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Catania Campaign Tells Bowser to Cut Short “Vacation”

David Catania's mayoral bid continues to hammer Muriel Bowser on her housing record as chairman of the D.C. Council's economic development committee. After casting Bowser as the Rich Uncle Pennybags of a housing-crisis edition of Monopoly earlier this month, Catania's campaign has a new video accusing Bowser of taking a "vacation" on housing issues.

 “Tell Muriel Bowser to come back from her vacation and get serious about solving D.C. housing," urges a narrator, speaking over beach music.

Catania campaign manager Ben Young says that the video refers to a metaphorical, not actual, vacation.

“It’s a metaphor for the fact that she’s chaired the committee responsible for all our housing policy and oversight for 16 months," Young says. "As far as we could tell, she’s had not one substantive measure come through her committee, not one solution."

As it turns out, Bowser actually is out of town today at the International Council of Shopping Centers Conference in Las Vegas.

“It's not even remotely a vacation," says Bowser campaign Bo Shuff. He declined to comment on the ad.


    David Catania is a smart individual, however, he's a surly SOB.

  • DC res

    Serious question. What has Catania done about affordable housing during his 17years on the council? What has he done about education before he decided he wanted to run for mayor.

    Catania is no Jack Evans. He has one of the weakest legislative records on the council thats why i find his approach interesting. He's done more for MC. Dean then the residents of the district.

  • Ward 4 Dem

    @DC res,

    Catania authored the "Passport to Homeownership" resolution and initiated the "D.C. HomeStart Initiative". He also authored the first property tax cap.

  • DCShadyBoots

    Who would command more respect from Capital Hill in our quest for budgetary autonomy and a voting member in Congress, David Catania or Muriel Bowser?

    Ponder that for a moment...

  • Marvin E. Adams

    While I understand your line of thought, I respectfully submit, that until we, the residents, decide, once and for all, that we are no longer going to accept the status of second-class citizenry, it does N-O-T matter who the mayor is. The folks on the Hill do N-O-T respect the President of the United States! What will make the Hill folks respect the citizens is not asking for what every other citizen in this country takes for granted, but D-E-M-A-N-D-I-N-G the same in both words and deeds. That would take a commitment similar to what was found during the Civil Rights Era.

    From my personal perspective, I do not see the residents in the District committing to such a cause for myriad reasons. The least of which is the misguided belief that "we have overcome." Case in point, approximately two years ago, Mayor Gray, members of the DC Council and approximately 40 other citizens were arrested for demonstrating against lack of statehood and voting privileges for our U.S. "Representative." I attended this event and it appeared to have maybe 200 onlookers. Seriously, 246 people out of a population of over one-half million. Therein lies the crux of why there is no respect emanating from within the hallowed halls of Congress. It has N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with whoever the head of our city government is or is not.

  • drez

    Marvin Adams is correct.
    It's about power, and without a serious- not symbolic- movement we will never have it.

  • W Jordan

    Note: Authoring, passing and implementing as sound public policy are completely different things. Just like attempting to micro-manage an agency is different than managing government. As well, pushing your own agenda via bullying is different than leading a city.

  • Art

    Ward 4 Dem, regarding the Catania housing legislation you cited, the Passport to Home Ownership resolution was simply a sense of the council resolution that asked then-Mayor Anthony Williams to implement a previously passed housing law. Sense of the council resolutions are unenforceable and do not do anything. And the "DC Homestart Initiative" does not come up in the Council's legislative database. Do you have a bill number?

  • Art

    Also, I find it interesting when folks complain that council members do not introduce enough legislation. I assume people understand that successful legislation produces law. For the DC resident readers, how often do you find yourself complaining that DC needs more laws? The vast majority of legislation introduced is unnecessary. Council members fall over each other to introduce it so that they can say they did. More time should be paid to oversight and making sure that the laws already on the books are being enforced properly.

    For me, the argument that Bowser (or any other council member running for office) has not introduced a bunch of legislation will be met with a "great" at best and a "so what" at worst.

  • Davids Record

    Art- I agree with a lot of your statements. Far too often we measure a candidate based on how much they over legislate. But this isn't the case with Catania. He's knocking Bowser for inactivity but he's been one of the worst CM's to date. He hasn't worked well with others. He's nasty. Unprofessional. And boy does he swear a lot on the dais.

    The other gross thing about this election coverage so far is the whole "education candidate" bs. Go look at his councils record and you will be less then impressed with his education record. He's simply an opportunist trying to find a fast lane to the mayors office. Will could you please ask Catania who funded his education research? It's amazing nobody has asked this yet. Who's pulling his strings? Why does he want to gut the progress of Chancellor Henderson? David would be horrible for our schools.

  • Davids Record

    it took David 16 1/2 years to give a damn about Education.... Lets ask him about his record. When will he be off his MC Dean paid vacation?

  • Here We Go Again

    Muriel - Fenty in Drag - GOP White Ward 3's Auntie Tom. Muriel/The Washington Post - "THE PLAN" Personified.

  • How about small biz??

    Not surprising. Have you ever tried to get a returned call or e-mail from her office? Housing is one thing but how about small business that could help the DC housing crises? She doesn't have a clue! Neither does her staff including Rob Hawkins?? Maybe he is the problem? Needless to say the business community is VERY DISAPPOINTED in Ms. Bowser and her lack of . . . . , well anything!! Get to work Ms. Bowser!! . . . & Mr. Hawkins!

  • lost cause

    ummm Catania has been fighting for education for a long time he has demanded better education for our city but many of you sat on your hands and didn't want to help.

  • lost cause

    and for the record ward 4 has been on hold since she first started running for mayor...services don't exist in ward 4 so imagine her being the mayor and trying to run the entire city she can't handle 1 ward why give her a city.

  • justsayin

    Unless you are in one of her pet-communities, Bowser is as surly and rude as Catania, and non-existent response from her in Ward 4 is business as usual. However, not a peep has been heard from her citywide since she was declared winner of the primary. Even if she does believe a November victory is in the bag, it's not a good look for her to not appear to court the votes that she didn't get in April. I am one among those who couldn't vote in April, (as an Independent), and who won't be voting for her in November.

  • Miss Lu Lu Hogg

    How about small biz, Robert Hawkins is a sexy and an attractive legislative director working for Muriel Bowser. However, constituent services are horrible in the Ward 4 Council office.

  • DCShadyBoots

    When Bowser can be publicly honest about herself, I'd give her half a second of consideration. You can't trust anyone who is afraid to be who they are.

  • SayWhat

    David Catania and his racist Chief of Staff need to take a long walk off of a short pier.IG if you care start digging into Health Care Finance when it was under David's purview and see the bones you come up with. David is riding dirty alway have been, but know's how to hide it.

  • DCShadyBoots

    He is surly, but very bright. Calling him a racist is an intellectually lazy argument. Particularly looking at the work he has done at ensuing a hospital remains open east of the river and focus on public schools.

    Bowser is... Hell, I don't know. That is the problem.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    I too think David Catania is a gay white racist male. Gay white males can be racist too like white heterosexual males. I dispise both Catania and Bowser.

  • Stay In Vegas

    What on Earth is Ms. ShadyBoots (love that name for her, tks above!) doing in Vegas at the strip mall convention? In her term as Economic Development Chair, she has never been responsible for bring ANY business to our Nations Capital?? Would love to see some pictures of her in a gold bathtub with her girlfriend drinking champagne, just like the folks from GSA. Would be so appropriate!! Yes, Ward 4 has truly been "on hold". I cannot even begin to imagine her trying to handle any more than she already cannot already handle. So sad. Here we go again is right!! While Mr. Catania may very well be a SOB, Ms. Shady Boots (Muriel Bowser) (thanks for allowing me to share these perfect names for her!) is just as much a SNOB!! She is also a liar!! She is a micro manager and I cannot even begin to imagine her as the Mayor!!? My, oh my!!?? Frightening more than ever before! At least Mr. Catania has a record of getting things done!! He is done hiding behind Ms. Shila La Buff. While I support LGBC efforts why doesn't she come out of the closet? What has she done for small business? What has she done for housing? Where is she? Oh, yeah? Shopping in Vegas!! Would you support another mall in DC, Ms. Shady Boots Bowser? I'd love to know what you did, who you did it with and when in Vegas. As a public official, your secret rendezvous with your girl friend should not stay in Vegas! Not at the DC tax payers expense anyway.

  • Zoe

    I am tired of opposing candidates and media attacking candidates from vacationing and attempting to liken it to something that is inappropriate for political figures. And I am equally concerned at the disparate rate that this appears to apply to African American candidates, including our President. While statistics show that White officials vacation almost 30% more in comparison with Black counterparts, it always appears to be an issue. So, let's stick to the issues. Political issues, issues of experience, issues of commitment to the post and to the people of the District of Columbia. What will she do to bring revenue to the District, enhance local, regional, national, and global efforts in the District. Let's compare REAL records and then decide whether a candidate is worthy of a vote. And if she does have a "girlfriend"---then bravo for the very strong voting contingency in the Dupont Circle area, at least she will understand the adversities and serve as an ally whether she does it by coming out of the closet or not! But, let us all not let smear campaigns and irrelevant correlations of vactions and work be a detracting factor. EVERY WORKER DESERVES A VACATION no matter what the position, I think most of us working class folks can respect that.