Loose Lips

Morning Links

Mary Cheh proposes transportation agency overhaul. [WAMUPostTimes]

District Department of Transportation director bails from lame-duck administration. [LL, WAMUPost]

Tommy Wells considers an at-large D.C. Council bid. [LL]

Phil Mendelson holds legislation that would keep attorney general election in 2014. [Post, LL, WAMU]

City agencies will be reviewed following Relisha Rudd disappearance. [WAMU]

Muriel Bowser won't debate David Catania until he makes the ballot. [Post, NBC 4]

M Street bike line weeks away from being ready, DDOT says. [WAMU]

District voters waited a long time in 2012. [Post]

Eric Holder says the Jeff Thompson plea timing was above board. [Post, DCist]

School lottery data released. [WAMU]

D.C. schools get snow day waiver. [Post]

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  • DontSleeponDude

    Bowser will not debate Catania because she knows (and her handlers know) Catania will eat her alive. Catania is smart, knows the issues, has actually accomplished things while on the Council, and will draw very stark contrasts between him and her. Bowser lacks the depth and intellect to substantively engage Catania on issues (Gray could have, but his legal issues would have been a distraction). In that forum, Catania will "Katie Couric" her behind, and she will be seen as the "DC Version of Sarah Palin". When that happens, the white voters that she thinks that she can draw (formerly supportive of Evans and Wells) will jump on Team Catania. Believe Dat.

    And that is why Bowser will not debate Catania anytime soon !!

  • DCShadyBoots

    Council member Muriel Bowser, who ran as the candidate of resentment, said that she would not support the Democratic nominee if Mayor Gray won the primary. Now that she has won the Democratic nomination, Bowser has reversed herself and says that she now expects every Democrat to support her candidacy.

    As chair of the D.C. Council committee with oversight of housing, Bowser has accomplished little. Catania said on Wednesday, ”In a year and a quarter of chairing the committee, she has not advanced a single substantive measure to address a single part of the problem.”

    Also on Wednesday, Catania said that in her years on the Council, “all that she has done is to vote yes on about 50 pieces of legislation which I introduced.”

    This is the type of talk and facts Bowser is attempting to hide from the District electorate.

  • ChangeRace4Open

    Vote for Da Brat or Elton John (w/o make-up). Da brat hides her u know what and Elton OPENLY tell the world.
    David Cantania is smarter, thereby he is the better choice for mayor in DC.