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Morning Links

Marion Barry rushes to beat HBO to make a movie about his life. [LL]

Charter board releases waitlist numbers. [Post]

Reading Dream City just got easier. [LL]

Zoning commission takes up the future of McMillan development. [WBJ]

Supreme Court shortlister joins Vince Gray's legal team in budget autonomy suit. [LL]

Welcome to the D.C. hotel boom. [Housing Complex]

Blade columnist says gay groups don't deserve dedicated money. [Blade]

AG Irv Nathan gets a thrashing from Jonetta Rose Barras over budget autonomy. [Post]

Post ed board: Fight against truancy starts in pre-K. [Post]

Deborah Simmons wonders if "blacks are being bamboozled" on District marijuana legalization. [Times]

D.C. area real incomes fall. [Housing Complex]

D.C. makes "most polluted" list. [WTOP]

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  • Art

    regarding the deborah simmons article, huh? can someone help crystallize her point?

  • cminus

    @Art, Simmons' point is that she claims to have seen a white person give marijuana to a black person, and if marijuana were legalized the white guy's behavior would be legal, therefore marijuana legalization would do nothing to protect black people from uneven enforcement of our current drug laws. Because apparently it would be legal to sell someone marijuana but not to buy it, and marijuana sellers are all white or Hispanic. Obviously.

    Or, if you want the shorter form, Simmons' point is "standards for getting published in the Washington Times are shockingly low".

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