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Carol Schwartz Finds Bowser Decision on Henderson “Very Coincidental”

Carol Schwartz's mayoral campaign is only four days old, and already the other candidates are copying her. Or at least they are in the world of Schwartz's press releases.

In an email titled "Interesting Coincidence?" Schwartz opines on Democratic nominee Muriel Bowser's announcement Tuesday night that Bowser's administration would include current D.C. Public Schools chancellor Kaya Henderson:

Even though I am pleased that she has now stated her favorable intentions, I find the timing to be very coincidental. That same Tuesday morning at about 10:45 a.m., I told a Ward 4 activist, when asked, that, “Of course I would keep Kaya Henderson. Now that we’re beginning to make real progress, why would we want to start all over again?” That conversation was witnessed by a radio reporter. Interesting!

Interesting! Still, LL's not sold on the theory that Bowser would keep Henderson based on something Schwartz said that morning to two people, rather than, say, on Bowser's continued need to stay on the good side of Washington Post editorial writer/Kaya Henderson Fan Club president Jo-Ann Armao.

Neither is Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff. When LL asked Shuff what he thought of Schwartz's release, Shuff responded with what's becoming a popular Bowser camp response when it comes to questions about Schwartz.

“Are we really asking that?” Shuff says.

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  • Businessasusual

    Camp response, hmmmmmmm.

    Is this whole campaign a 14 year old's idea of an adult cocktail party?

  • Peter Rosenstein

    I can vouch that Muriel Bowser reached that decision well before Carol Schwartz talked about it. Muriel confirmed her intentions to keep Kaya Henderson as Chancellor in a conversation I had with her well before Carol's surprise entrance into the Mayor's race.

    It is my understanding from the conversation that Muriel had taken the time to talk with Kaya and discuss the issues and made that decision after she and Kaya realized they could work well together to continue to move DC schools forward to benefit all students in DC.

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    Bowser does NOT have an original thought in her head!

    Of course she got it from somebody else....just ask any ward 4 resident!

    Mayor Bowser......oh hell to the NO!!