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Appeals Court Won’t Move Attorney General Election From 2014

It looks like the long legal fight over the District's first elected attorney general is finally over. The District's Court of Appeals refused today to review an earlier appeals ruling that went in favor of attorney general candidate Paul Zukerberg.

The ruling against District attorney general Irv Nathan means that the election will have to take place either this year or early next year, as required by a 2010 referendum, rather than in 2018, the year it had been moved to by D.C. Council legislation. A spokesman for Nathan didn't respond to LL's request for comment.

The D.C. Board of Elections, which refers questions about whether the election can be held in November to the attorney general's office, started issuing nominating petitions to attorney general candidates on June 13.

“Everybody seems to be on board," Zukerberg says. "Looks like we're good to go."

Next up for Zukerberg: actually running for office. He's already facing one opponent in well-connected defense attorney Mark H. Tuohey, while other potential candidates are also considering the race.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DCCommish

    GREAT! Glad to see the Zuckerberg won. I told every council member that what they have done several times in the past be overriding a referendum was WRONG! Voters have the ultimate say in these matters and for the council to go against the will is immoral. This goes to show the council that they best not play that game again. SO DC Council get it together when it comes to the people's voice at the ballot box before their voice is excised when your name appears on the ballot!

  • Ward One Resident

    The DCBOE absolutely can conduct this election as part of the November general election. It's adding one race to the ballot which should not increase ballot length at all. Whether or not the logistics of the office can be set up in that time, is another question.

  • NW Observer

    What does this ruling mean about the term limit referendum the DC Council overturned a number of years back? In this case the council didn't overturn the referendum just changed the implementation date. If they can't do that, can they still through out results they don't like?

  • DCShadyBoots

    So will this new Attorney General have the power to shake down these crooks on the Council.

  • GillandcGuire

    Great!!!, THAT WHAT IT MEANS 'CIVIL RIGHTS', Power to the people, not just a selective body.PEACE.

  • Brett

    I'm surprised Nathan fought this at the end, he's been reasonable on other matters. First the Council's inability to determine the authorities of the office prevented them from voting for the 2014 election. They wanted agency counsels to report to the Attorney General and not the mayor, but I read somewhere that the Council ended up conceding the point. Then when the courts ruled against Council attempts to put off the election, the AG decides to argue in favor of the Council's authority to delay it. Not sure why the reluctance to move forward with an elected AG among top officials and lawmakers.

  • Ward 5 Resident

    So glad that we the D.C. residents will finally get a chance to vote for an Attorney General. Congratulations to Paul Zuberberg. He deserves my vote for his determination, consistency and patience. I am sorry that the City Council didn't want to allow the citizens their right to vote for a Attorney General. But I thank God for the victory.

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