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Morning Links

Paul Zukerberg won the fight to put the attorney general's race on the ballot. Now he has to win the election. [Post]
David Catania heads to Congress to ask for meeting with pot-hating Maryland rep. [LL, Roll Call, Post]
Planning office issues proposed rules for pop-up houses. [Post]
Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss brokers a meeting between park officials and organizers of canceled Fort [...]

A Very Incomplete Look At Jeff Thompson’s Fight for His Files

As the federal investigation into the beneficiaries of admitted shadow campaigner Jeff Thompson continues, one of the hardest parts to follow has been Thompson's fight to stop the government from reviewing 23 million pages of his files.
Even after the former city contractor gave up the legal challenge to protect the documents federal agents seized from his house and accounting firm, the files related [...]

Catania Asks for Meeting With Pot-Hating Congressman, Doesn’t Succeed

Mayoral hopeful David Catania headed to Congress this morning to schedule a meeting with Rep. Andy Harris, the Maryland Republican attempting to derail marijuana decriminalization in the District. While Catania didn't get his meeting, he did get a lesson in the low regard that some congressmen—and their staffers!—hold for the District's elected officials.
Harris is back on the Eastern [...]

Morning Links

Councilmembers fret over Reeves Center swap in first D.C. United stadium hearing. [Housing Complex, WAMU, WBJ]
Former campaign treasurer faces a potential 16 months in prison after allegedly stealing from Michael Brown's campaign. [LL]
Activists pushing pot legalization initiative say their signature collection is going well. [LL]
Carol Schwartz talks to WAMU. [WAMU]
A question from the mayor's rep: if Gray is [...]

Michael Brown’s Ex-Campaign Treasurer Faces 16 Months in Plea Deal

Working as the treasurer for Councilmember Michael Brown's re-election 2012 campaign sent Hakim Sutton to Las Vegas, Rehoboth Beach, and even Greece, according to prosecutors. And now, it's about to send him to prison.
In a court hearing today, both the U.S. Attorney's Office and Sutton's own attorney agreed that Sutton has agreed to sign a plea deal. Under [...]

Pot Legalization Campaign Predicts Signature Success

This week has been rough for the District's friends of the friendly herb, with a House committee voting to block the use of city funds for decriminalizing marijuana. It's not all bad news, though. After a rocky start, a top organizer behind a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana says that the measure should have enough signatures to get on the ballot [...]

Morning Links

House appropriations committee votes to pull funding from District's marijuana decriminalization. [City Desk, Times, Post]
Did the anti-pot amendment accidentally make the drug legal in the District? [Post]
Can the D.C. fire department ever be fixed? [LL]
Noisy caravan of protesting cabbies descends on the Wilson Building. [Post, WAMU, WTOP]
Prominent Hillcrest residents back David Catania's mayoral bid. [LL]

Can the D.C. Fire and EMS Department Ever Be Fixed?

Earlier this month, District firefighters’union president Ed Smith did something he hadn’t done in a while: He felt good about the District’s fire chief.
Well, the District’s almost fire chief. Kenneth Ellerbe, the embattled head of the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, is still in charge after his announcement earlier this month [...]

Catania Lands Endorsement From Early Tony Williams Backers

In 1998, Ward 7's Barbara and Paul Savage saw mayoral material in an unlikely place, helping found the movement to draft then-Chief Financial Officer Tony Williams for mayor. Now the Savages are throwing their support behind another candidacy so crazy it just might work: At-Large Councilmember and mayoral hopeful David Catania.
“They say, 'Well, David Catania gets angry," Paul Savage says. "You know what? I wish [...]

Eleanor Holmes Norton Wins One for Humanity

Eleanor Holmes Norton's planned ride-along in a driverless car came undone yesterday when the enthusiastic nonvoting delegate pressed the car's kill switch. Take that, robots.