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Vince Gray Still Won’t Endorse Muriel Bowser

Maybe Vince Gray and Muriel Bowser need to share another awkward hug. Offered another chance to finally endorse Bowser for mayor today, Gray once again begged off.

On this morning's episode of NewsTalk on NewsChannel 8, host Bruce DePuyt asked Gray whether he was pulling for Bowser to win November's general election.

"I haven’t come out with any public statements as of yet," Gray said.

Gray, who proved reluctant to even call and congratulate Bowser after the Ward 4 councilmember beat him by more than 10 percentage points in April's Democratic primary, says he's still waiting to hear about Bowser's "vision" for the District. (Apparently, more than a year of campaigning and an endless series of debates haven't explained Bowser's plans enough for Gray).

That's not to say mayoral hopefuls David Catania and Carol Schwartz will get Gray's backing. Gray called Schwartz a "credible candidate," but declined to endorse either Bowser rival.

"Ms. Bowser and I have met on more than one occasion," Gray said. "There’s no doubt that we’ll talk further about this."

Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff declined to comment.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • laudatory comment

    i haven't seen any debates of substance. remind me.

  • Oz

    Maybe Gray doesn't think a still/once again closeted lesbian who is as dumb as mud is a good choice. Just sayin', Just maybe!

    Gray may be waiting until Chuck Thies reveals his strategy for Gray's write-in campaign.

  • drez

    Who cares if a lame duck won't quack?
    It's not like he's going to endorse Catania or Schwartz.

  • dcgovcorruption

    Why would mayor gray rush to endorse a candidate who said that she would not support him if he won the primary. Word in the street is that his supporters are lining up behind catania since they are out of the mix anyway.


    Good for Mayor Gray. I wouldn't endorse this witch either.


    The only time Gray has ever had a conviction!!

    Gray is like most of the other African American voters, everybody is disbelief.

    DC's choices for mayor:

    The openly gay, White former Republican that is competent and hard working but is nasty.

    The dumb and clueless Black woman that only offers up platitudes that beat Gray with the help of the US Atty. (BTW-Where's the indictment of Gray?....Uh, huh, bullshiggy.... Gray was ROBBED and Bowser benefited. NO TO BOWSER in November!)

    The old White women with the raspy voice from the "80s.

    So who should Gray endorse?

  • Daddy Grace

    LOL@REALDC; you are correct, David Catania is surly and mean and Muriel Bowser is an idiot.

  • tony

    The only option for us Gray's Supporters is a well-coordinated WRITE-IN GRAY CAMPAIGN.

    We owe it to him. The Man has done nothing wrong but led this City in a prudent and wise fashion. He has helped a lot of people become even better people.

    Mayor Gray has been wronged by his enemies and so-called friends.

    Give him a chance to continue with the brilliant leadership he has shown.

    I mean can Bowser or Catania be TRUSTED?



    I agree, Tony. Carol Schwartz use to smoke heavy and her old ass need to get somewhere and sit down sounding like a female version of Barry White. LOL Catania is a mean surly individual and Muriel Bowser is an idiot and she too can be surly. We the citizenry are doomed in the District. I will write in Vincent Gray for mayor or Foghorn Leghorn.

  • justsayin

    LMBAO@ Ward4InDC

  • DCShadyBoots

    YES, honey, YES! I'm still waiting for the closet doors to fling open, the truth come out, and along with it a vision because Lord knows she has no record by which to judge her leadership capacity after these many years on the Council. Ward 4 deserves better, not to mention the District of Columbia (at large).

  • justsayin


    Seriously though, I couldn't care less about her sexuality, but I absolutely agree with you about her leadership capacity--or lack thereof. As a Ward 4 councilmember she has been a dud.

  • my city

    Don't like grey as a person but he has improved this city. Muriel is going to be a plague on this city. I live in ward 4 and it still is a dump. I've tried to teach out to Muriel via email and calls. Never once was there a reply. I think I'll write myself in.

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    Too funny - posts about Marion's book and Vince being a sore loser in the same week! What is this - Give an Anachronism Press Week?

    (Note to onecitidiots - look up anachronism).

  • the realDC

    Uhm--Muriel won by 10 points. She has the support of the city. Clearly there are one or two haters out there along with that criminal Vince Gray. The Bowser Era is about to begin so get ready or move to Canada

  • Betsy Donahoe

    I have never known David Catania to be surly or mean. And I've seen him when he's off the clock. It's been reported in the media that he's been in a few arguments on the Council, but as he says, "I'm not making cucumber sandwiches here." He's raised his voice in order to be effective, in order to accomplish things. Look at his record. DC will be lucky to get Catania for mayor.

  • CZ

    I would wager that with each passing day there is a diminution in the value a Gray endorsement has in the ability to motivate the direction of any voters' votes. Carol Schwartz is the cranky relative who showed up uninvited to the party and will be the pebble in our shoe, soon to be dumped on the sidewalk as our walk to the election continues. The race distills between Bowser and Catania meanwhile, and it's Bowser's to lose. My tea leaves are showing Bowser in the mayor's office come January.

  • Jes’ sayin

    Endorsements mean a lot to low-information voters like me. But personally, it's the out of town celebrities who decide for me.

    Once I hear who Danny Glover, Robert Downey Jr, and Lindsay Lohan endorse, I will know who to vote for. In the event they can't agree who I should vote for, Lohan's endorsement will trump the others.

  • Vote for David

    Gray's not the warmest individual and he has a lot to be chilly about when it comes to Bowser - from the campaign and a meh candidate. Glad to hear Gray's people are backing Catania. He's a much better candidate. He's surly and would be a better city manager but I'd rather have him than Bowswer by a long shot. Schwartz isn't on the radar.

  • DC John

    To those who have written about Mr Catania's approach. Would really like to know how many have actually spoken one-on-one with him. Yes, he does not suffer fools greatly. If you would like to meet him, let me know and I will serve cucumber sandwiches and you can then re-evaluate your positions.

  • pachamama

    Well, Vince does have a brain after all! Now we can just sit back and watch the two corporation-owned sleaze-bags go at it!! :-))

    Hey, DC John -- I'd love to meet Catania, but I don't know how to contact you....

  • pachamama

    Hey OZ,

    Call Bowser a corporate lackey that doesn't give a damn about the working poor in DC. Call her a slob who stuffs lunch into her face during council meetings and never looks up. Call her failure to represent the best interests of us Ward 4 dwellers....

    But keep your thoughts about her gender identity to yourself -- nobody wants to hear your bigoted hatefulness.


    So what if Gray does not endorse Bowser. She will be fine....voters will not select that Meant Nasty Cunt Catania....... once he looses we will be done with his ASS for good. The city will prosper under a Bowser admin..... she's smart, and works hard........ all catania does is Cunt-out

  • DCShadyBoots

    Chile, boo! 2014 was the lowest-turnout mayoral primary since the dawn of home rule in 1974. Only 99,395 — 27 percent of registered voters — cast ballots, beating the previous low of 32.1 percent in 1998, which was also the last time fewer than 100,000 voted in a mayoral primary.

    This, pretell, isn't a glowing endorsement of Ms. Bowser. It is a repudiation of all the candidates. Thanks, in large part, to her royal heinous, Queen Machen.

    Listen to and sip this tea. Bowser won her ward with less than half of the vote — 46 percent — on turnout of 28 percent. Worse, she lost her own voting precinct — 65 — which favored Gray, 48 percent to her 44 percent. Which is to say Ms. Jenkins next door didn't much care for her neighbors leadership abilities. Such that they are.

    Looking at the primary voting results, if the closet case isn't able to encourage those who were so disenchanted that they stayed home to vote in the general, she will lose. Without the Mayors endorsement, those whom supported him will do as the rest did in the primary. Stay home.

    A low democratic voter turnout in wards 8, 7, 5 and 4, split in the others, will slam the closet door shut.

    #catchthatshade #dogwood

  • DCShadyBoots

    @DCVoter did you say "she's smart" with a straight face?

  • Incredulous

    Will both CMs be retired by failure in mayoralry race, lose or surrender Council membership? I know Schwartz will return to staring across sandy beaches.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Race and skin color still matters in this city and country. We still live in a racist society. Betsy Donahoe, I have seen first hand how nasty and David Catania can be. Former Ward 4 ANC Commissioner Leroy Thorpe read Catania at a DC Council hearing several years ago because Catania made a insensitive remark that pissed off Leroy Thorpe. A former staffer in Catania's office stated, Catania didn't return phone calls back to black constitiuents. He only returned calls to his white gay male friends or his inner cirlce of friends. Catania didn't give a damn about HIV in the black gay community. His focus was on HIV and the white gay community. A lot of voters will sit out this elections because they dislike Bowser and Catania. Carol Schwartz need to go crawl back under a rock. Many blacks in DC will not vote for a white gay male. They would vote for a black gay male before they voted for Catania. DC is supposed to be made up of liberal white Democrats. Reading many of the racist comments from white hipsters in the Prince of Petworth blog let's me know race and racism still exist. Whites in DC want gentrification to continue in DC to rid this city of blacks. We need to have an open discussion about race and skin color in this city because race relations between blacks and whites in DC aren't good and if gentrification continues and arrogant whites continue to move in black neighborhoods disrespecting blacks, there could be race riots in this city as there were after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968. I was here and I remember that horrific time in history and in this city.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Correction: Former Ward 2 ANC Leroy Thorpe.

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    @Daddy Grace - Right, because LEROY THORPE, of all people, is the epitome of a reasoned, sensitive human being. Have you read about his ANC tenure? C'mon.

    Typical onecitidiot - race wars, the plan, hipsters, blah blah blah. Learn a new trick.

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