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Morning Links

Muriel Bowser and Vince Gray have awkward encounters at Unity Breakfast, leadership event. [PostWBJ]

Surprise—Dems at breakfast no fan of David Catania. [Blade]

Bowser inner circle includes Adrian Fenty hardcores. [Post]

Including Fenty mastermind Tom Lindenfeld. [Post]

Bowser says she'll give Gray time to get over it. [LL]

Behold, the school boundary proposals. [Post]

Bowser meets with schools chancellor Kaya Henderson. [WAMU]

Rev. Graylan Hagler declares for at-large seat, Elissa Silverman considers a run. [LL]

District wins in CityCenterDC construction spat. [WBJ]

Reta Lewis paid the most for each mayoral vote, with Jack Evans close behind. [LL]

Post ed board: Time to get back to work for D.C. Council, fed investigation aside. [Post]

Competition could mean deregulation for D.C. cabbies. [WAMU]

How could city agencies fail Relisha Rudd? [Post]

Video shows man police think could be connected to disappearance. [Post]

DC Water takes a lesson from Norway. [Post]

Cab driver murderer gets 17 years in prison. [DCist]

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  • Earn My Vote

    Bowser will have a tough time motivating Gray Loyalists to vote for her.I don't think she is fit for Mayor. Perhaps Council Chairman, but not Mayor.

    Although Catania is an independant, I think he has more experience to manage the city than Bowser.

  • asuka

    Every single Gray "loyalists" could stay home on election day, and Bowser would still win. In case you didn't notice, there really weren't that many "loyalists" to begin with - turn out was abysmal, and he still couldn't win.

    You guys are pathetic. You lost. Catania will not win, no matter how much astroturfing you do. This is what you get for stealing an election. Next stop: Prison for Gray. He and Uncle Earl can be cell mates.

  • DCShadyBoots

    Less than 25% of registered democrats bothered to vote in the Democratic Primary in DC. That means the majority of Democrats weren't interested in buying what either Bowser or Gray were selling. It is true that this leaves open an opportunity for a challenger against Bowser in the general.

    In effect, Democrats are now in the same place we were when Gray defeated Fenty in 2010. The Fenty loyalists, certainly, know how easy it is for Democrats to hold on to a grudge for 4 years. The know they never had any intention to supporting Gray out of loyalty to the Democratic party. That is how divided the DC Democrats are and it will remain so until there is something other than a Democrat as Mayor.

    Muriel doesn't have a resume' of accomplishments that she can run on against David Catania. He has done more for African Americans, legislatively, than Bowser. She is an exposed weak candidate. She is what the few voters who showed up to the polls "settled" on.

    Gray's voters and supporters may not show up to vote at all, however, those 75% who didn't vote in the primary could be persuaded to vote after 9 months stewing on a possible Bowser Administration.

    It is going to be interesting if Catania decides to stay in the race.

    I'm voting on record and accomplishments. Perhaps there is something about Bowser that I don't yet know. But, as it stands, I haven't a clue what she represents.

  • S.E.

    "But, as it stands, I haven't a clue what she represents."

    Neither does she.