Loose Lips

No Unity for Gray and Bowser After Unity Fundraiser

The District's feuding Democratic factions made nice with each other last Saturday for a "unity" fundraiser for Muriel Bowser at downtown's Capitale nightclub. One-time Vince Gray stalwart and Bowser hater Marion Barry even promised to kick mayoral hopeful David Catania's ass on Bowser's behalf. But the event aimed at party unity failed to bring in Bowser's most significant former opponent: Gray.

In what sounds like a plot out of Gossip Girl, Gray says that Bowser didn't invite him to the shindig until just hours beforehand, much less ask him to be on the host committee that featured other defeated Bowser opponents.

“I found out about it actually in a text message," Gray says.

Gray's alleged last-minute invite to the party continues the two pols' thorny post-primary relationship. After losing by more than 10 percentage points to the Ward 4 councilmember, Gray dragged his feet on calling Bowser and congratulating her, then exchanged an awkward hug after reporters at a "unity" breakfast pointed out that Gray hadn't shaken Bowser's hand.

Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff wouldn't say why Gray wasn't asked to the party, referring LL's questions to his candidate. Bowser didn't respond to requests for comment.

As for whether Bowser is intentionally snubbing him, Gray thinks LL is reading too much into a single text.

“Oh please, come on now," Gray says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Kappa Nupe

    It will be a cold day in hell before I support Muriel Bowser or David Catania and I'm a life long Democrat.

    Ward 4 Resident
    North Portal Estates

  • Marvin E. Adams

    U-N-I-YT-Y! What unity? The D.C. Democratic Party and the Tea Party have one thing in common: They are a shell of their former selves.

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    Vince Gray is a petty, old one term mayor. His behavior since the election has been graceless - maybe he did take something away from his time with Thies after all.

  • DC John

    Also missing from the "unity" gathering...Mary Cheh and Phil Mendelson. I am guessing that Mary Cheh's suit did not match Muriel Bowser's empty suit.

  • Oz

    When is Bowser going to own up to who she is? Seems like Gay Pride might be an appropriate time. If not,it will certainly underscore the irony of using "proud" as a campaign theme while hiding in the closet!

  • Peter Rosenstein

    I think people are making too much of a Bowser-Gray feud. I was a strong supporter of the Mayor in the primary because I believe he has done a great job as Mayor. He is leaving the city to the next Mayor in better shape than it has ever been in before.

    I know that Muriel Bowser will be the next Mayor and will continue to move the city forward. I believe that before the campaign is over- and let's not forget that is another long 5 months away until November 4th- the Mayor will endorse Muriel Bowser. He has already said he doesn't support David Catania and I know he will want to join many others in seeing that the city is led by someone who will carry on the good things he has done.

    Vincent Gray will leave a legacy that he can be proud of. He has and continues to serve the people of the District well. He is a decent caring man and that is evident in so many ways. I hope that he will find a way to continue to serve the people of the District after his term is over. We still need him.

  • Ward 8

    This is typical Democratic (Bowser) behavior. She is a wolf in sheep clothing. You all better take note...a leopard cannot change its spots.

  • SayWhat

    Ward 8 blogger, if you can do so much better why don't you run for Mayor or STFU!

  • DCShadyBoots

    I'm voting with the smartest candidate with a demonstrated record of leadership while on the Council. Not one who just rights the legislative coattails of colleagues.