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Failed Mayoral Candidate Plans Ward 1 Bid

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 1.04.57 PMPresumptive Ward 1 councilmember Brianne Nadeau just got a little less presumptive. While ostensible general election rival Bryan Weaver won't even tell LL whether he's actually running against Nadeau, real estate broker and former mayoral candidate Ernest Johnson says he'll enter the race as an independent.

Johnson, 65, says he's been gathering supporters in coffee shops around the ward and plans to file papers with the Office of Campaign Finance next month.

Johnson brings an idiosyncratic platform to the Ward 1 race, including opposition to ever having an elected attorney general, renovating RFK Stadium for soccer team D.C. United, and creating a $40,000 school voucher for each D.C. Public Schools student assigned to failing schools. His campaign apparatus includes "senior advisor" Lenwood Johnson, an ex-Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner who memorably called adult chat lines on a government-issued phone and accused a constituent of "bitchassness."

Johnson, who grew up in the District, says he'll bring more experience to the Council seat than Nadeau, who moved to D.C. in 2002.

“Brianne I think has only been in town for about ten years," says Johnson. In a statement to LL, Nadeau says she'll continue reaching out to voters for the general election.

The Ward 1 race won't be Johnson's first time on the ballot. In 2010, he ran a longshot campaign for mayor against Vince Gray and Adrian Fenty. Johnson received a meager 317 votes—0.24 percent of the ballots cast—and raised just a little more than $6,000.

Despite his poor performance in 2010, Johnson predicts big things for his run against Nadeau, regardless of her success over incumbent Councilmember Jim Graham in last month's Democratic primary.

“I think that election was more about who wasn’t Jim Graham," Johnson says.

Photo courtesy Ernest Johnson

  • Big Daddy

    Oh great just what we need -- another lulu with no experience who thinks having lived here forever is qualification

  • Big Mama

    He'll never make it past the signature phase -- gathering support in coffee shops -- LMAO

  • Big Baby

    I'll sign.

  • CoHi

    Now that Graham is out Bryan Weaver should run as a Progressive Independent.

    Weaver was principled enough to step aside when he saw that him and Nadeau were going to split the vote against Graham.

    He has way more experience and doesn't have a chip on his shoulder. He was an ANC for a decade and has directed a non-profit that works with troubled youth in the ward for a longtime.

    Besides from raising tons of corporate money what has Nadeau done for Ward 1? A term as an ANC? Started a movie series in U Street? Give me a break...

    We need someone who actually cares about people and knows how to get stuff done.

  • Friend of CoHi

    @CoHi: completely agree.

    Where is Bryan Weaver when the Ward really needs him????

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  • CliftonNW

    Anyone but Nadeau....I'll sign!

  • Teresa Thomas

    We need someone who cares about the people and knows how to get things done: Ernest Johnson is that someone!!!!!

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