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In Crowded At-Large Field, Silverman Points To Her Record at Kickoff

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Facing a D.C. Council at-large field that's still growing, two-time Council hopeful Elissa Silverman offered her plan for standing out from her rivals.

"I think we have a track record that no other campaign has," Silverman told a crowd of roughly three dozen at her office in Shaw's Wonder Bread Factory.

That record, per Silverman, includes work on paid sick days and last year's minimum wage increase. Silverman wants growing opposition to corporate contributions added to her ledger, too. A former spokeswoman for the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute and a former LL for Washington City Paper, Silverman says her second-place finish in last year's at-large special election showed that candidates could eschew corporate money and finish strong (albeit, in Silverman's case, not ahead of Councilmember Anita Bonds).

"We didn't win that election in raw numbers, but I think we accomplished a lot," Silverman said.

Silverman's kickoff also included a barely veiled dig at rivals Khalid Pitts and Eugene Puryear, neither of whom will be winning good citizenship awards for their records of casting ballots in the District. While picking up nominating petitions Friday, Silverman remembered her more extensive voting record.

"I got an opportunity to look at my registration, and I have voted in every election since 1998," Silverman said to some of the biggest applause of the event.

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    There is no there there.

  • Eric

    If that's the best she can do against Eugene, Elissa's going to be wishing for a second-place finish. I've worked with him in the past, and if there's a person who's done more direct, on-the-ground work for poor and working people in the District over the last decade than Eugene, I'm yet to meet them.

  • Oz

    She is such a whiner. Fugly princess who failed to land a doc turns to persecuting electorate to appease mother issues. Next!

    Plus, she is on Chuck Thies' enemies list. She don't have a chance.

  • EC

    @Oz, haha right cause Chuck Thies is so good at picking winners in DC politics.

  • MtP resident

    Oz, what do her looks have to do with anything?

  • drez

    Elissa FTW. Not even close.

  • Oz

    Vinnie's collapse had nothing to do with Chuck Thies. G*d him/herself couldn't turn that broken down nag into a Triple Crown winner. Chuck Thies actually did a good job until he reverted. And Chuck Thies didn't pick the pussywhipped champion so much as it was a process of mutual elimination. A candidate who no one credible would work for and a pol no one credible would hire.

    I digress. This vendetta is not about what Chuck Thies does above the line but rather the feted swamp of hype, innuendo, crazy leaks, revenge for slights real and imagined, dirty tricks, etc, where Chuck Thies thrives.

    Unless Silverman ponies up much diners for "consulting" and groves she is burnt toast.

  • shocked…not

    This is a nice sweet article that lacks the usual sarcasm ever present in everyone else article. I am new to LL, so I maybe reading this wrong.

  • Asuka

    Another loser for the GGW crowd. If Alpert supports you, you are either sure to lose or you're a crook.

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  • Sebastian Townview

    Really?? REALLY?? Even for LL commenters, some of these are pretty horrible.

    But that doesn't matter, because, as drez noted, "Elissa FTW."

    Elissa Silverman has worked tirelessly on behalf of DC for many years, as a journalist, as a policy wonk, and as a hard-working volunteer for many issue campaigns. She defines the term "integrity." She is also effing BRILLIANT. DC will be an even greater city when she becomes a member of the Council. Guaranteed, hon!

  • MikenotIke

    Don't events have to be newsworthy to be covered? Arent there real members of the city council doing things?

  • Oz


    Is your nome de plume derived from a crystal induced fog experienced while being assaulted by new age disco at a certain gay dance club?

    "Brilliant"? Pulleeze! Wonk assuredly but brilliant? Please cite even one instance. Pi**ing off Chuck Thies is not brilliant. Chuck Thies eats amateur crackers like Silverman for breakfast. Don't believe me? Ask Eric Cantor! Chuck Thies ground him to dust!

  • Marionette

    It was brilliant the way Thies maneuvered against Cantor using his signature bank shot of dems and independents. Why is he crowding the field here?


    Silverman is joke and after she loses this time, which will be her third lost, she should just go away.

    I remember in 2006, when she was "hanging" out with a member of Fenty's campaign team and writing ultra nice pro Fenty articles for the Metro section that were not even coming close to being balance. Or her trying to negotiate back room deals over emails in her last campaign for an at-large seat. Meanwhile billing herself as the "new" clean candidate that is above politics as usual. That is the thing, she is not new just recycled. No thanks!

    DC can do better.

  • asuka

    What Oz said. I love how some label others who have done NOTHING OF IMPORT "brilliant." What company did she start? What cure did she discover? What great piece of fiction did she write? She is a classic NGOer, a professional gadfly who makes her living by contemplating her navel. We need doers on the council, not do-nothings. It doesn't matter anyway - people are as excited about her as they are about paint drying.

  • Ward6Res

    She is such a boring candidate. I wonder who she will be pressuring, behind closed doors, to bow out this time (like she did with Frumin last time). She talks about ethics and being progressive, but she will not say anything to anger the wealthier residents of Wards 2 and 3. She will do horribly in Wards 5, 7, and 8.

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