. I am serious!

  • Pro Bono

    Two words: Chuck Thies

    Thies loves push polls and manipulating shadowy PACs. July an is a stooge.

    Who if anyone is/will donate serious money to Schwartz? Is this going to be self financed?

  • DC John

    If Ms Schwartz truly wants to help this city, why does she not run as an independent against City Council Chair Phil Mendelson?

  • SayWhat

    Certainly. David is behind this polling, that's how screwed, angry and horrible he is. We don't need anyone at the helm that acts this way period. I don't like Carol for Mayor at all, but she has a right to run and who is David to say she can't. Think long and hard about electing this monster fir Mayor.

  • DontSleeponDude

    For sometime, Black candidates have been silly enuf to split the black vote so a white candidate otherwise unelectable could get in. We now get to see the reverse happening for a change.

  • Skeptical

    I got the same polling call, and if that was meant to be a push poll, it was weak. More of a testing message poll. Carol is just looking for a way to get publicity. And apparently, it worked.

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  • Hold your nose…

    ...and go away.

    Good God, Carol. Give it up already. She has to be funded by Bowser. Who else would give Carol Schwartz a nickel to run for mayor?

    For once we have a chance to higher someone who actually deserves to be mayor, someone who actually does his homework, takes politics seriously, and isn't a blatant racist, crackhead, or criminal, and there's not a chance he'll get elected because he's the wrong color.

  • voted for republican before

    Carol has a record for what she stands for She has always stood for fiscal responsibility. She is honest and if she is white she has done more for working class people in this city than the other two candidates. She has put in the time and paid her dues. It does not matter what your color is if you only represent the interest of the money maker in this city. She should run to give us a chance to vote for her even if she does not win. I do not want to vote for the other two.

  • voted for republican before

    There was a time in this city that we voted for black candidates since neither of the two candidates is black(Having the interest of the poor and working class.) Why should I as a black woman vote for them. She is running as a independent because the stupid fools in her party have pushed her out. She lost her seat a few years ago because David Mora could not see the big picture. He won the primary but did not have the name recognition in this town to win the main election. She was voted in by people who respected her integrity and liked what she did for the council she provided balance.