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Morning Links

Vince Gray, CFO Jeff DeWitt predict catastrophe if Phil Mendelson sticks to budget autonomy budget. [LL, WAMUWashingtonianRoll CallPost]

Jack Evans wants elections overhaul. [LL]

Twenty-six families leave homeless shelter under new Gray program. [DCist]

Fire chief pitches new ambulance deployment plan. [Post]

Police change procedures after Michael Kingsbury death. [Post]

M Street bike lane gets closer to opening. [Post]

How the mayoral primary broke down demographically. [Housing Complex]

Fate of neighborhood schools on the line in new boundaries proposals. [Post]

Greater Greater Washington's Dave Alpert accuses Muriel Bowser of dodging on issues. [Post]

Colby King: Don't blame "everybody" for Relisha Rudd disappearance, blame these people. [Post]

D.C.-area growth rate dips. [Post]

GWU prof wonders how Bowser will be for women. [Hatchet]

Complaints aside, bike lanes may not slow traffic after all. [Housing Complex]

Big cherry blossom crowds bring big trash load. [Post]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • S.E.

    "Greater Greater Washington's Dave Alpert accuses Muriel Bowser of dodging on issues".

    She's not dodging..........She just doesn't know $h!t!!!!

  • DontSleeponDude

    @ S.E. Two words: Sarah Palin

  • asuka

    lol - who gives a shit what Dave Alpert thinks? That pint-sized egomaniac is just upset that Bowser ignored him during the campaign. He is, after all, a star fucker, and will endorse whoever pays him the most attention (see his endorsement of Gray last time around).