Loose Lips

VO Does Vegas

For At-large Councilmember Vincent Orange, Las Vegas must be heaven. After all, Orange has introduced a bill that would make much of the District as fun-loving as Sin City. So it's no surprise that, when Orange went to the International Council of Shopping Centers convention there this week, he made some friends.

Anyone hoping to see the councilmember himself in costume will have to wait until October.

  • Welcome Back Kotter

    Now, Vincent Orange is at it again, being photographed with a scantily-clad female up close and all too personal. I wonder what his wife is thinking now. This fool never seems to learn his lesson. There he is again, getting paid by hardworking tax paying citizens' to carouse and entice his insatiable appetite for women and pleasure at the expense of DC taxpayers. When will his day come to an end, hopefully sooner than later. All of DC will rejoice when this foolish public official is forced into resignation.

  • LeComte

    He was doing this nonsense while the rest of the council worked on the budget? why?

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    He's an ugly bull frog.

  • Big Daddy

    Buffoon that's his name and that's his game. When is this jerk's term up so he can stop sucking at the public teet.

  • Check!

    Perhaps we should get a picture of Jack Evans and David Catania picking up their checks from their part time jobs!

  • Miss Lu Lu Hogg

    Is that Usher in the photo with the Bull Frog?

  • Brahmin

    Someone ask you for a photo you oblige. You people are opportunistic trolls.

  • Nitpicker

    *its (He's just an embarrassment in so many ways.)

  • Asuka

    WTF - is that Alistair Overeem on the left?

  • LeaveVincyAlone

    NOOOO that aint Usher...he could only wish for that type of height that dude is carrying. Usher belongs to the short men's club. Usher is like 5'6 or something.

    Leave Vincy alone though...he is what he is...last time I saw him was at Carolina Kitchen on his birfday...LOL... Now with all that weight you lost, Vinny, whatchu doin up in CK...that place aint healthy for no one but I do enjoy the peach cobbler and banana pudding though...that is just about all I will buy there. For some reason, they are beginning to look dirty to me -- maybe it's the sloppy staff.

    Vincy, you do need to go ahead and get rid of that tag @Orange4Mayor. We are appoaching June!!