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At-Large Hopefuls Not So Eager to Vote in D.C.

Logan Circle wine bar operator and independent D.C. Council at-large hopeful Khalid Pitts could be headed for a strong showing in November's race. He's got a hefty fundraising operation, and a bunch of national-level operators to go with it. Here's one problem for Pitts, though: Until a few months ago, he had never been registered to vote in the District.

Despite living in the District for 19 years, the Logan Circle wine bar owner only registered to vote here on Dec. 31, 2013, three months before announcing his run for office.

Pitts wasn't disenfranchised in the meantime. Instead, according to campaign spokeswoman Christy Setzer, Pitts continued to vote in his home state of Michigan even as he lived in the District.

In a lengthy statement sent to LL, Pitts touted other work he'd done to improve the city. "I’m not just a wonk or a well-meaning business owner who doesn’t know politics," says Pitts. "I walk the walk."

If Pitts collects enough signatures, he'll have company on the ballot with another candidate who's eager to collect votes but hasn't proved as eager to cast them.

Statehood Green candidate Eugene Puryear, a 10-year resident of the District, registered to vote on Nov. 12. Compared to Pitts, this socialist office-seeker's explanation for not registering to vote is more Zuccotti Park than Logan Circle.

“The way I saw my role politically at the time was not really being involved in sort of the electoral process," Puryear says.

Apparently, he changed his mind. Fourteen days after registering to vote, Puryear filed papers to run for Council.

Photo courtesy Khalid Pitts

  • Ron Johnson

    I can't vote for this guy.

  • Al

    Agree, Ron. That's kind of deplorable. How many times do you think he cast votes for Michigan candidates that furthered taxation without representation in DC? a joke, really.

  • 20011

    Wow, what a fucking asshole.

  • 20011

    I'd like to know how Pitts legally justifies living in DC for 19 fucking years but voting in Michigan the entire time. And I hope the Michigan Secretary of State would be upset that a man who lived outside the state for, again, 19 fucking years, would continue to vote in Michigan.

  • DC Guy

    I am sorry, but living here, or anywhere, that long and not being involved enough to bother to vote is a non-starter for this voter.

  • Tight Lips

    What do you expect? These are the type of people that DC caters to. Those who want to spend money in the city but care nothing for being a true DC citizen.

    Everyone who moves to DC gets the upper hand. We DC Natives/Longtime Citizens get the leftovers..

  • Arthur Jackson Mba Jackson

    As a Former Candidate for Mayor of D.C.many residents do not register to vote, because Congress practices plantations politics with their lives. Add None of the above to yhr ballot and watch the increase in turnout.

  • Really?

    He's toast! Not changing his voting registration for 19 years in DC is like putting up a middle finger to the residents. Ya'll wasn't good enough until I decided that my interest were better then yours.

    Oh...in $$$ don't mean a thing Will. We've seen it a couple of times before in DC races and Cantor right now is the poster boy.

  • Not Shocked

    No words except: Disappointing!

  • lost cause


  • Corky

    LOL! These are the DC residents Fenty was counting on when he lost the election. I remember when he realized that a lot of the newcomers he was sucking up to in NW didn't or couldn't vote in the Democratic Primary and tried to change the rules at the last minute to make it an open primary. Word to the wise--the solid Democratic votes in DC are in NE and SE. NW, has a lot of residents who are non factors--diplomats, transplants, transients, Republicans, independents, military, etc. But they love their dog parks and bike lanes!!

  • Northwesterneer

    Well this article seals the deal. Seriously people, this is what "VETTING THE CANDIDATE" means.

  • Northwesterneer

    I mean, here's a guy who likes everything about politics except politics.

  • Northwesterneer

    Next thing you know there will be a discrepancy as to what state he filed his taxes in for the last 19 years. Let's hope that's not the next article.

  • PD

    Noodlez where are you I need your thoughts on this.

  • Marvin E. Adams

    A few words readily come to mind: 1) Interloper; 2) Carpetbagger and 3) D-U-M-M-Y!!!!

  • 20011

    "A few words readily come to mind: 1) Interloper; 2) Carpetbagger and 3) D-U-M-M-Y!!!!"

    You forgot piece of shit.

  • Lesus Variance

    So, let me get this straight: If I had run for elected office, you wouldn't vote for me (because you don't vote), but you want me (who does vote) to vote for you. I don't care how many businesses you run, I don't care how much community activities you engage, if you want to be in the political arena, the minimum you should do is VOTE...darn it!!!!

  • Jackson

    I don't think I've agreed with a City Paper comment thread more. This guy is a joke.

  • Clifton NW

    He had my attention and possibly my vote up until now!

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