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Stein Club Changes Its Mind, Endorses Bowser

Last month, it looked like the gay issues-focused Gertrude Stein Democratic Club would sit out of the mayor's race. Maybe Pride Week invigorated the club, though, because the membership decided last night to endorse Democratic nominee Muriel Bowser after all.

After being caught between endorsing the Democratic candidate and gay, independent hopeful David Catania, the club voted to endorse the entire Democratic slate, including Bowser, 35 to 8. Last month, the club's leadership had said it wouldn't schedule a formal endorsement vote for Bowser and some other Democratic candidates.

The meeting took political feuding to an impressive level, even by LL's standards, when a handful of Catania diehards tried every parliamentary trick they could think of to delay the inevitable. After losing an initial procedural vote by 34 to to a pro-Bowser voting bloc that included the candidate herself, the pro-Catania faction still tried to pull various maneuvers as it went down.

The Bowser attacks continued even after she won the group's endorsement. After Bowser said in a candidate forum earlier in the meeting that she wouldn't support legislation to fund the District's shadow statehood delegation until they proved their worth, one Catania backer proposed that the club recommend that the next mayor not receive a salary until he or she does the same. That didn't pass, either.

The endorsement loss angered at least one Catania supporter. As the meeting at the Human Rights Campaign's Rhode Island Avenue NW office ended, Stein Club co-founder Paul Kuntzler went to the front of the room and talked about how the group had started in his living room...and he far he thought it had fallen since.

"This club is irrelevant," Kuntzler declared, before storming out.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Oz

    Just in case anyone is missing the irony let me suggest the headline should have read;

    Massive grave spinning reported

    From the historic significance of the military color guard leading the Pride parade to this pathetic pandering in just two days is mind blowing.

    Paul Kutcher was being charitable. Every member of the Stein Club should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

    What is Muriel Bowser so ashamed of?

  • DC John

    I was at the meeting...in NO way did the subject of endorsing David Catania come into any discussions by anyone there. David is by far the better, more experienced mayoral candidate whose values mirror that of our city but the Stein Club endorses only Democrat candidates.

  • drez

    Yes. That's why it's called the Stein Democratic Club.
    Closeted Republicans need not apply, regardless of how out of the closet (or cabin) they are in the rest of their lives.

  • OG in DC

    You're right, Oz. Of COURSE if any woman ascends she has to be a closeted lesbian. Thanks for that clarifying comment.

    David Catania as the candidate whose values mirror that our city? What values? The ones that include using office to bully, humiliate and intimidate? Screaming at people from the dais? Running up on people in elevators and threatening them? Yay, equality-- because somehow he gets a pass on making tons of money off the city's tit, too. Rah Rah.

  • Oz

    @OG...I am missing something here...are you suggesting that even though BowWowser has "one foot in the Washington of my father" and "one foot in the Washington of tomorrow" it is somehow okay for him/she/it to have both feet firmly in the closet?

  • Ben

    LOL; I saw Bowser at the gay parade skipping and having a good time along with other DC Councilmembers. What's up with Councilmember David Grosso? Is he bisexual or gay?

  • DCShadyBoots

    This is of no consequence or surprise. What is most surprising about it is that a DEMOCRATIC club took this long to actually endorse Bowser this long after the DEMOCRATIC primary. THAT is the story. It underscores how terribly weak she is as a candidate and how even Democrats question her abilities.

    There is nothing "closeted" about David Catania. Politically or "otherwise". We know very well why he abandoned the GOP. Not so much with Bowser ("otherwise").

    So, the Stein club chose to handcuff themselves to Bowser out of allegiance to a political party. Great. That does nothing to elevate their candidates intelligence or legislative accomplishments. David Catania remains the smartest candidate with a demonstrated record of leadership on the council.

    Remember, Muriel Bowser didn't even carry her own precinct or ward during the primaries. Those who know her best, her neighbors, simply don't like her. That says alot.

  • JS Adams


    Muriel Bowser won Ward 4 in the primaries(50.1 %).

  • DCShadyBoots

    Muriel Bowser lost her own voting precinct — 65 — which favored Gray, 48 percent to her 44 percent.

    That would be her NEXT door neighbor.


  • Truth Be Told

    In an truly ironic turn of events, Muriel Bowser attended a "meet and greet" in her honor at the home of a prominent former Bush/Cheney official on June 11. This event just days after the Gertrude Stein endorsement.

    The event host, a republican operative is on record as financially backing the most extreme fringe tea party republicans who have run in 2010 congressional races and elections going forward.

    People such as Sandy Adams of Florida (and numerous more religious extremists, birthers and tea party activists) noted for rabid hostility to the GLBT community.

    Also notable was continued support by this republican of the Long Horn Pac which has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Michelle Bachmann.

    I think the Club should start asking Miss Bowser some questions.