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David Catania: For Democrats Too, Maybe


The transformation of D.C. Councilmember David Catania from a Republican to an independent who claims to be more Democratic than actual Democrats continues. Facing an electorate that's 75 percent Democratic, Catania's mayoral campaign is offering campaign paraphernalia for voters whose party affiliation doesn't match with their candidate choice.

Along with the "Democrats for David" signs above, Catania campaign manager Ben Young says the campaign is distributing "Democrats for Catania" bumperstickers.

“They’re going to go like hotcakes," predicts Young. Young isn't sure yet whether the campaign will take the slogan a step further and organize a group of Democratic Catania supporters, like they did for public school parents.

Photo courtesy of the Catania campaign

  • Ben Young
  • Ward 2

    Go David! Our Party's Nominee is a Nitwit, just like her mentor; and is an Aunty Tom for Ward 3 White Racist Voters who want her to "get in there and kick African American a**" - as they wash their hands of responsibility and boast "We're Clean! We Voted for an African American Democrat!"

  • Gilland McGuire

    Mr.Cantania, as a DC. VOTER, YOU ARE A CITY COUCILMAN, HOW THAT YOU SIGN ON TO MARION BARRY Legislative bill amendment 'Adult finance protective act of Congress approved 1984, Attorney General, your body never enforce the law in 28years, but February, 2013 law legislated to enforce an amendment . Also why a defendant in Landlord tenant court not aloud to file answer to complaint with the clerk office?, why a citizen does not have option for a judge to review complaint rather than without a signed waiver , for mandatory into arbitration ?, who receives my vote by legal process?

  • BriansIons

    Democrats voted with their proverbial feet on April 1st. Dems stayed home in a landslide of disappointment in the DC Democratic Party.

    Rank and file Dems can no longer ignore that THEIR party has drifted so far from peoples' problems and ethical government.

    Bowser is just another stealth candidate from a single ward -- an INexperienced newbie like Fenty was. Gray wasn't all bad, but his four years was always under a cloud of corruption suspicion.

    It is no wonder that DC Democrats are taking a fresh look at an independent-minded and experienced pro -- more concerned with problem-solving for people, rather than lockstep adherence to party bosses.

  • Tight Lips

    Democrats for Catania? lol as much as I feel that Bowser presents some issues, I could never vote for Catania. This has been an interesting year for DC politics thus far, I can only imagine how crazy it will get once this election day comes around.

  • DontSleeponDude

    @ brianslon. You are on point. She is about as weak of a candidate that the democratic party could put forth. Completely lackluster. Whoever thought she would coast to victory was very mistaken.

  • SayWhat

    Washington DC is not going to elect a white republican period. David should have kept his At-Large seat.

  • UNC-G Grad

    I realize that people just can't envision a white, non-democrat becoming mayor of DC. To quote Marion Barry (who by the way, I am very appreciative and fond of): "Get over it" We need to start thinking in the way of Zora Neale Hurston in realizing that your skin folk ain't always your kin folk. Remember, there were people who couldn't fathom the idea of America having a black president...oh well. I am so less concerned about the skin color of the mayor as much as I am concerned about whether they will do the job well.

  • SayWhat

    UNC-G Grad, you are intitled to your opinion, but I quess what I really mean is that he won't win period.

  • SaveWardSeven

    Yes, GET OVER IT!! It is time for a fresh perspective on DC. Mr. Catania can and will bring what "ALL" the citizens in DC need - not sound bites, but RESULTS!

  • JayCee

    The Dems are freaking. Capable, smart, viable alternative to the usual crowd. As a Democrat, I look forward to voting for David. It's time to put Barry , Evans, Wells, Graham, out to move forward.


    I despise David Catania. He's a mean and surly gay white male. Catania has shown favoritism to his white gay male consituenty for years and he never responds to emails. If Catania was born during slavery and Jim Crow, I believe he would have supported both. He's a sheep in wool clothing and if any black or Latino vote for this racist, they are poorly informed. I despise Muriel Bowser too. Like most, I will sit out this election.



    I despise David Catania. He's a mean and surly gay white male. Catania has shown favoritism to his white gay male constituency for years and he never responds to emails. If Catania was born during slavery and Jim Crow, I believe he would have supported both. He's a sheep in wool clothing and if any black or Latino vote for this racist, they are poorly informed. I despise Muriel Bowser too. Like most, I will sit out this election.

  • DCShadyBoots

    I've seen these signs popping up in laws in wards 6, 7 and 8. I imagine that they are in others that I haven't visited as well.

    At the end of the day David Catania is the most QUALIFIED candidate. Democrats made a dire mistake in selecting M. Bowser in the primary. In fact, voter fatigue, unfortunately, kept over 75% of registered Democrats at home. The longer Democrats have to ponder the consequences of a Bowser Administration, the more likely they are to look seriously at the alternative. And, boy, do we have alot of time to ponder.

    I CANNOT and WILL NOT vote for M. Bowser who has held a Council seat for 7 years and hardly has anything meaningful to show for it other than voting for bills introduced by Catania and her other colleagues.

    Refusing to debate Cataia makes her look afraid and weak. Afraid to face her own record and have it be compared to that of David Catania. Moreover, it makes her appear arrogant.

    I'm voting for competence not party.

  • Petworth

    How can anyone vote for such a nasty mean person? Bowser and Catania both are lacking personalities. Both have been nasty to certain constituents. A good politician is polished with good social skills. Catania is smart, however, this doesn't excuse his nasty behavior to constituents. I will be a cold day in hell before I vote for David Catania or Muriel Bowser.

  • tony

    The voters who want and believe that they deserves a third option in the General Election should just write in Vincent Gray.

    We have nothing to lose. The worst thing that could happen is that either Bowser or Catania would win which would be the case in any event.

    If enough people write in Vincent Gray then election night may be very interesting.

    You never know!

  • justsayin

    I'm writing in a candidate, but I'm not sure who it will be. However, I am sure that I don't want to elect Bowser or Catania. While it is highly unlikely that a write-in candidate would prevail, I will never choose to sit out an election, or vote for anyone as a "lesser of two evils."

  • DCShadyBoots

    DC Mayor Tony Williams won a write in election.

  • justsayin

    Thanks for the reminder DCShadyBoots. Williams was a pretty good mayor too.

  • Marvin E. Adams

    As previously posted, by me, if neither Councilmembers Bowser nor Catania are palatable, then your recourse should N-O-T be to sit out the election! Coalesce behind one individual and get him/her to "steppin'" Absent that, I sorta, kinda like the write-in scenario. Time's a wasting...

  • ward6

    How can we start a write in coalition for a smart democrat.

  • ward5

    I just got delivered my democrat for catania yard
    Sign in ward 5.

  • samantha

    DC cannot afford incompetence in a skirt . David is the only qualified candidate . As an OBAMA DEMOCRAT OF COLOR, I refuse to stoop to throw away my vote to an airhead like the person who can not think without orders from Nichels and Fenty . It is time for DC to embrace aCommitted,Intelligent Candidate . David is prepared to be a great mayor . Color, Party and Stupidity are Over .

  • tony

    Vincent Gray's supporters have the right to have their voices heard in the General Election. And, they will!

    To some of us David Catania will never be the Great White Hope!

  • Southeast Ken

    Tony, I agree with you 100%. No one never discussed how segregated and racist the gay community is. Black gays have been discriminated against by most white gay males and this is why black D.C. gays and lesbians started 'Black Gay Pride' 25 years ago on Memorial Day weekend. Catania is not the 'Great White Hope'. I personally think, David Catania is a white gay racist in the closet. I hate or dislike Muriel Bowser too. I will write in Vincent Gray for mayor.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    @Tony; David Catania is another Donald Sterling of the Clippers. I would love to find a private tape of Catania and hear his true feelings about blacks. You see, most whites say racist things about blacks amongst themselves in an all white audience. Catania thinks he's superior to most and I've seen him belittle blacks and others at Council hearings, with the exception to former Ward 2 ANC Commissioner Leroy Thorpe. Leroy cursed him out. LOL

  • Marvin E. Adams

    It seems as if a few folks are beginning to lay aside their race cards, while simultaneously picking up the gay card. "Catania is the more qualifies, but he is also a white gay racist!" Somebody, anybody, P-L-E-A-S-E 'splain it to me. For those of us N-O-T in the life, did you really think that being gay would or should trump being white (see racist)?

    But seriously, from what I am gathering, there seems to be a tidal wave surging to support a third candidate, via draft or write-in. Memo to the DC Democratic Party: It's never too late to save face. If you do N-o-T know what I mean, contact me. I may not even charge you:)

  • tony

    @Daddy Grace, you are right on point.

    If we gotta go down, we going down fighting. Fuck It!

  • Ward 8

    I came home to find a Browser sign stuck in my yard. I never asked nor consented to anyone placing such trash on my property. This is arrogant behavior (this is Fenty behavior 101) she should not assume all EoR residents are in support of her. I leaning toward Catania...this tactic has pissed me off.

  • are you kidding

    I'd rather shot my foot off than vote for Miss hissy fit. David has to be the least attractive candidate I've seen in a long time. Being rude to witnesses shows a complete lack of temperament and leadership skills. And what kind of clueless person creates an ad with a black woman as a puppet. Do you think that you offended blacks and women (she can't think for herself). And to try to link her to Fenty says: I am too dumb to realize that there are lots of people in this town who liked Fenty and now I have lost their vote. Wow! where did you get your campaign manager - from an advertisement on the back of a match book cover. He is still a Republican - not an Independent.