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Morning Links

DCPS won't tie standardized test scores to evaluations for a year after Common Core switch. [Post, WAMUWashingtonian]

DDOT gave a permit to controversial CSX tunnel before it finished receiving federal approval.  [Post]

Vince Gray still won't endorse Muriel Bowser. [LL]

"If I was Gray, I'd never endorse Bowser." – former Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies. [Washingtonian]

Post ed board wants Council to consider pro-business changes to "ban the box" bill. [Post]

Carol Schwartz's entry into mayor's race created "surprise and growing excitement," says Informer. [Informer]

Brookland and Petworth attract house-flippers. [Washingtonian]

Getting health insurance through the D.C. health exchange can take months. [Post]

Medric Mills will be honored with his name on a gym. [Post]

Robberies of transgender women may not all be connected, according to police. [Post]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery


    Why would Gray endorse her?

    After Gray beat her hero in 2010, she and the rest of the "green team" orchestrated a write-in campaign for Fenty. They got 27,000 votes in the general election on that lame effort.

    In a televised debate this year, she said she would "vote" for Catania if she lost the primary.

    Gray needs to tell her to "kick rocks"!!

  • I.J.

    If I were a political candidate I would never hire Chuck Theis - the man is arrogant and incompetent.

  • Oz


    Chuck Thies has announced his retirement demanded by your lack of confidence in him. He will be entering a monastery in outer Loudon County.