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The At-Large Race Gets One More Candidate

Blazer (web small)If none of the ten candidates currently angling for a single at-large D.C. Council seat haven't intrigued you yet, LL has good news. There's still one more candidate to consider! Construction trade association staffer Eric Jones tells LL that he, too, will run for the seat being vacated by mayoral hopeful David Catania.

Jones, who was previously a vice president in the D.C. Young Democrats and now works in government relations at the District chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, launched an exploratory committee in February. Jones says he decided to make his run official earlier this month.

LL asked Jones how he'd have voted on some recent bills if he already was on the Council. He says he'd have voted in favor of marijuana decriminalization, but is nonetheless suspicious of it. He would have backed Council Chairman Phil Mendelson's move to shift streetcar funding into tax cuts, but, after losing 40 pounds over two years, he wouldn't have supported the "yoga tax" on gym memberships and other service.

Jones concedes that he'll face tough competition from fellow candidates Robert White, who started his campaign last September, and Elissa Silverman, who came in second in an April 2013 special election for an at-large seat. Still, he points to low voter turnout in the April primary as evidence that few people are paying attention to his own race yet.

Silverman has, like Ward 6 councilmember Tommy Wells and presumptive Wells replacement Charles Allen, sworn off accepting corporate contributions to her campaign. Don't expect Jones to do the same, though.

“I have no problem with corporate contributions," Jones says. "My honest belief is if a corporation has to pay taxes, why shouldn’t it be able to make contributions?”

Running for the at-large seat reserved for non-Democrats required Jones, like many of his opponents, to switch their party registration from Democrat to "independent." Jones says that Statehood Greens and Republicans unhappy over the party-hopping are just making excuses for their own lack of electoral success.

“I would say they’re complaining because they’re not resonating with the city," Jones says.

Photo courtesy Eric Jones

  • Ward6Res

    Unimpressive. He will split a lot of votes with White, Hart, Valentine, Pitts... Bonds and Puryear might actually benefit from this new moderate and lackluster newcomer.

  • jemalling of dc

    ten little indians, and then there was one with a majority of the people who bothered to come out to vote for someone whose mandate will be a fraction of the electorate.

  • Jes sayin’

    So he was VP of the Young Democrats, but he's now running as an Independent.

    DC political types seem to change political parties as frequently as they change socks and underwear, which is a bad thing on multiple levels.

  • nativonian



  • ?????

    He looks suspect to say the least...the glasses and suit aint saying anything but the eyes say it all - - SUSPECT (in more ways than one).

    Wasn't he on the 2010 team of Young Professionals for Gray or something of that name type? These young professionals so-called were the "CHILDREN" of Gray's buddy system.

    Strong efforts need to be mobilized to block remnants of Barry, Gray, and Fenty descendants from holding office in this city. The sight of them makes my stomach curdle.

    Machen is breaking up that click fast and hard...Yay Machen!

    The Council has Alexander, Orange, and McDuffie to represent the traditional Black pol in DC...though ineffective. They need one more and tried with Darrell Thompson but he proved to be a fail and such is the case having worked for Harry Reid. Even Darrell visiting all the black churches didn't help him...I think I sighted him entering Shiloh right before he announced...LOL...

    Muriel has rid herself of DC politics because she won't win the mayoral seat. Pathetic that she has an ailing Marion Barry talking about they are going to kick Catania's *** BUT (in my Queen voice...I love Freddy Merc..."ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST")

    Now enters Eric Jones, who will represent another pot of money wasted.

  • Eric J. Jones, MSF

    Actually, I wasn't part of any young professional group in 2010. I do however find it disappointing that you would make attacks on someone's character and background without knowing them.

    My actual track record of results in the community and professionally however are second to none. That is why i am running for office. I'm not running for money or power, but to return servant leadership to our legislative body. To usher in common sense solutions that to the problems that impact the residents of all 8 wards of the city.

    If you share this vision or have any questions about me or our campaign, I would invite you to visit our campaign site http://www.ericjones2014.com or email us info@ericjones2014.com with any questions you may have.

  • SitDownSon

    Sit Down and save it for your debate if you get that far – you sound quite programmed but it is up to voters to elect a potential would-be robot (“to usher in” so laughable). Usher in what? Solutions that are already on the table but being slowly implemented. You will not reinvent the wheel. What will you do exactly?

    Voters have made other gutter decisions that go to you standing a chance -- like the constant re-election of the guy who took no responsibility for his narc use by blaming a woman with the famous refrain of being set up…(oh but that community of loyalists are whittling away…that base is being washed out literally. Have you taken a look around?)

    However, your response proves that you may not be the best choice or a choice at all; the latter sums it. Your agenda is unclear but what is clear is that you seemingly and strikingly bear the same narcissistic utterances like someone else we already have on the Council, Vincent Orange. You said it yourself that you are “second to none,” right? No one can out best you when it comes to community service, right? Seems to me that your id and/or ego emerged quite quickly through a blog, really? You also mentioned money or power. Everybody knows a pol doesn’t make money salary wise; he/she does it through corrupt actions normally. It is early in the game and you’re saying your cause is not motivated by money or power; who asked that but it is on your brain apparently.

    Unless the District wants to vote in someone who would be potentially carrying a mirror around to capture his shadow well then I could say they’ve made worse decisions before.

    You point to your campaign Website for information except all was found is that you are a FOURTH GENERATION WASHINGTONIAN (just like I surmised) LIVING WITH 2 CATS AND A BEARD…well wife (a surprise). The Website tells that you are a Morehouse grad and a Kappa…okay, what does being part of some suspect pretty man clicks tell what you would do for the City? The pretty hustlers (and I might add that most don’t represent that “pretty” designation AT ALL…LOL …I can see you all now in the Wilson Building taking flicks for social media while holding up that symbol that represents some sort of Orifice…don’t know which orifice it represents exactly but I do wonder what the other 3 fingers symbolize…LOL…or the action they symbolize rather. Those fingers probably represent some sort of tickling action…LOL

    Here’s a pointer for you, as a strategist, your first mistake was blogging based on CONJECTURE…after all, it is conjecture, right? This shows an undeniable immaturity by responding to pure conjecture. You aint ready! It is hoped you have a PR advisor, to guide you properly, but in these days they don’t even know what they’re doing. Get competent help fast!