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No At-Large Run for Yvette Alexander

As if Yvette Alexander's steering of District budget funds toward projects in her own ward wasn't evidence enough that she's not considering city-wide office, the Ward 7 councilmember made it official today: She won't run for an at-large D.C. Council seat after all.

Alexander started mulling a bid for the at-large seat being vacated by David Catania last month, announcing her consideration with a tweet at Ward 6 councilmember and fellow almost-ran Tommy Wells. Alexander says she made the decision not to run over the weekend after talking with supporters and campaign advisors.

"So many people were concerned that the shift would be turned away from the ward," Alexander says. When she was still considering a bid last month, Alexander told the Washington Post that the reduced constituent service demands of the at-large seat would let her focus on the Council's health committee.

Running for Catania's at-large seat, one of two reserved in the District's charter for non-majority party candidates, would have meant doing so as an independent, not a Democrat. The District's Republican Party threatened to sue Alexander if she made the jump, but the GOP's lawyers can rest easy—Alexander says she doesn't have any plans to switch parties now.

"Hold on to your hats, Democrats," says Alexander. "I'm going to stick with you."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Corky

    Did she really say she was concerned about reduced constituent service? What constituent service?!! You never see this lady unless there is an election in the next two weeks. Since someone form her office just might read this, could you please do something about Maryland commuters cutting through our neighborhoods in Ward 7? All it takes is a cop in place every morning. Thank you.

  • Save Ward Seven

    Okay, it looks like she stopped smelling her own poop - for just a minute. She provides NO constituent services, unless you are one of her party people/friends, etc. NOW is the time to start looking for a Ward Seven Council Person to run against her in the next election!!!!

  • mlmurchison

    Damn, we missed out on the social promotion and the ability to place someone else in the Ward 7 Council seat that might actually do something. Do something about Maryland residents cutting through the neighborhoods during rush hour, no emergency medical center that can provide legitimate care, improved public transportation, lack of police presence and better retail establishments.

  • Wrack

    Stop Maryland residents from driving down your streets? What are you talking about? That's what streets are for.

    Like they're cheating or something. Streets are for traffic (bike/car/bus/whateveR) to flow through.

    If you were complainign about them speeding, that's one thing. But everyone from anywhere is allowed to drive down your streets, ya crazies.

  • Corky

    Wrack--You don't know what you are talking about. There are specific signs up on RESIDENTIAL streets (not Pennsylvania Ave or Branch Avenue) that make it illegal to turn onto certain neighborhood streets before 9:30 am. Because these regulations are NEVER enforced, even in Yvette Alexander's own neighborhood (they actually speed past her house in the morning)the MD commuters just ignore the signs and try to cut through one way streets and off limits streets to shave a few minutes off their commutes. I guess you have no problem with people driving the wrong way on a one way street that says do not enter!!

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