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The LL Capital Pride Reviewing Stand

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Saturday's Capital Pride parade mixed the old (D.C. Council chairman Phil Mendelson handing out leis) with the new (a very confused Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton being pulled into a selfie). One thing that isn't going away anytime soon: LL's superlatives.

Best Spheres: If you liked wondering if primary straw polls actually mean anything, you'll love trying to discern anything about a candidate's support from their Pride entourage. Lined up next to each other in the parade order, would-be mayors Muriel Bowser and David Catania both brought substantial crews. Despite Catania's show, though, LL has to give the edge here to Bowser's campaign balloons, even though they frequently got their lines tangled up.

One rogue Bowser balloon popped a guy standing next to LL right in his fedora. Not a great way to win votes, but maybe those aren't the kind of votes you want anyway.

Asked about Bowser's balloons, Catania campaign manager Ben Young cracked that Bowser has always had the edge in hot air.

Best Chance for the Statehood Greens to Ever Win Elected Office Again: November's super-sized D.C. Council at-large field meant a number of parade entries, including hopefuls Brian HartKishan Putta, and a pink-wigged Elissa Silverman. 

Most intriguingly, though, Statehood Green candidate Eugene Puryear had one of the largest crowds, a mic, and some Pride-specific lit to match.

Best Spat: Lame duckitude hasn't hurt Mayor Vince Gray's ability to get bodies for his parade posse. Perhaps emboldened by his substantial back-up, Gray tried to put beads on anti-gay protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church. Unsurprisingly, they weren't interested in joining "Gray Pride."

“Apparently, they don’t like beads, so go figure," Gray spokesman Pedro Ribeiro says.

Photo by Will Sommer

  • Charlie

    Will, were you drunk when you saw Catania and Bowser walk by? There were WAY MORE Catania supporters...Seemed to me they were having lots more fun too.

  • Save Ward Seven

    Okay, so is she "Coming Out" or what?

  • PeteinDC

    Yes, Eugene Puryear's contingent looked great. He will be fighting for the rights of ALL Washingtonians, not the Waltons and Donatellis! Easily the most progressive choice. But don't just read what I write here, visit http://www.eugenepuryear.com

  • drez

    Muriel had more supports there. Moreover, she had a more diverse crowd than did David who, once again, is resorting to bluster and personal attacks (hot air, debate, blah blah) that will turn ff most Democrats.

  • Roger

    With DC voters having two votes for the At-Large council seat, Puryear has a real chance to win one of them. People who are SERIOUS about being progressive should check out his campaign and include Puryear as one of their TWO votes!! Such an excting and diffent campaign!

  • Brians Ions

    Actually, IMHO, Ben Young was being gracious. 'Hot air' overstates Bowser's case.

    Check it out. Comparatively, to Catania, when it comes to proactive, implementing LGBTQ civil rights legislation, Bowser's record is closer to *lighter than air*.

  • Grace Jones

    As girlfriend Diana Ross would say, 'I'm Coming Out'. LOL

  • Brians Ions

    P.S. -- She's good. But she's just not ready yet. Like, Hillary, if Bowser spends some time working with Mayor Catania, gosh she'd be a power house next time.

  • Oz

    Sadly for Bowser, beyond the fact that she is dumber than mud, it is finally dawning on the gay community that there is a closet case running for Mayor. No one can win without gay support and Bowser has painted herself into her closet. Schwartz will win that vote. Too many people simply don't like Catania.

  • DCShadyBoots

    I was there, and Bowser got crickets when she walked by my area, Catania and Holmes Norton got the cheers and Graham got booed.