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Catania Trashes Bowser’s Education Record at Parents Meeting

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Facing a so-far sleepy general election race, mayoral hopeful David Catania headed back to school Sunday.

After meeting with supporters to launch a "Public School Parents for Catania" effort and delaying a press conference for 20 minutes so a lone TV cameraman could show up, Catania touted his achievements running the D.C. Council's education committee to a crowd of about two dozen outside Capitol Hill's Cesar Chavez Public Charter School.

In his speech, Catania talked up his slate of education bills. In comparison, Catania said, rival Muriel Bowser can't tout much in terms of education-related legislative efforts. 

"She's made promises year after year that education would be her top priority, and she has yet to produce a single proposal on the subject," Catania said.

Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff didn't respond to LL's request for comment. Bowser isn't expected to face Catania in any debates until September.

Public School Parents for Catania co-chair Alice Speck said she decided to back Catania after hosting other mayoral candidates in her house. "One candidate clearly rose above the rest in presenting a comprehensive understanding of the current state of our school system from top to bottom," Speck said.

The group, which the campaign is backing with branded yard signs, bumper stickers, and T-shirts (complete with a cartoon schoolhouse on the shoulder) aims to sign up 1,000 parents whose children are in D.C. public schools before the November election. By then, Catania hopes his rival will have faced more pressure on her own education positions.

"We both have records," Catania said. "I have a record of keeping promises. I have a record of delivering. She will then, sooner or later, be asked to defend her record."

Photo by Will Sommer

  • TruthIs…

    No Pol is Perfect BUT if you want Competency, Vote Catania

  • drez

    Just no. Thank you anyway.

  • Ward 2

    Hooray David! There is no way this registered Democrat, who always votes, is going to vote for our party nitwit!

  • ward4Resident

    I have not heard any other issues come from Catania. I do not have kids so education is not my top priority and I will assume the same for a third of the city. Catania is wolf in sheep's clothing. Catania is an at-large councilmember and has never been seen in the neighborhoods outside DuPont Circle. Can he discuss some other issues? Don't matter I will be voting for the Democratic nominee, Muriel Bowser.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Vicious Queen!

  • B

    I may not agree with him Catania but it may not be right to say that he has never been seen in the neighborhoods outside DuPont Circle. Education may not be your issue but he has gone to half of the schools in the District and focused on neighborhood schools east of the river. The photo of him in this article is outside of DuPont Circle.

    While you've made up your mind, rip him for what he really has or hasn't done.

  • DCShadyBoots

    I'm voting for the smartest candidate with a demonstrated legislative record. The candidate that walks the walk.

  • So you say

    To paraphrase the recent Clipper's owner... "you can like him privately, just don't do it in public and bring him to the Mayor's office."

  • Leaning Catania

    I keep waiting for Bowser to do something that would pull me towards her corner and it just isn't happening. The opposite is happening with Catania. Education happens to be super hot because of the very controversial boundary and feeder proposals and Catania is wisely feeding off that energy. Meanwhile, Bowswer seems to be in hiding.

    Only 72,908 people voted in the primary, with Bowser getting 35,899 votes. Fewer people will probably vote in the general so Catania just needs his people to show. Bowser doesn't have a lot of enthusiasm behind her. The primary seemed to mostly be about ousting Gray.

    The one wildcard might be the marijuana legalization ballot measure. If that draws people to the polls, which mayoral candidate are they going to vote for?

  • stick2yourguns

    only 1 candidate knows about our schools and cares about our youth and that is CATANIA

  • stick2yourguns

    this is not a party election

  • DC John

    Need to challenge your saying Mr Catania has only been in Dupont Circle.
    He has visited over 136 schools in DC. Last time I looked, Ward 2 and/or Dupont Circle did not have that many.
    Also, while Mr Catania was chair of the Health Committee, he spent a very very long time across the river in Wards 7 and 8 bringing much needed health care to its citizens and residents.
    It is YOU who needs to get out of Ward 4 and visit the other Wards.

  • Tight Lips

    Catania is apart of the problem with the school system

  • SayWhat

    David Catania is not in sheeps clothing, he is out about how he hates black people. Don't be fooled, he wants this town white and white gays period. Black gays need not apply regarding living here. Muriel Bowser is going to clean his clock and get rid of his racist policies forever in the District of Columbia.

  • drez

    ^ LOL David would have better luck dropping out and running for Abigail Smith's job in Muriel's admin.
    He is way out of his depth in the current contest.

  • DontSleeponDude

    @drez. Really? Easy to make a declarative statement, but more challenging to provide clear reasoning behind it. Care to explain why you think Catania is way out of his depth....

  • DShane

    @SayWhat. "...get rid of his racist policies forever in the District of Columbia."

    This is the candidate who spent years drafting legislation to improve healthcare east of the river, and now has immersed himself in education policy and drafted several bills *this year* that directly affect minority education. I sure understand your concern, but I think DC's electorate is smart enough to look at the candidates' records and make their own determination as to who has worked harder and more effectively at serving their interests.

    I'm open to hearing about his "racist policies," but you're going to have to do better than point out that he's white. He's worked smarter and more effectively on behalf of black interests than Bowser, and I've yet to see a convincing argument otherwise.

  • DCShadyBoots

    Signs in yards in SE, Ward 7 & 8 have began to switch from Bowser to Catania. Not a good sign.

    No, this won't be a party election. Democrats made a big mistake selecting Ms. Bowser. They've had too much time to think about the decision.

  • ward4

    drezz or steven...go and polish bowser floor. u are the meanest person I met in the gray headquater. u like to use people.

  • GainingGroundin7and8

    Go to Catania's Website and you'll see him comfortably sitting in the living rooms of black families in Wards 7 and 8... oh yeah he is getting them on board, believe me ... there are lots of children in those wards so he will have an ear there for sure

  • BriansIons

    It's no surprise Catania has support and good will in Wards 5, 7 and 8. He's been representing them for 17 years, along with the rest of the city. Catania's support comes from the people he's reached out to, like a good neighbor, for many years.

    Catania doesn't run from problems, nor is he afraid to debate the issues people care about. There is nothing stealthy about David Catania. He's the real deal.

    Adrian Fenty ran a stealth campaign like Bowser is doing. Some consider that smart 'strategy' when newbies have little experience in how to govern and treat people.

    I voted for Fenty too the first time. What a wasted vote! But to live is to learn. We don't need another stealthy mayor who needs on-the-job training.

  • NeverCatania

    Spoken from the same hothead who just in the last year got into a sandbox pissing match with Vincent Gray....meanwhile students still underserved while Catania focused on his ego. Speech at VF brunch was the most uninspiring, bloated with ego 10 minutes of zero substance and he left the room with luke warm, intermittent applause at best. And how quickly we forget his contributions to the Soloman Brown fiasco - anyone watch those hearings? If Catania is voted in as mayor, I'm moving to Virginia.

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