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$177,000 Later, Pete Ross Considers His Options

Another shadow senator election, another small fortune spent by perennial candidate Pete Ross on an unsuccessful campaign. After spending $202,000 of his own money pursuing the unpaid lobbying position in 2012, Ross spent $177,084 out of his own pocket trying to defeat incumbent Paul Strauss in last week's primary—and lost in a landslide.

Believe him or not, Ross claims he doesn't mind.

“Did I like losing that money?" Ross says. "No. Do I regret losing it? No."

A day before he lost to Strauss, 38 percent to 60 percent, Ross contributed to his campaign another $5,000. Cash infusion aside, Ross says his campaign's fate had already been sealed a week earlier when Strauss' camp mailed voters about Ross' tax evasion conviction, a move Ross calls a "scumbag-type thing". (LL's not sure what it says about the shadow candidate field that Ross was able to send out his own mailer highlighting Strauss' arrest for driving under the influence.)

Ross won't rule out another run for the all-but-fictional office, which won't be on the ballot again until 2018. In the meantime, he's considering starting an organization of his own to push for statehood, as well as a company to hire fellow ex-felons for city contract work.

“Don't get mad, get even," Ross tells LL. "And getting even would be helping to get jobs for these people”

Photo courtesy Pete Ross

  • joan

    what a nut job

    shows how completely out of touch the Stein Club is for not endorsing Strauss

  • Marvin E. Adams

    1. Driving under the influence
    2. Tax evasion
    3. "scumbag type thing"

    Chicago doesn't have a thing on the District when it comes "down and dirty." Can't wait for the real mud to start slinging, relative to the mayoral race.

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  • John Capozzi

    Pete ross should invest his money in the groups that are actually working for Statehood and that would help him, as well as all other DC residents!!

  • David

    Why are we still even talking about Pete Ross? He sends out a mailing about an opponent's traffic misdemeanor, then he complains because in response, someone calls attention to his being a convicted felon? You know what's a "scumbag-type" thing? Stealing from poor factory workers, and causing young children to be poisoned by lead so bad they get permanent brain damage. That's scumbag. Pete Ross is the quintessential asshole who kills his parents and asks for mercy from the court because he is an orphan. We've heard enough about "Pete the Cheat" for awhile, don't you think?


    Pete THE CHEAT Ross has not paid his Campaign workers. Reports of over 30 black workers looking for Pete Ross to pay up!. If anyone you know that has not been paid their money from the April 1, 2014 Pete Ross 2014 campaign please contact the District of Columbia Office of Campaign Finance 202) 671-0547 and Dorothy Brizill dorothy@dcwatch.com