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Inspector General Ditches Gray Administration

Vince Gray's lame duck administration is losing another cabinet-level official. According to a press release from the mayor's office, D.C. Inspector General Charles Willoughby told Gray recently that he's retiring.

In the release, Gray thanked Willoughby for his nine years of service since being appointed acting IG during Anthony Williams' administration in 2005. It's good that Gray is finding nice things to say about Willoughby, because LL is having trouble doing the same.

Over the past few years, Willoughby's distinguished himself by being uninterested in doing much investigating. In 2011, Willoughby opted against investigating Gray campaign whistleblower Sulaimon Brown's allegations on a pretext. His office went on to produce incurious looks at both Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham's Metro dealings and the D.C. Public Schools test erasures scandal.

Instead, Willoughby's office spent its energy pursuing handicap-parking placard scofflaws. And who could forget Willoughby's feud with the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability, the rare District government watchdog that actually turns out worthwhile investigations?

Willoughby didn't respond to an immediate request for comment about his future plans.

  • DCShadyBoots

    This isn't a loss for the Gray Administration or the District. Perhaps we can now get an inspector general who is actually interested in doing their job.

    He is ditching the District of Columbia, not the Mayor. More to come.

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    Why would this dude ever retire? From the amount of investigating his office did he may as well have had a no-show job.

    Of course, Gray should thank Chuck - he was willing to cast a blind eye to Gray's shenanigans.

  • truth hurts

    Good riddens!

  • Jeff Canady

    Spoke with Mr. Willoughby today. He has a much better understanding of the storm clouds coming his way!

  • truth

    Fuck him. The IG in this city is worthless. God help this place if they ever got a real one.

  • dno

    This guy was useless - I hope Gray, knowing that he is leaving anyway, nominates someone with a brain and a spine. That logo is just awful too.

  • Terry Miller

    His term is up in May and Gray hadn't done anything to reappoint him. I think that he had no choice BUT to retire. This guy is a wimp and an apologist for administrative officials. This happened in the Fenty administration as well as the Gray administration. A spineless lazy jellyfish!

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  • Problems

    If only we listened to Sulaimon...

  • DCShadyBoots

    Sulaimon was just as bad as who put him in that job then fired him. He would have accepted the ill gotten position and salary had he NOT been fired. He is a creep and an embittered snitch. With an "sn" not a "b".

  • Anonymous,Too

    The American journalist and member of President Andrew Jackson's 'Kitchen Cabinet,' Francis Preston Blair, wrote an editorial in the 1841 Extra Globe, following the withdrawal of members of a rival advisory group, "From the bottom of our hearts we are disposed to exclaim Good riddance to bad rubbish."

  • dwiktor

    I, for one, am not sorry to let him go. I know of two people who requested anonymity whose names he released to the person under investigation. He also allowed his investigator to be subpoenaed in a divorce matter. For one of the people, a low level DC employee who revealed child pornograph issues regarding a high level manager who was well liked, her name was released but not the issue under investigation and she suffered with years of retaliation. His even attempted to call in as a "witness" counsel for someone under investigation, and in his final reports used the fact that someone had counsel as evidence of guilt. (notwithstanding the fact he had the discretion to forward things for criminal prosecution). An IG who allows his staff to leak information has no business being an IG.

  • One City

    One City! Thanks Mayor Gray!

  • Waiting to Exhale

    One City under an egomaniac who refuses to resign.
    Rats desert sinking ship. We know what's coming.

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    @Waiting - well said. While I am no fan of Vince for obvious reasons, I am amazed at his lack of grace in defeat.

  • Mike

    He did absolutely nothing at the FCC when he was an assistant inspector general for investigations and even less as the District's IG. He rode the race preference from start to finish.