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Morning Links

David Catania campaign pushes Muriel Bowser "puppet" lit in Wards 7 and 8. [Post]

U.S. Attorney's Office strikes lenient tone on marijuana decriminalization. [Post]

Half of WCP's CBE fraud story is sued by the District. [LL]

Marion Barry accuses just about everyone who's written about him of exploiting him. [WAMU, LL]

Medric Mills death hearing postponed. [Post]

Nurses rally in front of the Wilson Building. [WBJ]

Council hearing takes up regulation for cabs and their competitors. [Post]

Post ed board backs cameras on cops. [Post]

Washington Monument reopens after earthquake damage. [Times]

Shakespeare Theatre plans new offices in Southwest. [Housing Complex]

"Nightlife Noise Nannies Discover Decibel Democracy." [Blade]

1776 tech incubator founders want a tech fund. [WBJ]

Woman robbed, then sexually assaulted in Adams Morgan. [Post]

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  • DontSleeponDude

    OMG--MB as a puppet...how funny, accurate, but Funny. The Catania Freight train has left the station.


    Catania is running for Mayor and will probably make history in DC!

    His biggest obstacle is overcoming the idea that long time Democrats in DC have to vote for the party's nominee. Side by side, there is no comparison between the two. Catania beats her in every category.

    This election is about competency. Is Bowser competent? What you say Ward 4?

    The Democratic party in DC is fractured and broken. Gray's folks are NOT voting for Bowser. They either will sit out or vote Catania. Wells and Alexander are pondering changing their affiliation to Independent and running for At-Large seats. Again, the Dems machine in DC is broken!

    If Catania can get 30% of the Dems to vote for him..... It will be a "tight" race! With her personality and the disdain that folks have for her, 30% is attainable.

    SHE IS NOT LIKED!! She lost her own precinct in the primary!! If your neighbors do NOT want you to be Mayor then why should the rest of the city want you? She did NOT get 50% of the votes in her ward. YOU are the Ward 4 council member for 7 years and cannot get 50% from you "home ward" for a city wide race??........ there is a PROBLEM with her as a candidate!! After running for Mayor for 1 year, she gets 35,000 votes in the lowest turnout election in DC in 40 years!!

    How sorry is her campaign? And the only reason she won the primary, is because the US Attorney delivered an unethical, smear attack on Mayor Gray! Outrageous! After a 100 year "shadow campaign" investigation, we still have no conclusion, no charges, no indictments, etc. Nothing! "But I (Bowser) believe the US Attorney"....her and him can leave town, oh thats right he doesn't live in DC anyway. Ok she can leave too.

    Why would anybody vote for her? Her record....dismal! LOOK AT WARD 4!! How are the schools doing in Ward 4? Georgia Ave? Kennedy Street? Ok, she is on Metro's board, how is that going? Exactly. NOTHING! NOTHING! The Queen of Platitudes is the worse!

    My decision is between Catania or "NO" vote at all. Sad, it will be the first time in my DC voting life that I might not participate in a DC Mayoral Election.

    Life Long Democrat...... For REAL!