Loose Lips

Morning Links

D.C. Council passes legislation taxing health plans to fund health exchange. [Post]

Decade-old legislation could hamper inspector general search. [LL]

Muriel Bowser bill would lower the District's drunk driving threshold to 0.05 BAC. [WAMU]

Alice RivlinAnthony Williams, former Rep. Tom Davis back Council in budget autonomy suit. [Roll Call]

David Catania's committee will take up school boundaries next month. [Post]

Vincent Orange says Scandal is interested in filming in D.C...if they get funding from the city. [WAMU]

Douglas Development plan will spare BicycleSpace and The Passenger for a few more months. [Housing Complex]

Speed camera tickets down in D.C. [WAMU]

Alleged would-be thieves caught trying to steal discarded recycling bins. [WAMU]

Three people shot near Ballou High School. [Post]

More on DDOT's plan to study a National Harbor streetcar. [Post]

Man shot while allegedly trying to rob a police officer dies. [Post]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery


    Uh oh, Bowser takes a stand on lowering the threshold for DUIs...the Queen of "fluff" is at it again... LOL! Is Maryland or Virginia doing the same? Then why? While we are at it, lets raise the legal drinking age to 25...... take the lead on that too! Give me break..... Bowser is all WRONG for DC!! No thanks, Ward 4 y'all can keep her!!

    "DC Proud", no! DC Dumb is more like it...... Mayor Catania sounds better by the day!!

    Ward 4, is she the best you folks have up there? She is so out of touch with reality!!