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Shadow Sen. Michael Brown Declares for At-Large Race

What's one more in the already enormous field of at-large D.C. Council candidates? The District is about to find out, because now Shadow Sen. Michael D. Brown says he's running, too.

"I'm tired of being ignored," says Brown, who's one of two unpaid shadow senators tasked with pushing statehood on Capitol Hill. Brown has already switched his party registration to independent, enabling him to run for one of the Council seats reserved for non-Democrats.

This isn't Brown's first attempt to get on the Council. In 2010, he ran for the at-large seat then held by Phil Mendelson. Brown's similar name to then-Councilmember Michael A. Brown made Mendelson so worried that his campaign printed up flyers and signs explaining the difference. Apparently, it worked—Mendelson held on to his seat, and Brown went back to the shadow delegation's' basement office in the Wilson Building.

Now that Michael A. Brown has gone from rising star to future prison inmate, the name similarity could count against Michael D. Brown. Brown says he isn't worried, though, thanks to his old rival's work back in 2010.

“I think Phil Mendelson, God bless him, spent $250,000 letting people know there’s two of us, and now people know there’s two of us," Brown says.

While Brown waited to pick up his nominating petitions, he run into another newly minted independent, at-large candidate Elissa Silverman. Silverman said she was surprised to see Brown leaving the Democratic Party.

“I am a good Democrat, just like you!" Brown said. "But the rules are the rules."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • The last DC voter

    "Vote for me. I'm not the one going to jail. I'm the other one. I'm the white pretender."

  • Shocked..Not!

    LL you are slipping…there's another candidate even behind Michael D.Brown …how many will that make 14????

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Another idiot we don't need on the DC Council.

  • tony

    I thought there was another young black male who picked up petition for the at-large race.

  • shocked…not

    Gurley announced too? Really? This is getting ridiculous.

  • tony

    I think someone is being left out and its not Gurley,

  • JimA

    Michael D. Brown ran a few years ago pretending to be another person. He engaged in political ID theft. He is an embarrassment to himself and to the City.

  • Fun-n-games

    Is this cool or what? Now we have a guy going to jail running for the council against.......now who? For what? What the heck is this all about anyway?

    Fun-n-games is in the lead, followed by who's on first, etc etc.

    Horse race? Dog and pony show? Beauty contest?

  • Fly on the Wall

    Don't forget that Christian Carter picked up petitions as well.

  • dc

    Just curious... would Brown vacate the shadow Senator seat if he wins? If so, what is the process for filling the vacancy?

  • Ward6Res

    "The rules are the rules." Yes, so let's flout their obvious intent and ignore the spirit of the home rule charter! You want real positive change at the Wilson Building: Cast one of your two votes for Puryear, the Statehood Green candidate. He'll work for the people and he's a true independent; not playing games.