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Yvette Alexander Considers Her Own At-Large Bid

Out of the District's nearly 650,000 residents, Ward 7 D.C. Councilmember Yvette Alexander is one of the people LL would least expect run for an at-large Council seat in November. After all, Alexander just won re-election to her own seat two years ago. Nevertheless, Alexander tells LL that, like colleague Tommy Wells, she's considering switching her party registration to independent and running for the seat.

"I want to broaden my focus outside of Ward 7," Alexander says, citing disputes over tree cutting as the kind of constituent service issue she'd be able to leave behind from her new position. Instead, Alexander says, she could focus on her health committee.

With David Catania giving up his at-large seat reserved for non-Democrats to run for mayor, a newly independent Alexander would face competition from candidates from a horde of other affiliation-switching Dems, including ex-Eleanor Holmes Norton staffer Robert White, former LL Elissa Silverman, and possibly Wells himself.

Alexander defends the convenient party-swapping on the grounds that she doesn't believe in the set-aside seat. Besides, Alexander says her views can't be confined to any one political party.

"You know, Republicans make some valid points as well," Alexander says.

Alexander says she'll need to talk with both her constituents and At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds, whose victory in last week's Democratic primary means she would be running against Alexander. In practice, though, the "D" next to Bonds' name on the ballot almost guarantees that she will win one of the two seats available in November. Alexander says she'd even be willing to campaign with Bonds together.

Alexander says she'll decide in a month whether she'll drop her Democratic affiliation and run.

"I think independently," Alexander says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • why me

    D.C. Politics is a complete mess. However out of all the candidates I would vite for Yvette and Anita. Whooo...Elissa sure has an uphill battle. Tommy just needs to sit down and take his loss like a man!

  • Council Size

    Doesn't this speak to the need to created many more wards? Keep council staffs the same size, triple or quadruple the wards and your constituent services go down 75-80%.

  • Save Me?

    Yvette wants to capitalize off women making strides on the DC Council, but no one is going to vote for Yvette Alexander.

    It's crazy how things are shaping in DC. All the Dems who have contributed towards embarassing DC now all of a sudden want to switch to the independant party?

    Could this be because they do not have confidence in Muriel to win against Catania?

    Yvette has always been puppet on the council. Her record of achievement will be exposed and the entire city will not vote for someone else in ward 7 or 8 to represent the city again.

  • Marvin E. Adams

    If today's date were April 1st, I would say this is an obvious joke. But it is N-O-T! Only in Washington, D.C. Councilmember Alexander, P-L-E-A-S-E P-R-O-C-E-E-D.....

  • Southeast Ken

    DC politics is a joke. However, I would vote for Miss Piggy.

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    All glib. No real understanding or mental fire power.

  • cminus

    Huh, I could see this tactic working well over the medium term. Alexander "leaves" the Democratic party to run as an independent. If she wins, she stays "independent". If she loses, she "returns" to the Democratic party and still gets the party line when she runs for re-election in 2016.

    The longer-term problem is that DC election law privileges Wards 2, 4, 7, and 8 and the At-Large seats elected in the same cycle, by allowing sitting candidates to run for Mayor or Chair without having to resign their seat. Grabbing the At-Large seat held by Catania would give Alexander a step up and leave her free to ignore constituent service requests, but it would also make it very hard for her to rise any higher.

  • Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn

    Great idea - she's terrific. Hope she does it. I will support her and vote for her!

  • Marvin E. Adams


    This is a result of a party in power (Democratic monopoly) writing their own laws. This is eerily similar to gerrymandering on the state level. When the citizens finally wise up and demand that any individual who opts to run for office, will have to give up his/her office, then, and only then will we begin to see a modicum of good governance. Until then, we get "Democrats" wanting to be "Independents" while simultaneously never giving up their "D" card.

  • Eastsideguy

    The opportunistic fake Independents situation is going from bad to worse! The set-asides and the primaries serve a purpose. Check out a true progressive voice -- Eugene Puryear.

  • Tight Lips

    @cminus Orange proposed Term Limits & Banning Part-Time jobs of CMs...

    You wouldn't have that problem with all the elections happening during the same cycle because if there were term limits, CMs would have to give up their seats anyway to run for something else or leave.

    But... I am sure you already know the council voted that down because it would affect:


    CMs who hold outside employment.

    They only want laws & rules that keep the current system moving at a steady pace instead of laws/rules which correct the issues at hand.


    Hear that crash???

    That is the DC Democratic Party imploding.....the state committee is run by Bonds, who never campaigns and win elections and just is a "place holder". Bonds wants to consolidate power with her council seat and being the President of the Demcratic State Committee....bad move, she is choking off the party....smh!

    Bowser won the primary but is in "real" trouble against Catania. Dems do NOT like her and the Fentycrats that back her with their "uppity" politics are BAD for DC. No thanks! Bowser sucks as the nominee for the party..... NOBODY LIKES HER!!

    This is setting up real nice for Catania..... maybe even for Gray in Ward 7??

  • cminus

    At this point, I'd be ready to go to non-partisan elections. Party identification in DC has become arbitrary anyway.

  • Marvin E. Adams

    @REALDC: You nailed it! But, do N-O-T let the Democratic heirarchy off so easily. This merry band of men and women have been imploding for years. The sad part of all of this is they have yet to accept this fact. I aliken them to the Tea Party types. The same ones who will villify, ostracize or excoriate A-N-Y-O-N-E who possesses independent thought, or, heaven forbids, decides not to tow the party line.

    Councilmember Bowser, and by extension, the Democrats in D.C. are in a pickle. Bowser has as stated publicly that had Mayor Gray won the primary, she would N-O-T support her fellow Democrat. While simultaneously, imploring Gray, et al, to coalesce around her candidancy. Hmmm, what's up with that? While the Democratic voters themselves have determined that Bowser is the "best qualified." Mike Tyson has a word for that, and it is not delusional. Mike would say, "That's L-U-D-A-R-U-S!"

  • drez

    So she runs city wide, wins, and anoints (with VCG) a successor.
    She expands the presence and influence of her voting block on the council.
    Who could stop her?

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    Ha ha! This is too funny! Yvette is by far the dumbest councilmember (which is saying A LOT), and has virtually no chance of winning a citywide election.

    Gotta love the comment that running city wide would allow her to be less focused on constituent issues. SMH.

  • Anonymous,Too

    "I think independently," Alexander says.


  • Enough already

    It just never stops.

  • DontSleeponDude

    So Ward CMs spend alot of their time managing tree cutting requests for constituents? Wow!! Cant believe she would even admit to that. And they are paid how much again??

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  • JCan0284

    She really believes she can win at large! Delusional!

  • DCShadyBoots

    I'm going to need for Yvette Alexander to take five or six seats!!!

  • aa

    Alexander is probably the dumbest member of the City Council. She barely squeaked by in Ward 7 last time. Good luck taking that act on the road.

  • SBB

    Just when I thought I might be able to start breathing again as a DC resident, there is talk about dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks-CMs switching parties to run at large to free up Wards CM seats for -- gasp, moan -- a possible run by the soon-to-be-deposed-Mayor?!? Can we PLEASE get a break and get some new blood into this tired-ol-business-as-usual stuff in DC. These ploys make it seem like there are only 10 viable people in this City to run for public office and make me wonder if living in, oh maybe Russia for example, might be a breath of fresh air compared to DC.

    If Alexander DOES run, I hope that Wells also decides to give her a run for the money and I will campaign for those who have a moral compass, some substance and some will to actually work for this City.

  • SayWhat

    David Catania is going to get his clock cleaned! Then we will no longer have to worry about his racist policies.

  • DCShadyBoots

    <- Voting for the smartest candidate.

  • Used 2 Be

    It is telling that WCP chose the laughing picture to go with this article--the "consideration" is a joke and her "representation" has been a horrific prank played on the residents of Ward 7.

  • Tight Lips

    Yvette's accomplishments in Ward 7 are very minimal. She will lose a city-wide election.

    On the bright side, Ward 7 will get new leadership and hopefully they will never re-elect Yvette Alexander again!

  • Coldwaterintheface

    Bonds and Alexander run to keep control of the at-large seats that could go for candidates who actually want to do something when they are elected. Looks like a set-up where the Silverman, Hagler, White and 2%Puryear can divide the "change vote" and we can get stuck with NO CHANGE!
    With her strong name ID, Alexander could win. She needs to resign from the Council, if she is going run.
    Ward 7 residents deserve a Councilmember that has not lost interest in the job.

  • Julie Rones

    If CM Alexander decides to run for at large and wins, D.C. taxpayers will have to financially support a special election in Ward 7 for a replacement for her Ward 7 seat. If she runs, she will hold the Ward 7 seat for which she was elected as a Democrat, as an Independent. If she looses, then she can likely switch back to being a Democrat and hold her seat until 2016. If her intent is to do so, then it might appear as though her changing to Independent is not real and creates an illusion of sorts if she intends to switch back to being a Democrat and holding her seat if she looses. She could basically tie up two positions, or if she wins, she could leave Ward 7 without representation for a period until the special is decided. This is a lot of resources to tie up and also to have the taxpayers pay just to support her run. Also, if she switches back to being a Democrat, if this is permissible, because then the switch will be fully evident as a possible ruse, then she will be back to doing Ward 7 constituent issues which she said she loathes performing, especially quality of life matters, such as addressing the need for trees in Ward 7. Ward 7 and the City deserve a dedicated councilmember and not someone who has selfish motives to position for higher office or office where constituent services are not the expectation.

  • Blow Me

    How much rotten cock does yvette suck in a day?

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