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Morning Links

Muriel Bowser says she was misunderstood on controversial boundary proposal. [Post]

Budget impasse between Vincent Orange's office and Vince Gray administration could doom Wednesday's Emancipation Day parade. [Post]

Fire department investigating whether medics failed to follow policy in woman's death. [NBC 4]

Post ed board: Democrats like Yvette Alexander and Tommy Wells mulling a party switch would be pulling a "crass ploy." [Post]

Deputy mayor says don't get attached to the school boundary proposals. [WAMU]

Jack Evans' constituent service fund spends another $26K on sports tickets. [LL]

Evans eyes a Georgetown rowhouse for his kids. [Post]

16th Street Heights residents petition against unsafe Arkansas Avenue. [WAMU]

Tech seed funder says Gray's tech policy was all about "picking winners." [WBJ]

Bikeshare riding spikes in cherry blossom festival. [WBJ]

Spaghetti sauce without garlic bread for D.C. kids? Heaven forfend, says Deborah Simmons. [Times]

Language switch-up in District Walmart checkout lines. [Times]

Are national budget cuts hurting D.C. parks? [WAMU]

NoMa looks to clean up underpasses with "art parks." [WBJ]

Blade columnist slams long lame duck period. [Blade]

Man sexually assaulted after asking for directions near Truxton Circle. [Post]

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  • Ashamed of Gray

    I am absolutely ashamed of Vince Gray to prevent DC Emancipation Day from reaching it's full potential. He talks all day about the fight to free DC, but he doesn't want to support the fact that DC Slaves were freed first?

    Each year, I attend all the festivities and bring my children along to let them know about our history and the progress we have made. But it saddens me that Mayor Gray nor the council have fully supported this holiday to bring the awareness and embrace the historic event.

    I attended the brunch at The Hamilton along with the debate and it was beautiful.

    Kudos to CM Vincent Orange for sticking with this celebration and making us DC Natives proud of our history and legacy in America.

    God Bless