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Who Had the Priciest Mayoral Campaign?

LL heard a couple of cracks on Tuesday about how much Ward 2 D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans' mayoral campaign had spent on what would turn out to be a fourth-place finish. But the wags might want to add another target to their jokes, because Evans somehow didn't even spend the most more per vote.

Here's how much each mayoral campaign's expenses broke down into individual votes. Note: LL's pulling these expense figures from the March 24 campaign finance reports, which won't have included last-minute spending in the last week before the primary.

  • Muriel Bowser: 35,899 votes, $1,151,816.62 spent. $32.08 per vote.
  • Vince Gray: 26,209 votes, $899,313.69 spent. $34.31 per vote.
  • Tommy Wells: 10,181 votes, $534,397.63 spent. $52.49 per vote.
  • Andy Shallal: 2,657 votes, $159,479.11 spent. $60.02 per vote.
  • Vincent Orange: 1,537 votes, $118,700.52 spent. $77.23 per vote.
  • Jack Evans: 4,039 votes, $1,430,430.44 spent. $354.15 per vote.
  • Reta Lewis: 346 votes, $290,895.69. $840.74 per vote.

(Carlos Allen, who got 88 votes, didn't file a campaign finance report on March 24.)

None of the mayoral candidates had as much personally at stake as wealthy shadow senate candidate Pete Ross, who had personally contributed $172,084 of his own money to his bid against incumbent shadow senator Paul Strauss and lost anyway. At least it only cost him $6.81 per vote.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Flapdoodle

    Gee gosh golly

  • Sheldon A.

    $354.00 a vote makes the Romney campaign a bargain. Congratulations to Lauren Kidwell and the brilliant team from 270 Strategies for stepping in way late but truly ensuring Evans could come within reach of this victory. A big Vegas jackpot size shout out as well to Josh Brown and his children's crusaders.

    Sadly Jack got trumped mostly by Lewis' s utter lack of name recognition.
    She failed to define herself or her message or build any momentum in the press. It almost seems she and Evans had the same crack communications team.

  • Monopoly$

    It was easier for Germans to rebrand themselves as technological innovators after the FOTTR, than it will be for Evans to reshape his image to dc voters after 20 years and the tax lien scandal he orchestrated under the table.

  • Asuka

    You need to average Evans' votes with Grays, as Evans was running to help Gray steal votes from Bowser. Can't wait to vote against Evans for trying to undermine the democratic process with a legal shadow campaign. He's done absolutely nothing for Ward 2 to boot, and thinks constituent services is beneath him. Time to get this unethical dinosaur off the council. Time to clean house.

  • Sheldon A.


    You are batshi# crazy. You must be blind and stupid. Love him or hate him to say Evans has done nothing for Ward 2 is just igDon'tnorance.

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  • Michael Brown Supporter

    Why does sweet Reta Jo look like the female doppelganger of Kwame Brown? Just a thought...

  • asuka

    @ Sheldon,

    Do you have a cogent argument to offer, or are you just into calling names? You must be an Alinsky-ite.

  • Adam

    Will there be any consequences for Carlos Allen for not filing the required form?