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Morning Links

Feds want 43 months in prison for Michael Brown. [LLPost]

Muriel Bowser declines offer to face David Catania on WAMU. [LL]

The search for Relisha Rudd continues on online radio station. [Post]

DMV clarifies dire driver's license reports. [WAMU]

D.C. officials are "raping" District residents, Deborah Simmons writes in a column that's improbably just about HOT lanes. [Times]

Department of Health ditches the 24-hour tattoo waiting period. [WAMUPost]

Charter school head gets prison for embezzlement. [Post]

Police watched social media ahead of National Zoo shooting. [Post]

The benefits of moving families out of high-income neighborhoods. [Housing Complex]

Catholic University students tied up and robbed. [Post]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Alan

    Hide yo cars hide yo wallet, they rapin' everyone out here (apparently)

  • Alan

    Also I think you mean:

    The benefits of moving families INTO high-income neighborhoods.


    The benefits of moving families out of high-POVERTY neighborhoods.


    The benefits of moving families out of LOW-income neighborhoods.

  • HappyCyclist

    Oh fer crying out loud

    A. The HOT IF they are implemented will only be on select lanes (the lanes that run to the HOV lanes in Va). There will still be free lanes on the 14th street bridge
    B. Even if it were a complete congestion charge to enter BY car, it would not be a commuter tax. Not everyone who commutes into DC does so by car. I biked in this morning. Huge numbers take metro.
    C. If the HOT lanes are like the ones in Va, they will be free for HOV3. IE if you drive in with your family, they will be FREE. And less crowed. A pure win for you.

    Why does WT still carry Simmons?

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