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One-Time Joke Candidate Plans Real Run Against Norton

Can a Twitter hashtag vault a man into office? Local tour guide Tim Krepp aims to find out this November, after deciding to turn a joke write-in bid into an actual general election campaign against Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Political ambitions for Krepp, a 39-year-old Capitol Hill tour guide, author, and occasional Washington City Paper contributor, began years ago, when a friend started voting for him as a write-in against Norton. The joke continued into last April's Democratic primary, with Krepp write-in voters showing their support with the Twitter hashtag #kreppmentum.

Krepp's not sure how many write-in votes he received, though it couldn't have been more than 2,652, the total write-in ballots cast against Norton, who won the nomination with 97 percent of the vote. But the joke campaign inspired him to try and recruit a real challenger for Norton in the general election. He didn't find any takers.

“No one wanted a bite at the bait there, so why not me?” Krepp says.

Krepp says he'd improve on Norton's 23 years in office by, among other things, pushing more on District statehood and improving relations with the National Park Service.

“We’re not having the Eleanor of '93 that was a firebrand," Krepp says. "We’re just not seeing that."

Still, Norton probably doesn't need to start looking for a new job. There's a reason that, in a town as filled with would-be politicians as the District, she's managed to run unopposed in the last two Democratic primaries. In 2012, Norton's nearest general election opponent received just 6 percent of the vote, while she received 89 percent.

Even if—or maybe LL should say when—Krepp doesn't win, he says his run is in part meant to make people think more about whether the District should hand Norton an uncontested seat every election.

"We just hit reset every two years," Krepp says.

Norton's campaign declined to comment on Krepp on the grounds that he isn't an official candidate yet. He says he'll file his candidate papers soon, but until then, he already has a campaign slogan: "Seriously? Seriously."

Photo by María Helena Carey

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  • Trulee_Pist

    Tim Krepp is not a one-time joke. He is always a joke. Unless a LOT of DC voters decide the absence of aggressive representation for District issues, like statehood, means the joke's on us. Then....#Kreppmentum.

  • tony

    So let me see.

    Kwame Brown replaced by MENDLESON-white
    Michale Brown replaced by GROSSO-white
    Graham replaced by NADIEU-white
    Catania is likely replaced by SILVERMAN-white
    Now, Eleanor is being challenged by KREPP-white

    The Mayor will be either Bowser or CATANIA-white

    But my black brothers and sisters would tell me that I am the one with the problem.lol!

    I told you folks this was the plan ALL along. Now its here. DEAL WITH IT!

  • cminus

    @tony, I've actually met Tim Krepp and think he's a nice guy personally, and I'll still guarantee you that he's going to lose to Norton by a landslide. Even among whites.

    Also, when Mendelson replaced Kwame Brown, Mendelson's old seat was filled by Bonds, so the racial makeup of the Council didn't actually change. For that matter, aren't Catania and Graham white? So replacing them with Silverman and Nadeau won't change the racial composition of the Council either. And then all you're left with is Grosso's win over Michael Brown, which seems a pretty flimsy basis for declaring The Plan to have arrived.

  • sades

    Hey Tony- Fixed it for you:

    brown embezzler replaced by an old (let's be honest) kinda grey dude
    bribe taker replaced by younger white dude
    old (mildly racist?) pink dude replaced by younger pink woman
    older brown lady challenged by younger pink dude
    older grey/brown possible criminal to be replaced by a brown lady or a really pink dude

  • Who Cares

    Most DC residents don't care, vote, and feel hopeless. David Grosso was a disappointment. He's another white liberal pushing his BS. Tony, in time, the DC Council will be mostly white and with a white mayor. Whites are moving into DC rapidly and the rents or property values continue to increase. It's strange, when middle or upper class blacks move into an all white neighborhood, the property value goes down. When whites move into an all black neighborhood, the property value increase. Read some of the racists comments on the Prince of Petworth blog by some of the white hipsters. There's a DC Government building on Spring Rd. NW, a former mental health facility. The DC Government plan to sell the property or thinking about affordable housing. Many of the racist white hipsters don't want to see an affordable housing development at this location. They prefer Starbucks or a restaurant. White liberals are the worst and they prefer to tell blacks what they should or should not do. White liberals and conservatives care nothing about non whites. They come from the same stock in white America. The same applies to mostly white gay males like David Catania. Racism and discrimination is a major problem within the gay community. Blacks, Afro Puerto Ricans, and other non whites are doomed. If you're a white Hispanic/Latino, you are accepted by white America. Anyone with fair skin and European features.

  • Corky

    I thought all of the candidates for DC offices were joke candidates. Michael Brown taking a tennis ball can full of cash would be pretty funny if you saw it on TV. And crack smoking mayors? We invented that! Jim Graham with those Elton John glasses? Don't get me started!!!

  • asuka


    Yes Tony, The Plan is finally taking effect! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Racist ass. If you're so intent on living in a segregated, all back society, I'd happily buy you a one-way ticket to Liberia. But I think you'd miss all that hot action at the Fireplace too much, huh my down low brotha? I think I saw you standing outside, smoking a cig with the other queens.

  • asuka

    By the Way, Toni, let's look at the history of DC's all black rule, shall we? Crime, violence, corruption, a near billion dollar deficit, all culminating in receivership. The ONLY reason the city is doing as well as it is is because of gentrification. That's not racism, that's objective fact.

  • tony

    Asuka and Corky are best friends.lol!


    You folks thinks that Barry was "too" black just wait until this next wave of young black leaders step foward.lol!


  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    asuka, why you calling tony out as a down low gay black man? This is typical behavior of a Queen and I'm not talking about RuPaul. You don't know anything about his or anyone's sexuality making comments on the City Paper blog. The pot calling the kettle black. Shaking my head in laughter.

    Right on tony. White power continues to live and Black, Puerto Rican, and Afro Cuban power should live too. LOL

    Who Cares, you are correct about the racist comments made in the Washington Post and local blogs regarding black Americans. There are many corrupt white politicians around the U.S. and some whites continue to talk about Marion Barry. For the record, I detest Marion Barry and I wish he would go away.

  • asuka

    Typical response from Toni - ignores facts, can't rebut reality, screams nonsense. I don't know which is funnier - "Black power" or they oxymoronic "young black leaders." Neither exists.

  • tony

    @Grace Fish

    You see, Asuka, is a white gay male. He has a sick, demonic and disease mind. The man is a committed bigot who believes that blacks should bow down to white folks. Just look at his comments. He made clear that he believe that black folks in this city survival and progress could not be but for white folks presence despite the fact that generations of blacks lived and prospered in DC way before ‘they” arrived.

    This is the same racist logic that the white man used to destroy people all over the world. This is the same racist logic that the slave master used to keep blacks in their "place". Auska is a committed and unreconstructed bigot promoting “white supremacy”.

    He talked about corrupt politicians when we all know that its white politicians who are the most corrupt and dishonest people that the world has ever known. Michael Brown gets 3 years for taking 10k from some businessman but White Wall Street Bankers who stole billions gets nothing. Barry is discredited while the Rothschilds, Kennedys, Washington and Regan and other white and evil politicians and businessmen who destroyed people by the thousands are celebrated.

    The good thing about Asuka pathetic existence is that it probably will be short given his filthy lifestyle. We all can take joy in the fact that it won’t be too long before he’s laid down in a horizontal position buried under dirt where toxic like him belongs.

  • Asuka

    LOL - look how much I made you write Toni. And yet, not a word addressed the absolute objective truth I threw at you. Baltimore, Detroit, DC, New Orleans, Atlanta - black rule has never, EVER resulted in a well-functioning city government. Never. Give me one example to the contrary - just one. I'll wait.

  • Southeast Ken

    Asuka, you sound like a redneck from the South or midwest. Tony is a heterosexual man and he's not interested in you. I'm amazed at how faceless white bigots get on this blog, DCist, and the Prince of Petworth sprewing your hatred for blacks in DC. People keep saying white liberals and white gay males can't be racist. Thank you for proving them wrong. White Democrats, Republicans, Independents, liberals, conservatives, white Hispanics, white Jews, and white gays are all raise from the same stock in white America. If you had your way Asuka, you would still have blacks as slaves or living under Jim Crow laws.

    Don't let the white Queen get to you, Tony.

  • Southeast Ken

    Tony, Asuka should ask Justin Bieber for a date because they have a lot in common. Now Justin Bieber little dirty secret came out about his using the N word. However, his using the N word doesn't bother me because too many blacks and Latinos use the term too. I always knew many whites used it privately in an all white setting. LOL

  • Corky

    I don't know any of you jerks.

  • E. Masquinongy

    Obviously, this is a part of the International Communist Conspiracy: sow animosity to enable a communist takeover of the capital of the most powerful country in the world. It is working beautifully.

  • Miss Lu Lu Hogg

    Has gentrifiers guilt got you down? I can't want to read the many comments on this article made by the so called white liberal hipsters.


  • nativonian



  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    Eleanor needs to be REMEMBERED, she works hard to please those who are in particularly non-black, even when they become very compassionate.

    On the other hand, raise hell for those of us that are compassionate, and have always endorse her to remain a non-voting Congressional Member representing DC on the hill.

    It would be to our advantage to have a male, like Anthony Williams whose competent and learned from his first administration the skills required to appropriately deal with the public.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    The old hag and most of her colleagues in Congress need to retire.

  • Bob

    Hey, Tony -- who's the new firebrand Black Power generation? Christopher Barry? Waiting for Michael Brown or Harry Thompson Jr. to stage a comeback? LOL!

    DC voters are getting too smart to vote knee-jerk on racial lines anymore.

  • GM

    The casual homophobia on display from both Tony and Asuka while arguing about possibly bigotry is both telling and appalling.

  • tony


    In case you missed the DC Elections of the last 30 years. Nearly in every election, DC voters voted along racial lines. And guess what, this upcoming Mayoral Election will be no different. Keep believing the post-racial fairytale.lol!

    BTW, I know it's hard for you and others to comprehend that their are in fact young black leaders in this town who wont kiss your azz.

    Well, just believe it! And I have a hunch that they will take center stage very soon.

  • ReallyThough

    Well Tony -- I haven't witnessed any real young black leaders in this city...what you call leaders are kids being told what to do by the old black pols who are left.

    Example, McDuffie was a shoe-in because he can be controlled. Alexander was a shoe-in because she can be controlled. Bowser was a shoe-in because she can be controlled. Orange fought for re-election because of narcissistic dyanamics because the magic mirror told him so.

  • tony


    I am satisfied that there are tons of young black leaders in this town who are more than qualified and capable to serve this city. In fact, many of them already serve this city very well in various ways without the “limelight”.

    They spend their money to support community -based organizations that do great things for “the least of thee.” They use their talents and education to serve as mentors for at- risk black boys and girls in need. They spend their time to help nurture and support those yearning for special attention and proper guidance.

    This sort of “honest humanity” goes on in the black community every day by honest, hardworking, and caring young black men and women who really understand that “to whom much is given much is required. “

    Truly, they are ‘real” young black leaders who are eager and determined to serve their people in a more substantial and public way. Unlike, the likes of McDuffie and Alexander, they are young black leaders who are guided by a “black conscience” to carry forth the legacy and commitment of those Black Pioneers whose vision and purpose extends well beyond the ashes of the 60’s.