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This week's cover story: 20 years later, an oral history of Dream City, the definitive book on Marion Barry and everything else in District politics. [WCP]

Pot legalization advocates fall behind on their signature schedule. [LL]

Why is the police union attacking Phil Mendelson in campaign ads? It's all part of a plan. [LL]

Artist arrested in alleged theft of leftover recycling bins says she just wanted to make flower planters. [Post]

Why are there so many leftover bins, anyway? [Post]

House hearing on D.C. marijuana decriminalization moved to Friday. [Times, WAMU]

Report: 5,000-plus poor children in the District receive inadequate mental health treatment. [WAMUPost]

Completing the Anacostia streetcar line will take at least three years. [Post]

Love nightclub is up for sale again after a confusing day in court. [Times]

Bicyclist hit by hit-and-run driver on Bike to School Day. [WTOP]

Police chief attributes shooting near Ballou High School to "a spontaneous reaction to a dispute." [Post]

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  • Al Hajj Al Mahdi Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    I am in the acknowledgement aspect of the book "Dream City," after interviewing with Harry Jaffe. I believe the book "Pipe Dram Blues: the war on drugs, crime and racism," is a more detailed and accurate depiction of the drug epidemic in DC in the 1980' and 1990's. My patrol group COPE and I are also mentioned in that book.

    Dream City fails to include the initiatives in DC on the grass roots level at that time to rid drugs and crime out of the district compared to a policy initiative and inclusive grass roots, local and national coalition to attack drugs and crime in the district with look at racism.

  • http://www.LeroyThorpe.com That Guy
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