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Muriel Bowser Has Twice as Much Campaign Cash as David Catania

The first campaign finance numbers since April's primary came out last night, and they look very cozy for Democratic nominee Muriel Bowser. Coasting on a post-primary victory surge, Bowser both outraised Catania and ended the March 11 to June 10 reporting period with twice her opponent's cash on hand.

(New mayoral candidate Carol Schwartz hasn't registered yet with the Office of Campaign Finance and wasn't required to file a report.)

Muriel Bowser

Raised: $858,643.20. Spent: $343,023.09. Cash on hand: $720,323.47.

Winning the primary has been very good to Bowser's campaign bank account, with various District heavies lining up to contribute. Bowser's bigwig donors include lobbyists Rod Woodson ($750) and David Wilmot ($2,000), the law firm of former Councilmember Harold Brazil ($500), superlawyer/Wilson Building familiar A. Scott Bolden ($1,000), and developer Jim Abdo ($2,000).

One-time supporters of Bowser's defeated primary opponents kicked in too, with former Tommy Wells campaign manager Chebon Marshall contributing $102. The firefighter's union, which backed Wells in the primary, gave Bowser $2,000. Shaw businessman Ibrahim Mumin, who traveled around so much with Jack Evans in the waning days of the primary race that it seemed like he was the one running for office, gave Bowser $2,000.

Meanwhile, LL doesn't know what Bowser thinks of rectangle-cut pizzas, but they apparently like her a lot—Ledo's Pizza gave her campaign $2,000.

Bowser's campaign spent $20,015 on TV ads in the closing days of the primary. That's almost as much as it paid to the consulting firm owned by go-to Adrian Fenty Green Team strategist Tom Lindenfeld, whose company took home a very respectable $23,694.26 two weeks after Bowser's primary win.

David Catania

Raised: $553,358.16. Spent: $202,651.25. Cash on hand: $350,706.91.

While Catania didn't outraise Bowser, he still brought in a whole lot of money, including $115,510.85 transferred from his exploratory committee.

Among Catania's donors: gay activist Deacon Maccubbin ($500), lobbyist Woodson ($500), and Richmond federal reserve board member Russell C. Lindner ($2,000). Law firm Greenberg Traurig, for which Catania used to work, kicked in $2,000 through its PAC.

Gertrude Stein club co-founder Paul Kuntzler, who declared the LGBT club "irrelevant" after it endorsed Bowser, put his money where his meeting diatribes are and contributed $25. Finally, following in the tradition of Paul Wolfowitz's donation to failed Evans, ex-George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum contributed $250.

Catania's expenses include $20,366.63 for video production.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery


    I'm not surprised that Muriel has raised more money than Catania. I'm sure a lot of former King Fenty's supporters have given money to her. However, Muriel or any candidate will not get a penny from me. Politics and politicians are corrupt and liars.

  • Marvin E. Adams

    A Tale of Two Races:

    Cash on-hand: 1) Cantor, $5.4 million; Brat, -$250,000.00;
    2) Fenty, $2 million; Gray -? Political races should N-E-V-E-R be about the money! And when the American people finally wake up to that fact, it will be "O Happy Day!"

  • Oz

    The gay community is realizing that they really can't support a closeted lesbian so that will be a huge stash for Catania.

  • DCShadyBoots

    How did all that cash help our Adrian Fenty in 2010? Oops...

  • joan

    Bowser is in bed with the usual suspects - David Wilmot, Scott Bolden, Ron Woodson - more of the same corrupt politics

  • Max B

    Half a million is a pretty good haul for the first quarter by Catania's team. Keep up that pace and he'll be competitive in November.

  • SayWhat

    Muriel remember what I told you in the primary, don't get in the bed with dogs or you will get up with flee's. Keep your head high, stay a lady and only discuss the issues and the citizen's of the District of Columbia will reward you. Keep your eye on the finish line. They will all wake up on November 5th 2014 losers just like the first crew did in the primary.

  • 4RealDC

    Here we go again--that same folks who unwisely predicted that Gray was going to whip Bowser are at it again. Instead she mopped up, winning by 12 points. Such sour grapes! So now there new line is a Catania victory. Not gonna happen and not even close. So continue your tirades and get read for a Bowser administration!

  • Pachamama

    "Bowser both outraised Catania and ended the March 11 to June 10 reporting period with twice her opponent's cash on hand."

    Of course she did -- she's been bought and paid for by the corporations (think WalMart, et al.) she serves.

    Catania, on the other hand, has strength of character and a conscience.

  • drez

    ^ Tommy? Is that you?
    Shouldn't you be getting ready for the fundraiser you are throwing Muriel tonight?

  • Friend of the City


    If you are going to slam people you should actually get their names correct. Likewise, how are they any different from Catania who has preferred contractors like Bill Dean (McDean) who he happened to work for, for years raising tons of money for him.

    This shows that you are either a racist white person who doesn't like blacks considering that you only listed black folks or that you are just a Catania pawn who hates Bowser because she is black.

  • SayWhat

    Friend of the City, you are absolutely correct!

  • Marvin E. Adams

    There's only one way to level the playing field -- GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!!! Publicly funded campaigns.In the interim, set a ceiling of $100.00 max on A-L-L contributions, both personal and corporate!!!!!!

  • Truth Be Told

    How ironic that Muriel Bowser got the endorsement of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club on one night and then attended an event in her honor at a penthouse suite in the swanky Metropole in Logan Circle, hosted by a tea party republican!

    This former Bush/Cheney republican operative rolled out the red carpet for Miss Bowser. He also likes the folks such as Sandy Adams from Florida and the Longhorn Club (which donates heavily to Michelle Bachmann).

    Miss Bowser also arrived at the event in a Rolls Royce with a driver!

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