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shutterstock_139813345The D.C. streetlight contract catastrophe, somehow, continues. [WBJ]

Elissa Silverman kicks off her campaign in Shaw. [LL]

The at-large race gets three more candidates. [LL]

More on Marion Barry's memoir. [WAMUPostPost]

Oh no: D.C. advances further in Olympic consideration. [WAMU]

Metro approaches Silver Line opening. [WAMU]

Will D.C. lose its millennials? [Post]

High heat means earlier trash pickup. [City Desk]

Capitol Hill fire was a suicide, according to authorities. [City DeskPost]

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  • Tight Lips

    Millenials are leaving because that's what the City Council wants. When a city is strapped for cash and needs a serious upgrade, they target people who can immediately bring in cash.

    They are slow to build more suitable affordable housing because its their loan money that they are shelling out.
    Affordable housing is a scheme as well because you cant even rent out the spot to pick up some extra cash on the side. Why keep someone in the same financial condition when they can get an affordable unit and better their situation by making it a cash generator.

    You have investors and real estate developers buying all the units in the city and they put a crazy condo fee on it and never come back to DC.

    It's a shame.

  • Corky

    Umm, when your city planning caters only to one demographic, (without any consideration for the fact that other people live here) and the one demographic you planned for should reasonably be expected to grow up, get tired of the bar scene and have children--but you don't take that into account, you wind up with the situation we have now--a community full of overpriced one bedroom apartments and condos that do not favor families or long term residents. DC has seen this boom and bust come before. For some reason, the District never quite understood that if you want people to stay, you need to have good schools for their kids and affordable housing for families--not just single college aged or near college age people. And you have to plan for CARS!! Because families don't ride 2 year olds on bikes to daycare or to the doctor in the winter. Don't believe me? Watch the 30-somethings move to MD and VA!!

  • Tight Lips

    You made some very good points Corky. It's funny how some CMs swear up and down that they are fighting for residents each day when it seems like the residents without DC IDs are the ones reaping all the benefits.

    Southeast will have a slow economic growth because that's their way of "fighting for natives"

    Improve the areas where they don't mind having new people move to the city, and keep the native areas dormant so that Washingtonians can maintain their current lifestyle..

  • Typical DC BS

    Corky, I wish we could plant you in front of the City Council and Mayor once a week and have you scream in their faces about the DC schools. Maybe smack them upside the head once a week, too. You hit the nail on the head with that.

    Once folks have kids, if the schools aren't good, and they discover that kids in a tiny apartment or condo make it tough to function, families will move so fast to the suburbs your head will spin.